Fridge Update

Thanks for all your fridge ideas.  I checked the prices online, even though several dozen calls to Home Depot went unanswered.   To me, a fridge is a place to keep my food cold, and that’s about it.  After looking at the prices for the freezer on the bottom, French door type fridge compared to the side by side, I’m suddenly loving my side by side!  🙂  I’ve had a side by side for over 15 years . . not the same fridge, so I’m sure I can make it a few more years with one.  I’m not willing to pay that much more for a different model that in the end, really does the same thing as the less expensive model.  I can be a tightwad!

Knowing this fridge will get moved at least once, and maybe twice, and it can be the 2nd fridge and not our main fridge once we get a house to buy, spending less is better than spending more.  Vince said we may go ahead and get water/ice on the door because when we buy a house, we’ll hopefully have a well and we will drink that water.

There’s a small Sears store in Brownwood and I forgot we’re taking our big freezer so when the moving van gets there Monday, I will have it there to put the frozen food I’m bringing . . which is mainly cherries and peaches out of my freezer and if they don’t make the trip . . well, I wouldn’t have saved them anyway so no big deal.

The house we’re renting isn’t really a rental but it’s a house that’s been completely renovated, is for sale and hasn’t sold so the owner agreed to rent it to us for 6 months.  That’s why it doesn’t have a fridge.

I love being able to ask a question and get so many responses.  Obviously,  most everyone loves the freezer on the bottom and I probably would too but I don’t see us buying one this time.


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    Diann Smith says

    I have a side by side and really like it better. That may be because I am SHORT. I’m in the refrigerator more than the freezer and having that way up would be a pain. Also I don’t like having to bend down to dig something out of the freezer drawer of the bottom drawer. Might give me vertigo.
    Safe travels…

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    Diann Smith says

    I have a side by side and really like it better. That may be because I am SHORT. I’m in the refrigerator more than the freezer and having that way up would be a pain. Also I don’t like having to bend down to dig something out of the freezer drawer of the bottom drawer. Might give me vertigo.
    Safe travels…

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    I missed the big discussion, but I have to say I don’t care for the freezer on the bottom. I’ve had the freezer on the bottom, and I’ve also had the side-by-side, and I MUCH prefer the side-by-side. I feel like I can fit quite a bit more food in the side-by-side, and also can access the side-by-side better. With the freezer at the bottom I never felt like I could see what was in there. Imagine a chest freezer, but down below your knees!

    Best of luck! Hope the move goes very smoothly!


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    Patricia L. says

    I’ve always had a side by side. Wouldn’t want any other kind. I don’t like to bend over looking for anything!
    We just bought a new one. We had a Kenmore that we liked but it quit working this year right after the 5 year warranty expired.
    I bought a Samsung at Sears and really like it. It like the last one did has a water filter and makes the tap water drinkable. It has water and ice in the door with an indicator of when to replace the filter there too. I’ve liked Samsung electronics for a while but didn’t even know they did appliances till I bought this fridge.

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    SarahB says

    Duh, probably should have read ahead before I posted on yesterdays… anyway, I do have to admit we have had no problems at all with our side-by-side which is a Fridigaire. Expect a couple years ago we had some power surges that melted some of the electronics in the ice maker and we had to buy a new one. However, it wasn’t that expensive and my husband installed it very, very easily which is really a plus since appliances are like “throw-away” quality now.

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      That’s what I’m thinking. Most fridges are going to last about the same amount of time so why pay $1000 more to get one style vs another style? Maybe if I were buying it for my dream kitchen — but I’m buying it for a rental and have no idea if it will even be tye same color or a dood fit for the real house.

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    Gwen TX says

    Don’t expect Sears to have anything in store for you to take home! Even the big stores only have their floor models and have to order. There was a wait of nearly a week here in San Antonio for delivery. They did offer a “loaner”, one of those little dorm models! Home Depot, Lowes and Best Buy seem to have some stock of delivery.

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      That’s not good. Our little Sears store has lots of appliances and will usually deliver the same day. The pressure is off since I remembered we’ll have the big freezer with us. Thanks for telling me so I wasn’t shocked when I walked in. No Best Buy there and I don’t think there’s a Lowe’s either.

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    Karen says

    We just replaced our fridge several weeks ago. After multiple trips to Home Depot & Lowes we ended up purchasing at the local Sears appliance store. We ended up with a side-by-side again – not my first choice but the only one that fit in the space. I’ve been very happy with it so far. My daughter has a huge fridge, the french door type which she loves but I didn’t have the space for one.

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    Julie says

    I live in West Texas where the water is awful and we don’t drink it unless we have to. We buy ice and put it in the ice maker in our freezer so that we can use the ice dispenser. It is a lot of trouble but it beats having ice that smells like fish. I wish you the best and want to welcome you to TEXAS. One of my good friends, who is a military wife and has lived many places, said that the people here are so stinking nice it is hard not to like them!

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    Dorothy Schreyer says

    Missed the big discussion yesterday, but I HATE a freezer on the bottom!! But, then again I am 5’9″ and fluffy, so finding things down, on what always felt like the floor is tough! I liked our side by side, I could keep better organised than a top or bottom freezer. Since I live in an area where unless you have a filter, you don’t drink the water or use the ice, we buy it and water. (isn’t it strange how many places have water issues…) Good luck have a safe trip!

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      Linda in NE says

      We mostly have good water here in Nebr. Hard water, but good tasting. And now some big Canadian oil company wants to build a pipeline right over our Ogalala Aquifer that supplies that water to several states. The water table through the Sandhills where they want to route the pipeline is so high the pipeline will actually be IN the water. Can you imagine anything so STUPID?? And I have every confidence that our politicians will allow it…after all, they don’t live here, what do they care. Can’t offend a big oil company, you know.

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    Don’t forget to have the movers load the freezer near the back. Normally the heavy items are loaded first to distribute the load so you will have to remind them…It can take a while to get cool..

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    JoAn GODFREY says

    my sister has the freezer on the bottom. i do like the wider fridge than a side by side, but i don’t like the ice on the bottom. she even has to be sure the cats don’t get in while getting ice…
    they ARE crazy cats.