He’s Back

It kinda seems like I traded one man in my life for another.  Vince got in yesterday and Chad spent the first night at the apartment.

Vince couldn’t believe how hot it seemed here compared to how it felt in Texas.  That’s just sad . . and wrong!

At 4:08 p.m., the thermometer in the car said it was 118º.  We went to eat dinner and thankfully, when we were done, it had cooled off a bit.

So, maybe 115º doesn’t seem like much of a cool down.  I agree.  How hot is it where you live?  Please . . be kind.  If it’s less than 100º, don’t rub it in!  🙂


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    The car thermometer at lunch yesterday was 100, it was 113 when I picked up Kiddo at about 4:00PM. We’re about 2 hours south west of Joplin. I was in Houston last week. It was just barely over 100 there, plus they do get the “cool” breezses off the ocean in the afternoons. It does seem unfair that it’s cooler the farther south you go!

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    Linda C says

    Wake Forest, NC this week. 102, 104, 1oo last week. It’s only supposed to hit 98 today. Thank goodness we’re in the shade!

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    I can’t tell you that it has been in the 80s all week. But don’t be upset with me, we are thrilled because it’s finally not raining. Please do not send triple digests west. 🙂
    Vince looks so happy to see you!

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    Yesterday afternoon as I was running around town getting papers signed for a second time in 2 years for medicaid on my parents it was 109 degrees. The humidity was right up there also. My husband went outside later in the evening and said it was still 100 and that was after dark, near the woods with no blacktop.

    I so want to go to WI even if they are claiming a hot summer also. Anyone want to buy a house near KY lake???

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    Vince looked happy to see you! Cute pic. I’m sitting here watching the early morning news as they talk about the heat in parts of the country, I just don’t see how you live in it, even by staying inside most of the time. All I’ll say is it’s cool here this morning and only going to be slightly warm through the day.

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    Can I rub it in that it was only 98 here yesterday?

    I’ve believed you all along. We had tons and tons of houses to look at when we moved. Unfortunately I still didn’t feel like we had a lot of choice. Most of them were just awful (in one house, they had dog doo-doo in a corner of the room, several deposits, and it was NOT a recent addition) and priced so much higher than where we moved from! I feel for ya’

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    Pat C in Washington says

    We’ve been having the weirdest summer here in Washington. I don’t think we’ve had 30 days of sun in total. It would be nice to have a little more sun and heat, but 118 is too much for the Prune People of Washington.

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    Yesterday we had some rain come through mid-Michigan so it dropped to 77. They are saying it will get to 81 today, which is a cool spell compared to the 90s we have been having.

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    72 and foggy. Don’t hate me. I’m just presenting a fact. I will not rubb it in. I promise.


    PS – There are 72 characters in the message above… How ironic is that!? 72 characters in my message and 72 degrees outside this morning. Bizarre. Don’t worry though, it’s supposed to get up to 85 this afternoon. So it won’t be 72 for very long…

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    Psht on the weather—-VINCE IS BACK!!!!!!!!! I ADORE that picture of him walking to you; who was more elated? Him or you?

    To you and Peggy—I live in Wisconsin. Once we broke out of our 100 degree humidity two weeks ago, it’s been much better! Similar to Lisa Neal’s Michigan report; high 70’s yesterday; 80’s and 90’s forecasted for the next week. My heart goes out to Texans who have been in triple-digits for nearly a month. This summer has had crazy weather all OVER this nation.

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    Debbie R. says

    It was 105 yesterday in Wichita…. we have had such crazy weather but the worst to me… is NO tomatoes…. I have picked 1 from 6 plants…. not fair.

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    Richelle in TX says

    Wow! You are hot – and I thought I had a reason to complain! We have been at 110* the last three days. Our low this morning was 89* – too hot for me!

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    Penny says

    We just had our summer here in East Anglia, UK – all 3 days of it! Actually got up to 85F on Monday but its back down to 66F today. And raining hard. It would be nice to see a little more sun and feel a little more warmth but no humidity please.
    I’m sure things will be much better for you now you have your man back with you. And he looks so pleased to see you in that photo.

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    shirley bruner says

    it was over 100 yesterday AND our a/c went out. we were sitting in front of fans. this morning it is raining and the a/c will be fixed this afternoon…so all is well.

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      Cindy C says

      I’m in Texas. Our a/c went out three times in the past week. It is running now. They even came out on Sunday to re-work on it. This week I have switched to plumbing problems. Last night the neighbors tree fell down. We heard a big crash and found out it was a huge tree. The side effect of no rain! I hope that doesn’t happen at my house. I have huge pine trees.

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    I’m in Dallas/Fort Worth area, so you know we’ve had heat. I think the high yesterday was 112 or 114. Can’t remember. At 8:00 last night it was still 109. So I feel your heat pain. I’m so sorry about your habitation pain. I hope it works out soon!!!

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    Michelle F. says

    I love the look on Vince’s face. It kinda says..your help is here! to me. Hang in there.

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    Cindy C says

    Got in my car to head home from work yesterday at 5 and it read 121. I have never seen that on any car I’ve had. By the time I got home it had cooled down to 109. I’m so ready for the heat to break. We are in the stretch to take the #1 longest running streak of 100 degree days back to back. If I remember right, we have 8 more days to become #1. High temp records have been broken 3 days in a row this week. I am glad Vince is home. Sad Chad is out, but he will love his new apt.

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    Julia says

    There is a very happy man, to be home to his woman!!! So hard for you two to be apart while you are going this all of this house mess. Hope that just being together will make things more bearable.
    I feel for all of you that have been enduring these extremely hot temps. Here in southeastern ID, we have had a glorious summer, temps in the 80’s-to low 90’s and of course, our humidity is always low here. Now, I am not rubbing it in, just stating the facts. ;~)

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    I love that picture of Vince. He looks so happy to see you. Warms my heart. It is around low 80’s here in Michigan. A nice day. I have the doors and windows open. AHHH!

