Vindicated Again

For those who can’t quite believe all my housing issues are real, here’s a recent comment from my friend Doris.  She and her husband and son transferred there several years ago and Doris is also a longarm quilter.  How cool is that?  When we were there in May, they had us over for dinner and I got the tour of Doris’s quilting room.  They found a house that had a separate building in the back yard and that’s where her machine is located.

Anyway, here’s the comment she left . . I want you all to read it so you know I’m not being extra picky!

This is more for others to read than Judy, as a recent transferee to Brownwood, Judy is not exaggerating on any issues concerning housing.  There is absolutely nothing to decent to rent, and buying isn’t much better.  I don’t know why but it takes FOREVER to get a house built here too!   It beats anything I’ve ever seen anywhere.  I cried many times before we finally bought the house we live in and now I love it!  Hang in there Judy, I’m here for you!

I’m not the only one who has cried an ocean of tears about not being able to find a house.  Told you!  🙂



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    Debbie says

    I had a friend in that area… she said the economy was really different there. Oil companies paid so well no one did construction, repairs, landscape… etc.

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    gwen says

    When I have mentioned your plight to family in the area they have not been surprised. My brother has been looking for a small acreage for retirement and may have to move away from the area where two of his three kids live. It is a very different situation from any I’ve ever heard of. Keep looking for the King of Houses and making the Prince Charmings turn into the frogs they really are!

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    We had a similar problem several years ago when we moved from Houston to a small town in OK, no suitable houses, nothing that was rentable. We couldn’t get a PO box without a permanent address. It was a good thing we put our 6 year old in a private school. In phone discussions with the public schools we went round and round about the possiblity of enrolling, but with no address they wouldn’t give us a definite answer on where they would let her attend. We couldn’t do anything about our insurance or car tags until we had a permanent address. Hang in there. It will get better some day, but I’m not sure you ever entirely recover from the experience of being “homeless”.

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    Marilyn Smith says

    Judy, we live in California, in the hot desert. It is horrible here. We just spent 8.700 to put in a new AC unit, seems to keep the house around 82 degrees. We need to update our other unit that cant’s be hooked in with the other one. DH turned this over 30 year unit on and it is working..but I expect it to quit working soon. It was hotter than **** cooking inside tonight. Take me back to Tahoe. I obviously do not do well in the heat. I am ready for some snow..anyone else?

    It was 112 here today..and slight humidity. It is nasty. I know others are going thru worse temps and humidity. This earth is acting strange.
    We are sure hoping that things work out for you.

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    Pat C in Washington says

    I love having friends who will validate what I’ve been going through and reinforce that I’m NOT frickin’ CRAZY. Kudos to Doris!

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    Julia says

    I never doubted you for a minute! Hard to understand why it is like this, though.

    Still sending prayers that something will work out for you very soon.

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    Perry says

    I saw this comment on your other post and was very glad Doris said what she did; I told you that wasn’t the norm in “my” state, lol.

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    Timelady says

    we never doubted you mate:)

    good luck on the whole unbelievably horrible tale so far, it has been such a stressful saga that there HAS to be a happy ending.

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    Connie says

    How lucky to have a friend already where you are going! When DH was in the Army and we were transfered, it was always nice to meet up with old friends. We are not all alike, but we never had housing lined up when we moved and I enjoyed that. I liked getting to know an area before we targeted an area to look. What was not nice was trying to find my way around!! I can’t seem to get out of a room with 2 doors without getting lost. On our second trip to Germany, I had tried to get to the commissary (grocery store) 5 times before i did it without a wrong turn. I sat in the parking lot yelling “I did it! I did it!” That was my then 1 year old son’s first sentence ! He started repeating it from the backseat and is a memory I will cherish. Hope you find memories to cherish too from all this.

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    Never doubted you for one minute or second, even!! My heart aches over ever tear you have shed during this process. It should not be this hard but apparently it is. I hope and pray that when you get to TX things will be looking up.

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    Becky I. says

    Judy, I have prayed for you often over the past few weeks. When we moved here we had 4 or 5 houses sell betweent he time we looked at it and drove back to the realtors office to write up the contract. Finding the right house for the longarm was an issue for us also. Hang in there, you will find the right house and it will be worth the wait.

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    Ray J says

    I never doubted you for a minute!! I’m just sorry that it’s been such a nightmare for you.

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    Laura says

    I never doubted you either, but I had no idea housing was so crazy there. I’ve certainly learned a lot about it from you, though! I hope the rental goes through and that it’s really nice.