Finished with “Repairs”

When we got the inspection done on our house, there were so many knitpicky things that we had to fix.  I suppose they’re not really knitpicky but there were a few things I thought sure we’d have to fix and the inspector didn’t even mention those.  One of the things was that with binoculars, he found TWO nails that had popped up from the shingles on the roof.  Even the guy who came out to fix  them couldn’t find them from the drawing provided but he finally found two nails and hammered them down.

Another goofy thing we had to do . . there’s a room that’s almost all concrete under the wheelchair ramp.  It’s an unfinished room in that the ceiling is just the 2 x 4’s and there’s insulation bats stuck up in the first few spaces.

With the insulation in this position, the paper side down, the flame retardant side is facing up and that’s not good.  After all . . this is in a concrete room which is used for storage and isn’t even part of our living area but Vince had to pull all this out and switch it around so that the paper side is facing up.

Vince got all decked out in his safety equipment to do the work. And, it’s done . . and I think that’s the last thing we have to do.

I think it was better with the paper side down but . . what do I know?

The electrician has some things to do but we’re getting that done after we’re gone.  It’s been a long time coming but today we should hear from the relo company that all our repairs, except the electrical, have been completed.


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    A few year ago, when the house across the street from us was being inspected, the inspector wrote up “some rust on the weather vane” that sits on top of the house. It’s the kind that has a rooster on it. You have to wonder how those inspectors think!

    Isn’t it always fun to mark one less thing off your list?

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    Terri says

    personally I think the home inspection business has gotten out of hand. I thought it was for fairly major issues, not 2 nails or flippn rust on a decorative weather vane! Sometimes people make me go…. huh????

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    Sandi P. says

    When we sold our house in Jan. the things found on the inspection were like that. We had done a ton of work and were expecting a clean inspection. We were still painting one room when he came (plumbing leak 2 days after we went on the market made it necessary to rip out a wall and hubby was already gone during the week), so he wrote up that there were no plates on the wall outlets and switches in that room even though I showed him the covers and it was obvious we were painting. The bank loan officer told us that they have to put something down or it is assumed they are not doing their job properly and there is a list. Well, since that was electrical in nature (???) it required a re-inspection and actually delayed our closing a few days – ugh!

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    When we sold our house 5 years ago we had the same inspector for three different prospective buyers. He found something new each time… So when we went to purchase a home we used him as our inspector! lol He told us to “forget it” and look for another house…HA! We bought it..and are now in the middle of renovations..

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    Jane says

    The inspector on one house we bought stated in the chimney inspection that there was “ample room for Santa to visit.” We thought that was cute. He failed to note that the damper had been removed!

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    I have never seen that type of insulation installed with the spun glass exposed. I would think if the ramp was used all the time the vibration from say a wheel chair would cause a breakdown of the fiberglass. In that case if a child played in the room they would be exposed to the fiberglass. I think a covering over the insulation would have been better, like plaster board. Was it this way when you moved into the house?

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    shirley bruner says

    i think he was wrong about the insulation. the paper part has to be facing the side that is ‘livable’ space. granted it was just storage but still. i have NEVER seen insulation with the paper side in.

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    Claudia Wade says

    Judy – I can’t believe all you have been through lately. Before reading it on your blog, I would never in my wildest dreams have thought there was a place in this country so hard to move to! What a mess! I so hope you get someplace to rent soon and then someplace to buy too.

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    carol c says

    i did the insulation installation for all my buildings, the paper side went to the outside, the pink side went to the wood. I am glad I did it the way i was taught-lol