Let the Fun Begin

Monday morning .  . the process has begun!

The packers have arrived and we’ve resuscitated them after they saw all our stuff and they’re now packing.  The plan is they will pack for three days.  The loaders come on Thursday, load for two days and we leave Friday evening.

The white pickup belongs to the guy who changes our oil.  He took the Honda in this morning, will bring it back and take the Highlander so we’ll leave here with the vehicles having fresh maintenance.

The for sale sign still sits . . in a town where it’s very hard to sell a house.  I guess that would be most any town except Brownwood, TX!  Seriously, houses don’t sell too quickly there either but there surely aren’t any houses like this one for sale there unless they cost 3 times as much.

I have loved this house so much, and I hope that whomever ends up with it loves it as much as we have.


  1. 2

    Terri says

    Sending prayers that this part of your journey goes smoothly. So happy that you don’t have to live in a hotel! Hugs for all of you!

  2. 3

    Gail says

    Hope you have ‘turned the corner’ and everything goes smoothly from here on. Travel safely and love your rental.

  3. 4

    pdudgeon says

    i’ll bet that truck is stuffed full of flat boxes.
    i figured they would need an extra day to pack. they may still be packing and loading on sat!

  4. 5

    Pat C in Washington says

    My first thought on seeing the picture of the truck was “will that be big enough?” Then I realized it was probably just full of empty boxes for them to fill up.

  5. 6


    When I saw that United Truck I thought “there is no way all of Judy and Vince’s stuff will fit in that truck”. I guess it just holds the boxes and supplies needed to finish the packing. I wonder what they would have said if you had not already packed the things you didn’t need.

  6. 7

    Terri says

    I’m wondering how many of the “big” trucks they are going to need hehe 🙂 I shudder to think how many we would need!

  7. 8

    Marilyn says

    after reading the comments, I understand. I’m thinking, there is no way your house is going to fit in that little truck! I’ve never had a professional mover move my stuff, but I’ve had a small truck like that and it took like 10 times back and forth to move my house full of stuff! It just never seems to end. I vow never to move again, or if I do, I’m leaving all the stuff behind and starting over again. Moving is no fun and I sure don’t envy you 🙂 I felt bad watching your longarm get dismantled. hope it gets put back together first! That’s what I would miss the most.

  8. 10


    When I first saw that little truck I thought “oh, no, that’s not nearly big enough.” I felt better when it was just full of packing stuff. So now, will you two be going to your son’s place to eat for the next few days?

  9. 12


    Well…maybe the moving guys will be happy that your truck is mostly going to be fabric and yarn…..might be a little less difficult to carry that stuff out to the truck then it is to carry lots of furniture. This will be a crazy week for you…that’s for sure. Good luck with all of it.

  10. 14


    I grew up in a military family and moving still thrills me like it did when I was a little kid. Yes, it’s stressful. It’s a hassle. The unknowns can fill us with dread, but the anticipation of new sights, possibilities and opportunities still excites me. Enjoy what you can of it. Safe journeys.

  11. 15

    Beth says

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. We moved 10 times in 25 years as a military family. We found our retirement home and have been here for eight years. God has a plan!!! The last time my husband came home and told me he had orders to move, I told him to have a nice trip, I’d be here when he got back. Literally. He decided to retire, instead. I’m happy as a clam where I am and have not regretted it for one minute.
    Beaverdam, VA