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    Diana in TX says

    Yes, it’s amazing what drier heat compared to that with humidity will feel like. Vince got used to the drier variety! It’s the bright Texas sun that gets me! Glad he made it home, now the “real” packing fun begins!

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    our heat index got up to 114 yesterday.

    And hey, there is a really neat house just down the block from me. Come and move here, we are….after all……..BFFs!

    glen: and it has a large quilting room!

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    Carol Kimble says

    First – I enjoy your blog – and wish you good luck on your move. Just have to say, at 8:15 a.m, it is a crisp 57 degrees here in Bozeman, MT- just north of Yellowstone Park. Our high today is projected to be about 82 degrees and again for the next several days. The sky is clear, the mountains are purple, still a little snow on the far peaks, flowers are gorgeous, lawns are green and the first cutting of hay is in. Life is good! God bless you as you take the next steps of your journey.

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    Forecast is 97 in my town today. Still waiting for a real good Summer to show up. WEIRD weather for the garden. Finally got our first cucumbers in AUGUST! Welcome Home, Vince!

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    Mel Meister says

    We had been gone to the Space Coast all day yesterday, mostly outside, too, in weather with a heat index of 107 heat index… and the house a/c had died sometime during the day.

    We’re sitting here fried to the bone and not sure what to do. My son is coming over to take a look at it and he has a friend who does A/C. We spent almost 900 on it last year for a part and the inside blower is doing the same thing. But do you think I can find the receipt so I know which of the zillions of a/c folks did the work and if it’s still warrantied? NOPE!

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    peggy says

    I agree with everyone else. Vince looks so happy to see you. I suspect the look on your own face said pretty much the same thing. I live on the Central Coast of CA. When the temp cracks 80, we feel hot. Most of us don’t have air conditioning in our homes since we’d only need it about 3X/yr. Our trade off is we have many days the “morning” clouds persist into the afternoon.

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    Laura says

    Supposed to be 94 degrees today here in central California, but that’s not too bad for us. And as we like to say around here, “It’s a dry heat!” 🙂

    What a nice picture of Vince!

  27. 33


    It is 60 degrees here and we love it. That’s why we moved here. We were tired of the CA Central Valley heat. I’m on the northern corner of CA on the coast. It is wonderful. Sorry to rub it in. And winter is rarely real cold, just very wet. Ha!

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    Diane says

    I can’t believe this but I’ve been trading temp comments with family in Texas and Arkansas and we in Florida are the coolest of all. We have only been in the mid 90s all week with about 70% humidity.
    I sure hope things start cooling down. I don’t know how y’all are dealing with it.

  29. 35

    Laura says

    @Pat McGuire: We were on the Mendocino coast for vacation in June and I loved it! Have spent a fair amount of time in Del Norte and Humboldt counties, too. I could live there, but not sure I could talk the husband into it. Sounds like you’re not far from Jedediah Smith State Park – one of my favorite places.

  30. 36


    So glad Vince is back. Never mind the weather!! WE are at the end of our winter and expecting freezing temps this weekend. I am off to Stellenbosch in the Cape to visit my youngest daughter at University. Good luck with the last bit of packing and with the move

  31. 37

    Karla says

    107 in Gatesville TX I can’t wait until fall when the temps drop a little bit, they are talking about rolling blackouts because we are over 30 days on continual 100+ temps.

  32. 38

    Debbie W says

    Glad you have your husband home. That must be wonderful for you.

    We are vacationing in Montana and it is 32 C which I think is 90 F. At home it is 23 which is about 75 F–just perfect summer weather for me!

  33. 39

    Kathy C says

    Lake Oswego OR, 82 today and sunny.
    SORRY everyone else, it really is beautiful here once summer arrives.

  34. 40

    Judi says

    113 at the lake on Tuesday, I couldn’t believe how busy we were at the gap people said the lake water was 95 and just to warm to even get in our pool was 94 in the afternoon but when Marc puts blocks of ice in it we can keep it down to 91,

    Glad Vince is home especially since we had severe weather last night.

  35. 41

    Jocelyn says

    We live in Central Florida, and I’ve been hearing how much cooler it has been here then up north!!! Right now it is 86, but we have been up in the 90’s during the day. But the sun is very intense, so believe me it’s HOT. So glad your sweetie is home.

  36. 42


    I would feel so bad telling you what the everyday temps are here. I live north of San Francisco, 30 min. drive to Bodega Bay and the Pacific Ocean. The vineyards are a beautiful shade of green, the corn is tall, and breeze from the Pacific is lovely. Down comforter on the bed every night. I guess I’ve said enough—you get the picture.

  37. 43


    We in the central valley of California who are used to nearly draught conditions and 110 degree temps for at least couple dozen days each summer, we are experiencing a lovely summer. It’s been in the unbelievable 80s and barely into the 90s for weeks and we’ve gotten the delta breeze every night. We’re holding our breath that it doesn’t revert to ‘normal’. Sorry you all are experiencing the heat. Trust me, I know how dreadful it can be.

  38. 44

    Genia says

    My Goodness and here I was feeling sorry for myself and the 109 degree temps that have been getting!! I’ve been hibernating in the AC thankful that it’s kept on working–couple of neighbors have already had theirs got out–NO FUN! Just been going from garage to work garage and back home to house garage so really haven’t had a chance to see what temp is in the sun–don’t really want to! Guess I’m going to have to break down and go grocery shopping after dark! Stay COOL everyone and Judy GOOD LUCK!!
    Genia in HOT HOT Texas