Design Wall Monday – August 8, 2011

How about I show you what my sewing room looks like and that will help us all understand why I have nothing on my design wall!  I won’t on this post but I’ll do it later.



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    Good luck with your move! I’ll say a prayer that it all goes smoothly – so glad you found a place! It looks gorgeous! I live 25 miles from Erie but its just a turn or two and you get used to it! Hugs!

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    Oh, Judy — with all that you have going on, here is Design Wall Monday! I hope that things go smoothly for you and Vince. (Remember that the Brownwood Public Library has public-access internet….and air conditioning.)

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    Darn that Mr. Linky! He won’t take my picture for some reason. Same as Jamie.

    Judy — moving is a pain but you have a beautiful place to move into. And who knows what will come up while you live in that house. I can see your long arm in the basement and envy you the coolness of it! Take one day at a time. Good luck.

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    I can’t believe with everything going on in your life you’re posting at all!

    Relax, take care of things, and come back and tell us all about it when you can.

    Best wishes,