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    Thanks Judy – that is so generous and kind of you to continue our UFO guidance even when you are in dire personal circumstances!

    I am happy to say that I completely finished my July UFO

    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    Yet another finish! Thanks Judy! (I’m almost afraid to put my real name down here because I’m not the same person who wrote the comment that upset you, though we share our name.)

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    I have actually done several UFOs ahead over the last 7 months, so was hoping you’d draw one of those, since August is going to be crazy for me.

    Of course, you didn’t. So now, I can expect to NOT be done with this UFO at the end of August.

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    Congratulations to those that finished their July UFOs–I did not, but I have a good excuse, there’s a wedding coming up and my daughter has me making lots of things for it! My #7 is a doll quilt that I want to hand quilt. It is small and that is a good thing! I also want to get through my entire “mommy do” list 🙂

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    Whew, I finally got one “completed” in that it has moved from a pile of blocks to a completed top. And, I made significant progress on two other projects. So a successful month, sewing that is!

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    I hate to ask because I know you’re super busy right now, but could you link this drawing up on the UFO challenge page? Thanks! 🙂

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    I am *so* glad you drew this number. On my list I have 2 projects listed for this number and I will be excited to get both of them done this month.

    I did finish my July UFO projects but don’t have pictures yet.

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    I know I am late in submitting, but my July UFO is done – thanks to your and your challenge – and I figured it is never too late to post. Got to check what my # 7 is for this month. As always thanks for hosting – and crossing my fingers that your move / packing / loading is going ok!