A Tough Goodbye

I’ll do another blog post about the whole moving ordeal.  I know . . you can’t wait.  You’re going to be sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear the gory details I’m sure but I will tell you that I sat on Interstate 44 for over an hour today. It was raining so hard all the way from Joplin to Claremore, OK.  By the time I got to Claremore, you could barely see the front of your own car and I thought to myself . . I should get off and let the storm pass and about that time, everything came to a screeching halt.  About 10 cars ahead of me was a 7 car pileup and apparently that happened because they were trying to slow down for a 9 car pileup in front of them.  Then there were two more wrecks right behind me so I was stuck!  The lady in front of me was headed to some kind of church camp and she had all kinds of food and drinks in her car so we sat out on the side of I-44 and had a picnic.  Speck behaved himself and we walked up down the highway and finally, the police completely blocked the eastbound lanes while trying to get injured people out of the wreck and then they let us back up enough to get to a police crossover where we could turn around and go back eastbound to the first exit to get off the interstate. What a mess!

The weather was so bad and I saw people getting out of the cars and looking back behind us and pointing up to the sky and my first thought was . . tornado!  I looked back and this is what I saw!

But the real tough part of my day was saying goodbye to Chad and Nicole.  I started out being brave and then I finally just turned around and went back into the house because it was so hard watching them leave.

Vince left home a couple of hours after I did and he got stopped by the wrecks behind me but he took the exit before the exit I took so even though he left home two hours after I did, he got to the hotel about 5 minutes after I did.  What a day on the road.  Tomorrow we’ll drive the rest of the way to Brownwood and . . a new chapter in our life begins.


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    I’ve checked in a hundred times to see how you were faring. I know it’s hard to say goodbye to Chad, but you’ll be seeing him very soon, I’m sure. What a mess you drove into! Here’s hoping for a great night’s sleep and a fresh beginning tomorrow! Keep us posted! We miss you!! xoxo

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    Always hard to say goodbye. Sorry about that! The traffic situation really sucks! What a long day! Here’s hoping tomorrow will be uneventful and you get home in record time! Safe travels!

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    I watched mine leave this morning too. Mine moved into his first apartment 100 miles away from home, but close to the University. No matter how “prepared” we are, we aren’t ever prepared…

    I got stuck in a traffic situation like that 5 years ago in Italy. There was an accident inside a mountain tunnel and a fuel truck caught fire. We spent 12 hours on the side of the road. Luckily we had just passed (1.5 miles back) a roadside stop, and just about everyone left their cars sitting on the highway and walked to the roadside rest. I sat and talked with a grandma named Rosa for about an hour. She wanted to use her english, and I my Italian, so it somehow worked.

    You and Vince are in my prayers, May your move continue to be safe.


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    Dorris in Illinois says

    Bless your heart ,I know exactaly how you feel seeing the kids leave.I remember that feeling all to well. Tomorrow will be better and the next even better. Just know people here are thinking of you and Vince and little Speck. Safe trip and Blessings

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    Gwen TX says

    I, like Vicky, have looked many times today to see how things were going. I’m so glad you are tucked in for the night and hopefully resting well. I’m thinking rain may not be an issue in Texas tomorrow. Stay safe!

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    Thank God you are okay! I have been wondering about you all day!!! I know saying this won’t make you feel any better, but I can’t imagine what you are going through… between the inspections, finding a house, and MOST importantly moving on without your son, I don’t know how you do it. Keep looking on the positive side and I bet you will be laughing about all this soon. Safe travels!!!

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    I’m in south jersey, and my middle daughter Manda left in 1999 to go first to school in Fla, then to work in Houston. It took almost ten years before I was able to not cry when she left after a visit home. It’s so hard!
    As my mom says, you have to give a child roots and wings. Then she adds, the roots are easy, the wings will kill you.
    Have a safe trip.

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    peggy says

    I’m not surprised that many of us have been checking in to see if you’ve been able to blog. Glad to hear the latest episode of “Judy Moves to Brownwood.” Sorry it’s been so stressful. Will be waiting for the next chapter.

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    Cindy from California says

    I, too, checked in several times a day. Although, everytime I told myself — she is much too busy to send us an update!!

    It sounds like the departure from Chad and Nicole went well!

    I am SSOOOO happy to hear that you were in the middle of the crashes — but NOT IN a crash!!

    I hope that you get a good night sleep and that everything is better on Saturday!

    Drive careful!!

    Best regards!

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    Hope you have a better traveling day tomorrow. At 10 tonight, the weather man said there are still storms in Oklahoma moving south and if they hold together our area “might” get some rain. I thought about y’all and having to drive tomorrow. If there are storms in north Texas maybe you will drive out of them. If you take I-35, I’ll say extra prayers! Maybe you will travel cross country and miss most of I-35. Take care!

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    grace thorne says

    how awful judy, simply awful! it will have to be better tomorrow for sure…and the empty nest too, even worse. that takes a while to get over i’m afraid to say.

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    Laura says

    I checked several times today, too! Sorry about the wrecks and the delay, but thank goodness you weren’t hurt!

