A Good Canning Resource

While at Wal-Mart this week with Nicole shopping for the apartment, I noticed this book:

There are some freezer jam/jelly recipes in here.  Some regular canning recipes . . but they all look good.  Some look real good and I had to control myself because I wanted to start canning, but we know that can’t happen right now.

If you’re halfway interested in canning, you might want to check out this book.


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    Whoops, I read this as a good caning resource. I was wondering if you were going to cane a chair, or perhaps some useless house sellers in Texas!

    I’m glad that you’re canning and not caning.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that you have the house!

  2. 2

    Jane says

    I bet if you did start doing some canning it would guarantee a flood of prospective buyers wanting to see your house!

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    oh, this looks wonderful! was it in the canning section or the magazine/book section? I pressure-canned some Sockeye salmon that hubby caught this weekend. This stuff is like $6 a can (red salmon) in the grocery store and I canned it for next to nothing (minus the $6000 boat, gas, fishing licenses, LOL!)

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    I have that book also. I love to can. Also I learned by going to the library and getting books and videos. Canning is so rewarding.

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    Sara in AL says

    I bought that a few weeks ago because it had some recipes that intrigued me. Haven’t made any yet. I use The Ball Blue Book a lot too.

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    Evelyn says

    The kids were catching mackerel off the pier 5-6 at a time this week. I got all excited and got everything out to make pickled mackerel – and now the fish aren’t biting! I have very little time to can in the summer and don’t live here in the winter anyway so other than jelly it doesn’t make much sense for me right now – unless the fish are biting, of course! Not that I know how to make pickled mackerel, but my friend does and we have big plans as soon the boys catch us some fish! Cheers! Evelyn

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    Mary says

    Was this in the magazine section in your Wal-mart? I looked today and they didn’t have it but later on thought maybe I should have looked in the canning section.