Camp Loopy Project III

As scheduled, on August 1 The Loopy Ewe announced Camp Loopy Project III. It’s “Field Day” and we have to make something – any one item we want to make – that uses at least 800 yards of yarn. So many options, so little time to knit between August 15 and September 15. There were several sweater patterns in my Ravelry library. The ones I thought I might do were:

February Lady uses worsted weight yarn and it would probably knit up pretty quickly.

Ecuador is something I can hardly wait to make. This one uses sock yarn and would take longer to make.

We cannot start knitting til August 15 and have to have it finished by September 15. I’m having my yarn sent to a friend in Brownwood since I don’t have a clue where I’ll be living when it arrives. The Loopy Ewe is swamped with orders when they first post the project and since my yarn winding tools will be packed, I asked TLE to wind my yarn into balls, which will take even longer for them to get it mailed out. I will see Doris at quilt guild on the 16th and will get the yarn from her then, which means I’ll already be one day late getting started and on the 17th, the moving van arrives and who knows when I will find any knitting time.

But, the way Camp Loopy works is if you finish all three projects, you get a kit that contains a skein of Wollmeise. I’d drive across a scary bridge for a skein of Wollmeise! So, I’m definitely going to finish Project III on time . . somehow.

To make things easier on myself, I decided to make this:

Don’t get any ideas! It’s Shale Baby Blanket, which I chose simply because it’s as close to the minimum required 800 yards as I could find. Gauge doesn’t matter so much and it doesn’t have to “fit”. I read that after a few rows, the pattern is easily memorized. I need easy, mindless knitting. I think it’s a pretty pattern and will be using Madelinetosh DK in the Wren color. It’s a discontinued color and TLE is out but you can see it at Eat, Sleep, Knit’s page. See . . it’s not even a good color for a baby blanket but it will be real nice for a lap blanket or something to throw over your feet.

The appropriate sized needles are in my car, safely in the back seat pocket. Hopefully I’ll be able to get this project finis


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    Sandy says

    Does The Loopy Ewe have this going on every year? I think it would be fun projects to do. Also, I didn’t know they would roll the yarn into balls for you. I have never done this and was wondering how I was going to get it wound into balls. The socks that I am trying to make I used some cheapo yarn I bought at Michael’s I think just to be practicing before I got my nice yarn from TLE.

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    Watching all the knitting you are doing is really tempting me to get back into it. I love doing my hand applique projects, and want to get them done, but the knitting call is getting louder and louder. Maybe I could do a day of the week activity……. Monday applique, Tuesday knitting, Wednesday sewing, etc. Hmmmmm……

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    I like all three projects, but I wonder if the style of the Ecuador will stay fashion. I know that doesn’t really matter, but you are putting money and lots of time into the project. I really like the lacey look of the Shale Baby Blanket.Both the Ecuador and the February Lady Sweater would be a nice addition to a Texas wardrobe.

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    Bonnie S Taylor says

    I read your blog on to just jump in to learn how to knit. Do you have a suggestion on a pattern and yarn. I have Christmas stocking I would like to make but would like to learn first before taking on that project.
    Thanks Bonnie

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    You have a knack for picking great patterns. Now I want to do the throw / baby blanket, but I can’t keep up with you. I’ll just have to file it away in my someday file. I’ll enjoy watching your progress.

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    I think that’s a great project choice. I haven’t knit that one, but I think I’ve done something similar (I can’t tell from the pictures exactly what’s between the sections of old shale) It should be a good project to get you through the move, and it’s going to be GORGEOUS!

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    Becky R says

    Darling projects. These will help to keep you focused on something other than moving@!