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    JoAnne says

    I thank God that you were not involved in the wrecks. It sounds just like driving on southern California freeways.

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    8 years ago, I drove from New York to Tucson. I ran into an ice storm in Ohio, then a snowstorm in Indiana. The worst was the blizzard I ran into in Joplin to Tulsa. I just missed (by minutes) getting into a 100 car pile up on the Turnpike because I stopped to use the bathroom.

    Hope the rest of your trip is better.

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    Oh Judy – I am so glad that you and Vince are both safe! WOW…..what a day!

    Goodbyes are tough, aren’t they?!!!!

    Thanks for checking in – a lot of us have been checking to see if there was news. You have such “interesting” experiences!


    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    Penny Holliday says

    I too have been checking today & holding my breath (rightfully so from what happened on the freeway) & so glad to hear that you are safe & sound but what a day! Stay safe!

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    Judy I am so glad you are safe, the rainbow must be a good sign.. somewhere over the rainbow etc.etc..
    Like many others I keep checking in to see how you are doing, keep safe..
    Diana in England

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    You had been unplugged for 3 hours when I started to miss you. Have a safe trip the rest of the way to Brownwood. I am so glad you were not in the accidents, but I also wish no one else was in the accidents. Nice rainbow. It is unusual to see both ends. A perfect sign for the beginning of a new adventure. I know leaving Chad and Nicole was hard, but you know they are settled and have each other.

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    pdudgeon says

    glad to hear from you and to know that everyone is safe.
    That rainbow is beautiful end to all your troubles in MO.
    Best wishes for a good beginning in TX.

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    I thought about you on Friday as I knew you were leaving and that leaving Chad was going to be very hard. And I really do know what it is like to be stuck on an interstate. However, I am so glad you and Spec were not in the wrecks. I hope your travels Saturday are easier and that you get a little rest in the hotel before the big job of moving in.

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    Dawn says

    glad you are safe. keep the chin up that this too shall become blog fodder of funny adventures later in time. The rainbow was a sign………better days ahead.
    Dawn in MA

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    Sandy K says

    Shoot I had tears in my reading saying goodbye to your son and his girlfriend. Every time my son leaves here to go back to their home in NC I cry. Every time I leave NC to come home I cry.
    I hope today is much better for you.

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    Cindy in NC says

    Your highway horror story seems to fit right in with the theme of this move — one wreck after another with you stuck in the middle. Did you have your knitting to keep you busy while you waited? I know how gut wrenching it must have been to leave Chad. I’ve sent all four of mine off to college and the oldest two moved far away for jobs. I’d tell you it gets easier, but I also know that right now that will be little comfort. At least Chad seems happy and has a great living situation.

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      I had Speck and with all the police walking around and asking us to move here and there, Speck was pretty fired up so I mostly just walked around outside with him.

      Chad is so happy and that surely helps. Nicole has a large extended family there and they’ll all take him under their wings.

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    Terri says

    Your stat count should be thru the roof from all the times I’ve checked on here to see if you’ve had a chance to post lol. I’ve been worried about you but like everyone said each day will be easier and with the lake right there and bird season just around the corner they will visit before you know it.

    I’m so glad you both made it safely thru all that! How awful! But on the bright side….. It’s raining! Lots of Texas is getting rain this weekend. What a blessing. And I’ve always heard rain on your wedding day is good luck and I’m sure it’s the same for moving day also 🙂

    • 33.1


      I just saw on the news that at lot of TX is getting rain. Though I don’t want to drive in the rain, I’ll be happy to do it if it means TX is getting rain.

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    Karen says

    Judy, I’m so glad you and your hubby weren’t involved in the accidents along the way! It was nice that you met the lady in front of you and had someone to talk with!

    Be safe.

    Hugs, Karen

  26. 36


    what an adventure! So glad you weren’t in the accident – luck is on your side now that you have a place to live – someone wants you to get there safely 🙂

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    Sandy says

    I kept checking on you yesterday and was wondering how you were getting along. I miss you already, Judy!! I am so glad you weren’t involved in that pileup. God was looking out for you!

    It is always hard leaving the kids, especially for the first time. I can feel what you are going thru. This move has been such an adventure for you and you aren’t even there yet, lol. Safe travels in the rest of your journey!

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    I was just checking the weather radar (8:15am) and the area of I35 and I20 from OK-TX border. If you are in Tulsa, it’s about 90 minutes to OKC area and then once through OKC, it’s about 3-3.5 hours to the Dallas-Ft Worth I-35 split, traffic permitting.

    I hope the storm has passed by then and rain chances are back down to the 30-40% chance.

    Safe driving.

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    And, that’s the one problem with the turnpikes – limited access so ir was nice that the SHP let you use the police crossovers to retrace your steps. But that’s a pain if you don’t have a good map or GPS system to get you where you need to be. I always carry maps – I would rather trust my own eyes than a box.

  30. 40


    Not only was God watching out for you with your being safe even though there were wrecks all around, he also provided a picnic. How cool is that?

