A Day of Rest

The packers arrived this morning and I was so relieved to see them.  When we moved here from KY, I’m not sure where the movers found the packers and I probably don’t want to know but they were terrible.  We didn’t feel comfortable letting them out of our sight.  The folks who arrived this morning seemed so nice and professional.  In fact, when Vince and I got ready to go to lunch, he asked them what they were going to do and they said they were leaving in a few minutes to get something to eat.  Vince gave them a garage door opener and said “lock the house when you leave and we’ll be back soon”.  They worked hard in the basement.  The canned goods are packed.  The batting rolls are packed.

The sewing room is a disaster.  That’s all I can say!  A total disaster.  The truth is . . the sewing room is always a disaster.

When they left, they said “We’ll be back tomorrow and we’re bringing six more helpers!”  This place will be buzzing tomorrow!

This morning they told me the best thing I could do was stay out of their way so . . that’s what I did.  I took a 2 hour nap.  I knitted.  Vince worked in the garage and in his shop.  He made lots of progress today and I’m sure he’ll make even more tomorrow.


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    Darlene S says

    Judy, I don’t envy anyone moving, but especially quilters. I’d hate to think what the movers would say if they had to move our household items today. This makes me want to start cleaning out LOTS of places for that eventuality one day. Glad
    they are good movers. It will be done before you know it. 🙂 Dar

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      As they drove away today, I wash wishing I could hear what they had to say . . but was glad I couldn’t hear what they had to say.

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    Dawn says

    Just imagine how much fun it will be to UNPACK all of it! LOL!

    I really enjoy reading your blog, it’s the only one that I actually look forward to reading every day. Will miss your daily posts, but understand the circumstances.

    Dawn in California

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    Toni in TN says

    We had horrible packers and movers when we went from Arkansas to Maine. Things were broken and several things never made it there. In other words, stolen. Not one item was worth losing a job. Stupid.

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    Marilyn Smith says

    That sewing room will come together. Get that quilt off the wall. I see that your fabric is all packed (or most of it I assume). Glad you have a relocation company helping out. It would be h**l doing it alone. Keep the pics coming on the progress!

    Safe travels.



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    Nancy W. says

    Hope every thing goes well. I never want to do it again..I’ve lived here 10 years and that’s the longest I’ve lived anywhere ever..I can’t say I particularly like it here, but I really would stay if I just didn’t have to move anymore. By the way, do you buy lunch for the packers..I was always told to do that and was afraid not to do it for fear of what might happen to my belongings…we always fell for it but our packers were always good.

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    I’ve always self moved – 7 times in 7 years – I can’t imagine the “luxury” but any way you do it moving is chaotic. Wishing you peaceful settled days ahead!!!

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    Kelly M. says

    When I was relocated from Michigan to Florida, (my first “major” move, including furniture, etc.), my company arranged my move for all of my household items, including my car. It was great! But….when I moved back to Michigan, I had to pay for it myself, so instead of hiring someone, I decided to move myself. Lesson learned!!!! I had no problems driving the truck, but it never dawned on me that what took 3 professional movers all of one day to pack AND load would take me, by myself, over a week to pack, almost a week to load, and then 3 days to unpack once I got home and had help! Like I said, Lesson Learned – anytime I have moved since then, I’ve packed myself, but hired movers to load, move & unpack!

    Good luck with your move – so glad you found a place!


