Bad Beans

In all my years of canning, I’ve never had a bad jar . . or if I did, I didn’t know it and we survived.  As I was packing up my jars, I noticed this jar of beans:

The jar is still sealed.  No oozing and the lid is still down.  Since the beans were put up in batches of 7 quarts and this was the only bad jar, I’m guessing there was a contaminant in the jar and it wasn’t properly cleaned and sterilized.

Of course I’ll throw it away but I thought it was interesting that this happened.


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    Doe in Mi says

    That sure is strange Judy~! I’ve done and have seen alot of canning done by my Mom and never saw anything like that unless the lid had popped up. I think you must be right about a contaminate.

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    I would guess, but have known to be wrong that the lid appears to be OK due to the ring still being on the jar. I have has lids lift off when the ring was taken off, but still appear to have a seal. Good thing that lovely growth appeared instead of someone eating the beans and become sick.

    I would still rather take chances with my own canned goods rather then some of the store bought stuff. At least I know the vegetables and fruit were cleaned and canned to standards I trust. Plus I can then control the amount of salt etc.

    There also could have been something in a bean that you missed due to where it was cut.

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    Diana in TX says

    I would say you were right on-something was on the lid or the jar didn’t sterilze properly. In a lot of ways I miss canning, it was always good to have an in house store, Would never go hungry! Once started moving around I ended up freezing most everything. had to be selective about what to can-do need room to store all those jars. When we moved overseas I got rid of all the canning jars etc. I still have my crock for making saurkraut though. Our first move with packers we didn’t know we were moving until early Fall. The guy packing the basement was not happy-I had spent the entire summer canning. He grumbled the whole time he was wrapping jars.

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    SharO says

    Does this mean you have to pack all of the jars yourself? I was wondering about that. How do you do it?

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    That is SO scary! The canning instructor at our local extension office keeps a collection of jars like that to use examples in her lectures. I don’t remember anything like that, though!

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    What a great science experiment!! Would have been super for a biology teacher to show his/her class.

    I’ve never canned green beans…. mostly peaches and jams.

    Good luck with the move!