The Last Quilt

Sorry folks . . I didn’t mean for you to think in the last post that I wouldn’t be around. I’ll always find a way to post, even if I’m knocking on the neighbor’s door and asking to borrow her dial up! I just won’t be as prompt to get back with you and my not be able to respond to comments til we get some quicker internet service.

Even though there are 2 or 3 million things I should be doing, I had a quilt that had to be quilted.  It’s one for a magazine and I had started it but had stopped when Chad had his tonsils out because I knew he didn’t want to hear the machine running and then with the “we have a house/we don’t have a house/we have another house/we don’t have a house” roller coaster last week, I just couldn’t get back to quilting but about Thursday, I knew I had no choice but to get it done.  It’s a big quilt and I was doing custom quilting and it took forever!  I was so happy to get it done.

That’s all you can see.  The backing all rolled up.  I will be nice enough to tell you when it comes out in the magazine though! 🙂

Once that quilt was done, we set about to dismantle the longarm.  That always makes me so nervous.

This is when I really appreciate Vince.  There’s no way I would ever be brave enough to do this by myself.  Two of the bars have been removed and he’s working on getting the third one off.

The longarm is dismantled.  The table and bars are up against the wall.  The machine head is packed in its box.  Last move I carried it in my car but this time I’m going to trust it to the movers.  There are too many other things I want to pack in my car — a few dishes, some pots and pans, forks and spoons, a sewing machine, some projects, a few knitting projects.

Chad and Nicole took the old treadle machine.  They want to refinish it and use it for a TV stand so I let them have it.  I had a desk I had bought for here and doubt I need in TX and they can use it so they took that.  The house is starting to look like we might be moving in about 4 days!  🙂


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    I cannot imagine! I think I would be a stressed out mess about this stage of the deciding what to pack with me and what to send with the movers. Looks like you have it all under control. 🙂

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    Marilyn Smith says

    Judy, glad that all the pieces are coming together for you. You will have a busy few days ahead of you. Sending up prayers that this process will go smoothly for you and Vince and that you will have safe travels..I will keep checking for posts and updates.


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    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    Part of your spirit will stay behind in that basement sewing room! : ^ ) Do you ever feel like you leave part of yourself when you move from a house? Those walls will miss your music and your singing along while the sewing machine hums in harmony!

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    Linda in NE says

    It’s finally real, isn’t it?

    I’d be scared to death to dismantle my longarm. I was fooling with it once and one of the wheels came off the track on the carriage and I about panicked. It’s heavy and you have to reach out way out to lift it and I just couldn’t do it by myself. DH came in handy.

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    That is such a sad looking picture of the basement, yet exciting. I wish Vince and you safe travels and an easy move dealing with the movers.

    Can’t wait to hear about your feelings of this part of Texas after you spend some time there. It seems like it has lots of +++++’s, but also lots of ———‘s. I know you will make the most out of it all. Too bad you are going to see the land at it’s worse with the lack of rain, but that will change. Have fun exploring. Exploring is my favorite part of a new place to live. I can tell you the lake will make things harder to get around and easier to get lost, because the road around the lake follow the contour of the land rather then in a grid.

    I hope you have beautiful sunrises over the lake and enjoy the Guilde meeting.

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    JoAn GODFREY says

    just be sure to tell them how important that box is and to NOT drop kick it onto the truck….lol
    we can’t even see the quilting on the rolled up quilt………..NOT FAIR.
    you forgot to mention the TON of yarn in your car. hope you can see out the windows.

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    Yes, it did sound kinda final! LOL.

    Good luck with the move and the movers. I know you will come out on the other side in fine condition. Just know you are moving forward!

    glen: and don’t forget to breathe!

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    Marla says

    It sure would make me nervous having the movers take your machine even if it is in it’s box. It probably really hit you today when Vince was taking it down that this is all really happening now. Can’t wait to see your new book!

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    Keryn says

    Once the longarm is in pieces there’s no going back! I pulled my Statler to pieces on my own, only needed borrowed brotherly brute strength for a few things; more importantly, I got it all back together and running smoothly. You will breathe a sigh of relief when you finish your first quilt in your new home.

    We’re going to miss those posts several times a day; we’re used to hearing what you’re up to, so it will be a gap in our lives for a while. But hopefully you’ll enjoy the move, and settle in quickly. Have lots of fun, and tell us about it later!

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    Sandra Clarke says

    Judy, I hope all goes well in your move. Take care and try not to do too much!! Look forward to your posts after you get settled.

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    peggy says

    Judy, even while you don’t have dsl or other high speed internet, won’t 3G on your iPhone and iPad help? I would hate it if I thought I’d be unconnected in any way. Good luck in the next week or so. You deserve some positive things for a long while after all you’ve been through.

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    Cindy from California says

    OK! I am trying to prepare myself to NOT checking your blog at least 3 times a day to see (read) what is going on at your house!!!

    Safe travels!


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    peggy says

    Come back to us in a normal/regular Judy way as soon as you can. You know we will missing knitting, quilting, family, life, housing, and bridges while you’re gone. Plus you’ll have to leave your boy and Nicole. Keep us in the loop when you can. Your family does fill our days. Sorry to admit my retired husband and I don’t have your good life ahead. And it WILL be a different life, still good soon.

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    May your move be uneventful. Take time out to regroup and relax. The moving police are not going to check to see if everything is unpacked and put away by a certain date. This too shall pass. Moving is not fun. But it is an adventure.

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    I have said it before and I will say it again… are absolutely A M A Z I N G. I am so glad that I know you!!!!

    Have a great journey – I will be looking forward to hearing all about it when you have time.

    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    Leona says

    Good luck with your move.

    Love the quilt just over Vinces head. What pattern is it.


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    Karla says

    Judy as a military brat i understand about movers and packing. Fortunately mom was in charge so it all went smoothly most of the time. Its the packing and moving that I hate the worst having just moved a few months ago to Gatesville. I don’t want to move anytime soon and I am sure you will feel the same way once you get settled in. I will keep you in my prayers for a safe trip and look forward to reading your posts.

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    Shari in AZ says

    Prayers to St Anthony to watch over you & Vince on your adventure. We’ll wait to hear from you. Good luck to Chad & Nicole too.

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    I love with all the moving you still have a quilt on the wall…that would be the last thing for me to take down too…I have to have my quilting and stitching on the walls so it feels like home. I’m praying you have a safe and uneventful move this week! 🙂

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    Doe in Mi says

    I bet your thinking “It’s about time”. I know there were times you thought moving day would never happen. Happy for you. Now you can let go of some of the anxiety and that will feel so good.