In Preparation for the Move

The packers will be here tomorrow morning at 8:00.   I don’t know how long the computer will stay connected or when, if ever, I will have internet again!  <G>

The blog is set so that all comments come into my email and I mostly read them there and respond as time permits.  That setting has been changed so that I will no longer receive the comments in my email until we get high speed internet again.  Please continue to leave comments and I will respond on the blog to your comments so, while it probably isn’t as convenient for you as it would be to receive my reply in your email, I’ll keep up as best I can.

Over on the left sidebar is my contact button.  Please feel free to email me if you need a response and I have not responded to the comments.  Also, if you see anything wrong . . such as spam on the link boxes, or anything else, please email me.  I’ll do my best to stay on top of things but can’t make many promises at this point.  We will get this all worked out but it will take some time.

Thanks so much everyone for everything — the advice you’ve offered, the prayers, the friendship . . you’ve made this journey much more bearable.


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    Aww – you’ve certainly been through it. Wishing you an easy straightforward move and hope you’ll get settled in your new place quickly. Best wishes xx

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    Linda in NE says

    We, your readers, will muddle through. I hope you have as smooth a move as possible….Lord knows you’ve been through enough these last few months.

    Maybe you better keep your laptop & it’s power cord in your hot little hands so the movers don’t put it in a mystery box somewhere. Then when you get to Brownwood locate the public library. Most libraries any more have some sort of wireless for patrons to use. Fast food places, truck stops, or coffee shops might be another option for the cost of an ice tea or Dr. Pepper. I know your house is outside of town quite a ways, but until you get some sort of internet of your own set up one of these might work. Good luck.

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    Good luck this week, hope everything runs smooth as silk. And I’m jealous. You can get that fabulous Blue Bell ice cream in Texas. mmmmm

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    Wishing you a smooth move, and even smoother unpacking. The internet thing will work out eventually -just like this move, right?! 🙂

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    Blessings be with you and Vince and Speck for a smooth, hassle-free (from this point onward) move and to a good adjustment to your new location. While we will miss you, we won’t jump ship on you….we’ll be waiting here for you when you are able to reconnect with us….and we’ll be thrilled to hear about everything and see photos, too! Stay safe!!!

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    Darlene S says

    May you have an easy time of it from here on in. You will be missed in Missouri (I thought of you as a “local celebrity” even though I know you are not “from” MO. Now you will be the border queen in Texas.:) Good luck and God Bless you and your family. Till we “talk through the wires” soon. Dar

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    I hope you get internet soon, Judy! We’ll miss you till then. I’m so glad about the rental. It looks fabulous. Stay there until you can find the absolutely right house. Blessings be to you for a safe journey and happy times ahead!

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    Good luck and positive thoughts to you, Vince, and Speck for a smooth moving process to your new home base in Texas!

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    Pat C in Washington says

    Safe journey! Good luck with the move and settling in. All your many fans are rooting for you 😀

  10. 13

    Pam says

    Hang tough. You know that we will wait for you. We are your blog groupies!
    Much luck on the move.

  11. 17


    have a good move – I have you on my google reader so I will know when you post again. I sure hope you don’t have to do without internet for long, but I guess when you really think of it internet shouldn’t be so high on all of our lists.
    Looking forward to your post from Texas.

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    Sue in Scottsdale, AZ says

    Here’s to a smooth move to Brownwood. Keep your chin up and I know everything will work out just fine. I’m looking forward to reading your posts regarding the move and the new house. Best wishes for all of you.

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    Brenda B. says

    Won’t seem right walking by your house and knowing you aren’t there anymore. Best wishes to you and Vince! Thanks for all your help through a hard time in our lives, we’ll miss you!

  14. 24


    I haven’t read all the above replies above and this might already be up there . . . “Brownwood Or Bust!” : ) May y’all have smooth sailing the rest of your journey.

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    QuilterB says

    I’m keeping you in my prayers that you have an easy move and damageless unpacking. We’ll miss your reports each morning. Blessings.

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    Linda in Ohio says

    Good luck with the move. We moved from NJ to Ohio in May and know a few of your issues and are certainly glad you found a very nice rental. It’ll certainly be good to have you and Vince together again (and your sewing machine!)

  17. 27

    Cindy in NC says

    Safe travels to you, Vince, and Speck. We’ll all be thinking of you next week.

  18. 28


    Judy, I’ll be thinking of you as you proceed with the move. Hope it goes well. You’ve gone through so much and that is enough already!

    Hugs, Karen

    I’ll email you.

  19. 30


    Sending hugs your way and thankful that this time you and Vince are going together. The rental looks lovely, and it looks as if you can set up to quilt right away–hooray! 🙂

    “See you” soon!

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    Brenda in South Texas says

    Best wishes on yalls move. Waiting to hear how the next part of the adventure unfolds! How is Speck holding up?

  21. 35


    Well the time has finally arrived and I know you will be glad when it’s over. Stay safe on the roads, I’ll say a prayer for you and look forward to hearing all about Brownwood and your journey to get there.

    Good Luck!

