Nicole’s Quilt

When I was quilting Making Ends Meet, I remembered how much Nicole loves orange.  I had planned to give it to her for her birthday and then she was talking about how much she hates purple so I decided I wouldn’t give it to her.

Last week she was downstairs and she came upstairs and said “I found a quilt down there that I love and all it needs is binding.  Can I have it?”  She doesn’t beat around the bush and I love that!  I said “I don’t know . . go get it and bring it to me so I can see it.”  And, it was Making Ends Meet.   She said the border looks more blue to her and it really is more blue than purple.  I told her I would get the binding on and give it to her before we leave.

After the quilt for the magazine was finished, I did the binding on Nicole’s quilt and when they were here for dinner Sunday night, I gave it to her and she’s really happy with it.

Isn’t she just the cutest girl?  And now she has the cutest quilt!  🙂 I’m going to miss her about as much as I’m going to miss Chad.  Speck is a snippy little biting dachshund and he loves Nicole.  The other day she came by here when we weren’t home and she said he was so happy to see her  .. he kept jumping on her and then trying to give her kisses.  If she and I are both sitting, he’ll often go sit on her lap instead of mine.  He’s not a friendly dog at all so that’s been so surprising.  She’s just a great girl and even Speck recognizes it!

And do you see how tall my grass is?  I kept it cut so nice and neat while Vince was gone.  Vince is home and now the yard is his job!  We have to cut it right before we leave and since the mower needs to be drained of gas and oil, he’s putting off cutting it til Tuesday or Wednesday so he only has to do it one more time and then he can drain all the fluids from the mower.


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    What a great photo! And her smile melts the heart!!

    I bet if you asked Vince really nice, he would let you mow that one last time. 😉 I hope the packing is going smooth! Is Speck ok with all the strangers in the house???

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      Speck stays in the crate in a room where he doesn’t see all the people but he still gets pretty excited. This is all pretty rough on him.

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    you are so generous with your quilts. that is a beautiful quilt and I’m sure your son’s girlfriend will love it. Does it look like she will become your daughter in law? it sounds like she is a perfect part of the family already.

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    That quilt turned out great. It must make you feel good that Nicole loves it and appreciates your work so much. She sounds like a sweetheart, and she’s really cute, too. 🙂 Have a good move and a safe journey to Brownwood.

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    LOL. Every time someone in our guilds shows a quilt with many borders, everyone jumps up and yells, That has to be a Judy Laquidara quilt!

    one Morning Splash was shown with only two borders and the very next person stepped up and said: And here it is with 27 borders!

    We had a goodhearted laugh over some really beautiful quilts!


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    Doe in Mi says

    Beautiful quilt. Great cheery colors. That’s got to be one of the reasons Nicole loves it!

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    Sandy says

    The smile on Nicole’s face tells you she really loves and appreciates your quilt. She looks like a keeper and someone mom approves of. They say a man will sometimes pick a woman like his mom. Does Nicole have any interest in sewing? Cooking? So happy Vince is home and you found a house to move into. Things are going to work out for you, Judy. You are a special person!

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      So far she’s had no interest in sewing but she did ask me to teach her to knit and she picked it up very quickly. Not sure she’ll stick with it . . I didn’t have enough time to get her going on a project but she did quite a few rows of knitting and purling.

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    Robin Crittenden says

    Great job on the quilt Judy and you made Nicole’s day. I know she will love it forever.

    As for the grass, I guess you didn’t Kill the mower or Vince was able to fix it easy.

    I’m going to miss you while your computer service is down. I really do enjoy reading about your adventures and can’t wait to see what you do in Texas.

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    Oh I love the quilt, and it has gone to a lovely young lady. Speck (and you) have good taste. Oh, and Chad too! I think the border really is more blue. I’m glad she loves it.

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    That is one of my favorite quilts of yours. It sounds like it is going to be loved and appreciated but a special person. Good luck moving; we’ll all miss you.

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    Loretta says

    Nicole is as cute as a button, likes Chad, like you, likes quilts, and wear the RIGHT KIND OF CLOTHES!!! Definitely looks like a keeper.