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    Debbie says

    I was so surprised to see a post! I’m happy to see it, too. How awful for you with the traffic issues. Nice that there was a picnic to be had! And….the rainbow….that surely has to be some good luck sign.

    Hard to leave the children behind even though they are grown and out of the house. I had a little pang when I saw the picture of Chad and Nicole waving. You’ll see him soon, I hope.

    Hope you had a good rest and that you’re on the last leg to your new adventure today! Stay safe. I’ll be watching for the next installment of “Judy’s Big Move”. 🙂

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    Marla says

    That rainbow is a sign of good things ahead for you and new beginnings!! Thank goodness you were ok yesterday. When ever something like that happens, I feel God’s guidance over me. If you had left even one minute earlier or later, you could have been in that crash.

  33. 43

    Doe in Mi says

    Thank God you weren’t in any of the crashes. Prayers for a safe trip all the way to your rental.

  34. 44


    OMG Thank God you and Vince weren’t in one of those wrecks! Yes, some of Texas is getting rain! And they are forecasting more next Thursday.

  35. 45

    Debbie W says

    This chapter has certainly been one full of twists and turns. I hope the next chapter is a little more predictable for you. I hope you feel at home in your new place quickly.

    Saying goodbye to children is so difficult! Skype is wonderful as it allows you to both see them and talk to them. One of our children is overseas and we even skyped her in for an afternoon on Mother’s Day! It was so fun because it was impossible for her to be there any other way.

  36. 46

    lw says

    My daughter and her boyfriend and their new baby are living with us until October. Despite the mess and crowdedness and constant laundry and dishes, I know I’ll miss them when they move out, just as you’re missing Chad and Nicole.

    Thank God for Skype!

  37. 47

    Mel Meister says

    Times like these, I think about the lyrics to Stevie Nicks’ “Landslide”. Can I handle the seasons of my life?

    Oh, mirror in the sky
    What is love
    Can the child within my heart rise above
    Can I sail through the changing ocean tides
    Can I handle the seasons of my life~~~

    Well, I’ve been afraid of changing
    ‘Cause I’ve built my life around you
    But time makes you bolder
    Even children get older
    And I’m getting older too

    Really good song about life…

  38. 48

    Margie says

    I see a lot of us thought, “Judy will find a way to post” 🙂
    I hope there aren’t too many bumps or accidents in the road over the next six months.

  39. 49

    Ellie says

    So glad to see your post. But even happier you were safe amid all the accidents around you. Keep us up to date when you can. It does get easier to say good-by to the kids but then the grandkid come and if they live far away you go through it all over again:-(

  40. 50

    Lynne says

    Glad to hear you were safe, can’t believe what a hole it leaves in my day when there arena tales from Judy.
    Glad Chad has support, he is really going to miss having you both so close

  41. 51


    I’m so glad to hear your trip is in progress even though it had a delay. It’s good to know you weren’t involved in any of the accidents. Thanks for checking in with us!

  42. 52


    Here’s to Texas being the Pot of Gold at the end of that gorgeous rainbow! You both certainly have earned it!! I pray all three of you (Judy, Vince &Speck) have a safe arrival!
    PS- gutwrenching- the feeling when u mentioned saying bye to Chad & Nicole! Only we moms know how you feel Judy! Hugs!

  43. 53

    quilterbee says

    I’m a day late reading this but I am glad you and Vince were not in any of those accidents. Seeing accidents always make me twice as nervous to drive. Did you have to cross that bridge and if so how did you do?

    I am sure you will hear a lot from Chad and I know how difficult it was for you to leave him behind. You will see a big change in him once he is on his own. It’s nice to be missed and appreciated.

    Your new journey begins. I am sending prayers your way that you and Vince, are happy in Texas and that you meet a lot of new quilting friends.

    • 53.1


      I haven’t seen the bridge yet. Hopefully we’ll get to go to the rental tomorrow and I’ll see the bridge then.

  44. 54

    JoAn GODFREY says

    it could happen only to you, with all you have been through already………..lol
    i hope the picnic was good. the only thing to make it better is if she had been a quilter…
    it HAS to get better.

  45. 56

    Judy Furman says

    Whew ! what a first day of traveling. Hope tomorrow is a less stressful day on the road. Good luck and take care.

  46. 57

    Paul Adams says

    Wow, imagine my surprise to see my maroon and white FJ Cruiser setting behind the semi in the left lane. Me and my family were in route to springtown cemetary near broken arrow ok for my mothers funeral. My name is pastor Paul Adams from Commerce,Ok, I was to do the graveside service and eulogy per my moms request, funeral was at 06:00 p.m., as you can guess i did not make it as they went ahead with an abreviated service done by my baby sis as severe weather was approaching, still a bizzare site seeing us in your blog photo as i was looking for wreck info on the web. Best of luck to you guys in your new location and God Bless.

  47. 58


    First, glad you’re safe and didn’t get collected in the pile-up.

    I know it’s difficult to say goodbye, but I’m sure Chad & Nicole will come visit. They’ll have to check out the rental house….and then the house! Then you have the phone, and internet.