  22. 36


    Found where you are moving to on the map–way out there. All my best for a not-too-bad move (nothing is nice about a move) and we’ll look forward to hearing that you have arrived and are “in business” again. Don’t overdo, remember it’s hot so you have to just settle down sometime. Can’t wait to have you back.

  23. 37

    Connie says

    When you travel down will you come through my area? If so, do you still have my number in case you need anything?

  24. 38


    Judy, I’ll be thinking of you all week long. Exciting times ahead – no question there! Good luck with everything. Catch you in Texas!!!! Have a wonderful journey.

    Just so you know….you are a peach amongst all of us. We will be waiting to hear from you soon. 🙂 (I like the smiley faces)

  25. 40

    shirley bruner says

    hope your move is not too stressful. i’ll try to make it through my days without you until you are back online….it will be tough. take care….you are gonna love texas. see you soon. hugs to you and vince and speck

  26. 41


    Here’s wishing you, Vince and Speck a safe trip to Brownwood! We’ll all be here waiting whenever you can get back online. Hugs!

  27. 46

    Lynne says

    You will be much missed, travel safe and I will eagerly wait for your return to full connectivity

  28. 47

    Jocelyn says

    I will chime in with everyone else. We will miss your chats. This move has been quite an adventure. We all hope to hear updates soon. Best wishes on a safe trip and move.

  29. 48

    Joanne says

    Dear Judy, all the best! It’s a huge transition, and for now, this is a temporary way for things to be. You have so many people pulling for you. You’ll work out the day to day stuff, and Chad will always be a call or Skype away . Said so bravely as my youngest is off to school in2 weeks!

  30. 49

    Hilary McDaniel says

    Yea. You finally get to see the light. I know from here on out, life will be good. We, as Texans are a friendly bunch and will so enjoy having you so near. I hope you find some wonderful friends in your town and prepare to make this your last move. I hope Vince is happy in his new venture and feels this will take him to retirement. Good luck on the physical move and I’m so sorry this is the worst string of hot weather Texas has ever seen.
    We are normally much more inviting. Most people love our weather, but this year, not so much. Happy travels, Hilary

  31. 50

    Sandy says

    Wishing you a smooth and easy move . Your new rented house looks fabulous and I am sure you will be able to find something to buy during the 6 months or so you are renting. I am so happy you have a house to move to and will be able to set up a quilting room. Good luck, Judy!

  32. 51

    Linda Kay says

    Praying for you to have a safe and smooth move. Can’t wait to hear all about the move and how you are loving it here!

  33. 52


    Best of luck to you and Vince! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you that everything goes smoothly from here on out. And, I’ll be anxiously waiting news!

  34. 53

    Cindy m says

    Godspeed during the next couple of weeks. I know all of the emotions that collide during these times from our moves. Deep breaths, a little prayer and laugh, cry or scream if you need it! Who cares?

  35. 54

    Barbara says


    you take care of yourself – eat decent food, drink lots of water and take a few power naps in the coming days. You must know that there are thousands of your internet friends who would do anything possible to make this transition any easier for you.

    You are in my heart but there is a light at the end of the tunnel – unless the government runs out of money and turns the lights out – in that case we’ll help you find the way

    big hug, lady 1

  36. 55


    Pray for you both (and Speck!) that things go smoothly! I wish you all the best in your move and next phase! Hope to hear from you that everything held up well and you are adjusting ok!

  37. 56

    Fitzy says

    We wish you the best of luck, and none of the frustration!

    (Go put EVERYTHING you don’t want packed in the bathtub and put a big sign on it… “NO”, lol.)


  38. 57

    quilterbee says

    Good luck with the move. Give Chad, a hug from us and I wish him the best too. I’m looking forward to when you can post again.

  39. 58

    Kathy Alden says

    Have a stressful move. Just let the movers do their thing and sit back and relax. Enjoy the adventure!!

  40. 59

    Kathy Alden says

    Have a stress-less move. Just let the movers do their thing and sit back and relax. Enjoy the adventure!!

  41. 60


    Have a great move!

    The public library should have a wi-fi connection. If you find that it takes too long doing dial up or to get a faster option at your new home. Usually the library is quieter than Starbucks or Barnes & Noble.

  42. 61

    Lucia Butler says

    Good luck on your move. I am in the process of unpacking in my new home. Tiring but fun – seeing it begin to look like MY home. Hope your AC is in good working order.
    Lucia in hot Arcadia,LA

  43. 63

    Linda B in MI says

    Finally the day has come for the big move! may it be hassle free. Take care of yourself Judy, you have been under a lot of stress and moving itself can be also. Just take one day at a time(one box at a time) put a smile on your face and let Vince wonder what you are smiling about…It is almost over!!!

  44. 64

    Diane Offerman says

    Many thoughts and prayers go with you as you relocate.
    Travel safe and enjoy the scenery. You’ll soon be set up
    in your new digs and once you’re unpacked and settled, maybe
    you can relax for awhile.
    You and Vince certainly deserve it! Speck too!
    You have really been through a trying ordeal.

  45. 66

    Diana in TX says

    Good luck with the move to Texas. We’re looking forward to getting you here. Hopefully with all the earlier problems things will now go smoothly. Safe trip and waiting to hear from you in Brownwood!