Special Requests

As our time together grows short, Chad has been asking for his favorite foods and my recipes.  He wanted chicken and dumplings so I made those last week.  He wanted cornbread dressing so Sunday we smoked a turkey breast that was in the freezer and I made cornbread dressing.  Chad had caught some huge brown trout the day before so we smoked those too.  Nicole wanted homemade mac & cheese so I made that.

They also wanted lamb chops and potatoes and there were lamb chops in the freezer so we’ve had those.  Chad also asked for chicken piccata but I’m doubting that’s going to happen.

It is nice to know that he appreciates my good cooking.


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    OH, sounds YUMMY! Hopefully he can replicate all the dishes that he loves that he will miss out on now……..I try to make my son’s favorites when he’s home from college for the summer. He’s going to have an apartment this year instead of a dorm – I have a couple wonderful soups I make – have you ever canned homemade soup? I’d love to make a couple big batches and can them for him to take with him, just not sure about the potatoes in them if they would disintegrate?

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    I think he should cook you a farewell dinner! And supply you with sandwiches and goodies for the trip back to Texas.

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    yes better use up all that food in the freezer – you don’t want to have to try to bring it in ice chests that far!
    Have fun on your adventure of moving to a new location and starting off just the two of you after all these years. Chad will be fine, it sounds like he is a nice young man.

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    Mary Jo says

    Doesn’t it make you feel good to know how much your cooking means to your son? When my son was in college he called regularly to find out how to cook things. I even taught him to make gravy over the phone! I hated that my kids grew up so fast, but now that they are adults with teens of thier own, I watch them with pride! I am sure that you feel the same way about Chad.

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    I fancied mac-cheese today, but didn’t have time, when I let sewing run away with my day! Having seen the big dish you made just means I now HAVE to make it later this week.. yummy.

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    shirley bruner says

    Now i KNOW he can cook….you told us so. LOL and although it is nice to cook for him one more time…you know that he will not starve. you might want to make him a cookbook with his favorite recipes. you can look forward to the time when you come back to visit and Chad cooks a dinner for you.

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    Linda in NE says

    Once he has all your recipes you can go visit him and let him be the cook.

    All that yummy looking food on your counter makes me want to cook…..just not bad enough to heat up the house on this lovely cool day. No fan or AC running, cool breeze coming in the window, birds & cicadas singing away…in other words, just perfect. We get about a half dozen days like this a year so have to savor every moment.

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      Linda in NE says

      Should read all the comments before I post…the previous one said basically the same thing. LOL

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    Robin Crittenden says

    as hard as it will be to leave Chad in Missouri you must know that by far, even if he never says it, he will miss the two of you more as each day passes. He looks a little sad in that picture as does Nicole. I think the fact that all your good cooking is leaving town is setting in. Wonder how long before he wants to come for a visit? how long does it take to drive to Brownwood? I really wish you the very best on this journey and know that you will make a wonderful home where ever you are.

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    Karla says

    With 100+ temps here in texas we cook as little as possible. Its almost to hot to grill either. All I want for supper is a sandwich and chips. I know that sounds bad but I hate to heat the house up anymore than the damage the sun does.

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      It’s been hotter here than there but we’re having a cool spell. It didn’t get above 100º today! Cooking goes on around here no matter what the temp but I know what you mean. A cold sandwich and a colder salad isn’t half bad on these hot days.

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      I think when Chad left for college was harder than this is. Could be because when he came back from college, he was used to having no rules and we’ve butted heads a few times or it could be because I’m so tired and so ready to get this move behind me and once we get there and things calm down, I may fall apart a bit. Good luck to you and your son!

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    quilterbee says

    It’s good to know that Chad, is feeling well enough to eat all the wonderful food. You’ve done a good job of teaching him how to cook for himself. Once the kids are on their own is when they really appreciate their parents and realize all that you have done for them. I am glad he has Nicole. This will be a new adventure for all of you.

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      Chad really never missed a beat when it came to eating. He winced as he swallowed but he never touched the jello I made nor did he eat many of the popsicles. He ate regular food . . in face, he ate a burger on the 2nd or 3rd day after surgery. It’s been almost 3 weeks since he had the tonsils out and he said it still hurts to yawn and cough but just a little.

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    Could you be my mom? 🙂

    You are one special mom to do all that cooking during this move. It sure looks tasty.

    Hope you are hanging in there, Judy.


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    Speaking of cooking…I would love tp know some of your favorite cooking apps..also do you use apps to organize your recipes?? OH THAT YOUNG MAN IS GOING TO MISS YOUR COOKING ALRIGHT!!


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    Hi Judy,

    The food you cook always looks so delicious. I am sure Chad and Nicole will miss your cooking when you have moved away, but they will certainly appreciate all you have done for them. Have you heard this saying. “parents give there children two things, one is roots the other is wings” ? It is difficult doing this but is has to happen sometime.
    Would you please share your recipe for Mac and Cheese? My grandchildren love it and usually get the boxed kind and I would rather them have the homecooked kind. Thanks, Lee

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    You’re doing ok with the cooking, now how’s the packing going? Are you able to just step away from all of the activity?

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      The packers OF COURSE didn’t like most of my packing and re-packed. They said my boxes were too small. That’s why I packed those — I can pick them up, shuffle them around. They were all nice double wall heavy duty boxes and I could put just enough fabric in there . . but not just enough to suit them. They’ve been here two days and have one more day . . I sure hope they finish on time but I wouldn’t bet on it.

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    Karen says

    I can’t imagine anyone not appreciating your cooking. Wish I could have the leftovers!

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    Suzanne says

    Hi Judy,
    I wanted to say good luck in your travels and I’ll keep checking for your status…I do so love your blog!
    When my brother got married my mom hand wrote all his favorite recipes in a cook book …talking with him today he was making her pie pastry! Its something you might have to do for Chad (and Nicole?)….

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    Marla says

    Oooh yum. That is one lucky boy you have there. I miss cooking for my kids. They always appreciated my cooking. My stepkids roll their eyes and go out and buy fast food. Yuck!

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    Can anyone explain to this Aussie what cornbread dressing is? Sounds yummy, but i can’t get my head around what it would be!

    Also, does anyone have a good macaroni cheese recipe to share or point me to? Not as common here in Australia:)