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    Oh my aching body. We just unloaded everything today here at oir new rental home in Indiana and using my NOOK i found a neighbors unsecure wifi to use and clicked on your blog first. I’m so glad that packing is going better for you this time! We had United trucks that moved us from GA to TX and had great experience with them. This time was Allied which made me nervous b/c our worst experience was w/ them in ’98 but thangully this time everything went so smooth! A husband & wife team named Dave& Laurie took great care of us! I’ll be thinking of you as I unpack and wishing your movers good luck. Chances are you will beat me unpacking b/c school starts Wed here
    Love from Indiana! Bonnie

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      Oh good (about your movers). We had horrible luck with Allied when we moved here and they came out of Louisville so I was so afraid you had the same ones we had. The United team here is run by a husband and wife and I like them so much. You’re in the same boat we are — getting to move again once you find a house to buy. I’m hopefully going to unpack just enough to keep me going til we can find a house to buy. I’d hate to think about having to pack everything again. My UFOs and yarn are all in clear plastic buckets so I can work on that without having to unpack all my fabric. Good luck to you with the unpacking, school starting and getting everything back to “normal”.

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    That’s funny. I saw that moving truck today when I was picking up a taco before going to knitting group. I thought, oh, yeah. Judy’s moving today, but I didn’t think it was really your moving folks. Guess it was. Good luck with the move. Pace yourself.

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    Pat C in Washington says

    Because of my late husband’s illness, I ended up packing and moving our household twice within 15 months. I packed everything up, but I hired a moving company to load and unload all the boxes. That is one more thing I don’t want to do to earn my living. I had about 25 boxes of books and at least twice that many boxes for the sewing room. The movers wanted to know if I was running a sewing business out of my home. Har de had har. Good luck, keep calm and carry on.

      • Katherine says

        I am a move manager for a company who specializes in moving senior citizens. We pack, oversee the movers, and unpack on the other end. Most of the time it’s a local move and we can manage to pack one day, and then move and unpack the next day. We unpack everything we’ve packed so the seniors have their beds made, lamps plugged in, and clocks set before they go to bed on moving day. Dishes and kitchen stuff are all put away along with linens, books, clothes, etc. It’s a service that most people really appreciate.

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    I”m glad you have such nice packers, Judy. We did, too, on our move from NJ to here. It makes a big difference in stress levels to have good packers and movers!

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    grace thorne says

    look at it this way, judy, most of us have messy sewing spaces but you have a bona fide reason. the rest of us are just knee deep in clutter! wishing you patience until you are settled again and back in quilting groove!

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    I know I told you before…..but United is the ONLY company I would let move me. They use their employees…..other companies tend to hire off the street!

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    Marla says

    I am pretty sure that United is the moving company that was presented on “Undercover Boss” television show a few months ago. Very interesting show where the CEO of the company went undercover and did what the manual labor did and learned A LOT! LOL

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    Susan T says

    My family moved with the military, about every 3 years. It gave us a chance to sort our “stuff” both before moving, and again while unpacking. Every move was different and every one an adventure. In many ways, I miss the regular moves.
    We only had one move with poor packers. They came to “pre-pack”, and were so slow. They also stacked packed boxes in front of things that weren’t packed, so every night DH and I ran around and moved all the boxes into neat stacks. We were living on Vancouver Island at the time, and the moving truck had to book a spot on the ferry to the mainland. When the truck arrived on loading day, the driver took one look and then made a blistering phone call to the company, as the packing still wasn’t complete and he was going to miss his scheduled ferry. (We had been calling the company every day about the same thing). They pulled a packer from another job, and she worked like a whirlwind, finishing up all the packing in record time, so the truck was loaded with not a minute to spare.
    The only items damaged on that move, were packed by the original slackers…..
    Its great to find some forgotten items, whether they are quilt projects or something else.
    I now get my moving fix by relocating to Florida each fall and returning home each spring. We have wonderful checklists that DH has made to help us remember everything. They get items added to them almost every year.
    You will be so much happier when you get settled in your new, although somewhat temporary place.

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    Patty says

    The three times we were relocated my husband managed to get back home just in time to see them close the doors on the moving truck. He got to miss all the fun and the cleanup. Imaging that.

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    Patty says

    When I moved from Montana to Kansas my friend had just moved with the same company and their packers were so bad. Two of them got in a fight and went to jail. I called the moving company and made sure we got professional packers not just people off the street.