Maybe I Should Move More Often

Even though we’ve only been here 4-1/2 years, some of the things I’m uncovering while packing bring back memories . . things I haven’t seen in at least 4-1/2 years.

Then, there are things I don’t remember ever seeing!  In a plastic bag, behind the fabric on my shelves, I found two projects.  I vaguely remember working on both of them but would never have missed them if I hadn’t come across them.

First is a flower garden.  I’ve started so many of these and haven’t finished one yet.  There are a bunch of pieces cut . . probably not enough for a whole quilt, probably not something I’ll ever finish anyway but who knows!

 Then I found these flower blocks.  I vaguely remember starting these.  There are 12 blocks so maybe I’ll finish these and make a small quilt . . someday.

Wait!  On closer examination, these are hand done with a buttonhole stitch.  I do not remember ever doing these.  I don’t even remember that I know how to do a decent buttonhole stitch.  These look decent.  Maybe these aren’t even my blocks, but I recognize the fabric from my stash.  The yellow centers is a fabric I hand dyed about 15 years ago.  I surprise the heck out of myself sometime!  🙂

One thing is for sure . . I will never run out of things to do!


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    pdudgeon says

    i love those daisy blocks. They remind me of Vicky and her marvelous hand work.
    mix them with some pieced blocks and some great sashing, and you’ll have a fabulous quilt that you’ll love in no time at all.
    and the GFG’s– They’re great for hand work when you want a change from knitting. they’re addictive, mindless work, they go really fast, and they use up a lot of scraps.

  2. 4

    Linda says

    LOL…those are both too pretty not to finish, and great hand work to keep you calm and stress free!!

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    Karen says

    I’ve been going thru my scrap box, cutting scraps into usable pieces. I’m finding fabric I don’t remember at all – or fabric I remember but don’t remember the project! I think there’s a couple scrap quilts in my future.

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    quilterbee says

    You could make a tablerunner from the hex’s or a small wallhanging. I love the daisy blocks too.

  5. 8


    Oh, the treasures we find, some almost in plain sight! Love the daisy blocks…nice work. A make a small wall-hanging with them would be great in a sewing room.

    Hope the move goes super well!

    Hugs, Karen

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    Diana in TX says

    Had to laugh at the flower garden. I found a bunch also the last time I was sorting through stuff. Except mine are are sewn into the into the other shape-word escapes me right now and I’m in a hurry to get to a class. Good luck finding more projects. it is fun to see what we have buried in amongst the stash/projects we do remember! And yes, quilters are never at a loss for something to do!

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    Linda in NE says

    When I look around my house, especially the basement and garages (yes, plural), I think everyone should move at least every five years. Just to clear out the stuff. Thirty-six years in one house is a lot of time for the “stuff” to accumulate.

    I guess if you can view the packing and moving as a kind of treasure hunt you have your optimism back. It seemed to be lost there for a while didn’t it?

    • 11.1


      I don’t think I’ll ever make 36 years in one house. As I’m going through all my treasures, I think of what Chad will say when I’m gone and he goes through this stuff. He’ll probably bring in a big dumpster and everything will be gone . . .which is probably what I will do if Vince mentions moving again.

  8. 13


    We recently remodeled and all sorts of odds and ends surfaced. Some I am sure the fairies hid in my house. I have been married 39 years and this is our second third home. I still had wedding presents, with original boxes and gift cards that had never been used! Mostly silver decorative stuff-off it went to help a good cause. I feel so much lighter these days and I’m trying not to re-stuff the house.

    I really decluttered my stash while I was at it. I did not find any UFO’s that I didn’t remember but it was like a walk through memory lane. Wonder if I will ever finish that cotton/poly top. It is a strippy quilt that I cut out using a metal ruler, pencil and scissors. How soon we forget the “good old days”.

    Keep you head up. Better days are ahead.

  9. 14

    Susie says

    Heck, I discover “long lost & forgotten” projects just from cleaning my “crafty area.” I would hate to find what is discovered should I ever move. *shudder* A couple of the things that I’ve uncovered were “what in the world was I THINKING?!?” things.

    So, this makes you kinda like the Indiana Jones of the Quilting World then huh, with the treasure hunts? 🙂 Or rather the Indiana Judy?

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    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    I have four Grandmother’s Flower Garden queen sized quilts. If one more person tries to give me unfinished Flower Garden quilts I plan to refuse the offer. I enjoyed working on the first one that I made. That pattern is so beautiful and it takes forever to make a large quilt from it. Judy, someday you can sit in a rocking chair and finish yours. Your blocks look very precise, so it should be easy to complete the quilt, just allow yourself lots of time!

  11. 18


    Those petaled flowers are wonderful! Looks to me like you do great blanket stitching 🙂 Can’t you see those with alternate blocks…maybe some framed pinwheels or something linear to offset the curves. I LOVE those blocks!

    I have 2 GFG sets going…only work on them when I’m traveling.

    Gonna miss your witty chatter for the few days it takes you to get here and somewhat settled. Be safe. Call when you have time for another dinner night.