Menus are Ready

Since I love cooking, I’ve missed getting to plan menus and cook yummy meals for Vince.  While I still have internet access, I’ve spent some time searching for new recipes to try.  Most come from Taste of Home or Tasty Kitchen.  The first full week we’re there, we’ll be in the hotel a few days and then trying to set up housekeeping enough to function so we’ll eat out Monday and Tuesday nights and Wednesday night will be a crockpot meal.

The next week, I’ll start fixing breakfast.

The recipes are copied onto  my laptop so I will have access to them without getting online.

Those look like some good meals, don’t they?  Sure hope I can find the grocery store!  There’s a Kroger, a Wal-Mart, a Brookshires and I hope I can find a good meat market.

It will be so nice to be back in some kind of routine.



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    SharO says

    Will Vince be coming home for lunch? I think I’d have lots of leftovers with a menu like that.

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    you sure are organized. I never do menu’s and I probably should but I’m not the kind of cook you are! and my husband is very picky, it gets very tiring trying to come up with things he will eat that is not always the same old stuff.

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    Sounds good, Judy. It is good to have a plan. You seem pretty well organized for this new adventure you are embarking on.
    I wish I was half as organized! I will take notes from here on out! 🙂

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    Jo says

    Have to try some of the breakfast ideas! What happened to your Ipad? I love using the Paprika app for recipes.

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      I don’t have a data plan on the ipad but I will probably add it tomorrow, at least for a month. I did put all the recipes in the ipad but I figured for the first couple of weeks there, I’d feel better having everything on paper!

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    LOL – I love food vicariously through the computer by looking at your menus, Judy. Mine basically reads, “Yogurt with berries and almonds,” and “Salad with Tuna or Salmon.” You’d think I’d be thin as a rail, but nope. No metabolism, no carbs! I told the doc I feel really stupid coming to see him because all I can eat is healthy food. LOL I’m learning to live with it.

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    Cindy Kuipers says

    You are so organized! Love the idea of menus and cooking to have extra. I just can’t seem to get that organized. I like to cook, but not the clean up part.

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    Our “only” grocery store is Brookshire Bros. – originally was with Brookshires (or vice versa). A family falling out had them to split up; thus, the two names. My daughter only will buy her meat at Brookshires. We are only 13 miles from H.E.B. superstore in Waco, but I only buy our meat at Brookshire Bros. I don’t know if all of the stores are created equal, but be sure and check out your Brookshires.

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      We had a Brookshire Bros. when we lived in Jasper, TX and I kept saying Brookshire Bros. and Vince told me it’s Brookshire’s so . . glad to know why the name change. I’ll be real happy if the store in Brownwood has good meat and I can get everything at one store.

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    I tried General Tso last week and it was a huge fail. It was ok for me but Ernie didn’t like it at all. Do you have a link for your’s or is it a standby? You are so close to having your “normal” back.

    I love when you post your menus. It adds variety to mine. 🙂

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      Mine is from Tasty Kitchen. What recipe did you try and what was wrong with it? I remember your saying it wasn’t great but I don’t remember if you said which recipe you used. If we don’t get a fridge ASAP, my menus may have to be adjusted.

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    Laura says

    Judy – I live in east Texas. The only place I will buy meat is at Brookshires – they have a butcher, and their meat is always good. I’m sure you will like them more than any of the others!

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    Marilyn Smith says

    Is there a Costco or Sam’s Club. They have choice and some prime steaks, good ground beef, good chicken etc. I do not care for the select or standard grade of beef. No flavor, too tough. Butcher shops are hard to come by but have better and more expensive meats. I would imagine you could buy half a good beef for the freezer living there in cattle country.

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    Marijke says

    Hi judy, I always love to read yourblog and I really feel for you this past weeks. But at the moment I not happy, I’m from the Netherlands and moved to south Florida 9 months ago, and today I have a temporary homesickness. I already have my iPad on Duth radio with Dutch music, but you’ll talking about the grossery stores in Texas, now I’m also ” homesick” for Texas……(I lived there from 2000 untill 2003).

    No worries for me I’ll be okay and I think you will too, good luck the next weeks!

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      I hope we’ll both be ok! Good luck adjusting to your new home. It does take time to adjust to new settings. Will you be staying in FL or moving again some time?

  12. 16


    I am SO HAPPY for you……….. You will be getting settled soon…

    I checked on our house today……… Maybe we can move in 2 months……….. Then I can try more of those delicious meals you share with us……

    Quilt looks great and so the smile on Nicole…….. She seems to be a keeper…… But Chad did have a good model to follow when he was looking……………..

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    Gwen TX says

    I think Brookshires started in my hometown of Tyler, TX! They have a large warehouse there as well as several store. Don’t know about the split and different names. They were all Brookshire Bros. back in the 50s. My sister still goMartes to one of their stores for meat even though she sometimes shops for other things elsewhere. We have HEB her in San Antonio and they have good meat and in store butchers. I much preferthat to the meat in WalMart and Target Superstores with no butchers on site. I am so glad things are moving along and getting done. All the waiting and not knowing has been so stressful for you and Vince. I hope things get settled and you can spend the time finding the perfect place! Hugs!

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    Doe in Mi says

    Week 33 on Friday – the quiche – oh boy, does that sound yummy. Also love Gen. Tso’s chicken. But, then it all sounds so good. Hope you get your Fridge.