Speck is so Stressed!

The first time we ever took Speck on a trip with us, we all needed tranquilizers by the time we got home.  He’s gotten mellow in his old age but with his nervous tummy problems, I feared the move might be too much for him.  He was in his crate, in the bathroom where he couldn’t see the movers Monday – Friday and that was pretty rough on him.  He knew something was going on but . . who knows how much dogs think/understand.

Vince was worried that I would have trouble driving with Speck sitting in the front seat but we knew he’d be a lot more nervous in his crate in the back seat.  It probably isn’t as safe for him to be loose in the front seat but please . . I don’t need a lecture about that.

It was too hot to leave him in the car while we ate so I was able to eat a burger while driving . . without too much trouble out of him.

I put his big pillow in the passenger seat, propped my laptop up on a small cooler, which in my mind, would keep the air bag from hitting him if deployed.  I know on the newer cars if there’s not a certain amount of weight in the passenger seat, the air bag doesn’t deploy but I don’t know if that feature is on my almost 11 year old Honda.

Along with his pillow, I had his water bowl in a cup holder where he could get to it and he had his favorite blanket and quilt.  You can tell from the pictures that he was extremely stressed!  🙂

Every now and then he changed positions.

Every now and then he cracked his tired eyelids to make sure I was still close by.

A couple of times a noisy vehicle went by and he hopped up to see what was going on.

He and I share the ability to go right back to sleep after being awakened.

Really . . Speck did just fine on the trip and he’ll adjust just fine to being a Texas dachshund!



  1. 1

    Cindy in NC says

    Speck looks like he did just fine on the trip. My two little guys, Wyatt and Voo (short for Voodoo) hate being in the car — maybe because the only time they are they end up at the vet’s.

  2. 2


    I’m so glad Speck had a good trip. I took my little dogs in the car all the time, in the front seat.
    I wish I had the ability to go right back to sleep after being woke up! 🙂

  3. 4

    suzanne says

    Oh, yes…he will adjust to being a Texas Dachshund….I have three and well, the know how to do that all too well!!! He is soooooooo cute!!!

  4. 5

    Connie says

    I’ve wondered how he was handling everything. I think as long as you are close by he does fine!

  5. 6

    Michelle F. says

    He looks so cute! I have been letting my toy poodle ride like that lately on the way to the vet. Generally she snoozes and arrives at the vet pretty relaxed. I think you gotta do what works for you. He has probably been feeling your stress during the move too. My dog gets wound up when I am stressed. Hope that you are both feeling more relaxed soon!

  6. 7

    pdudgeon says

    yep, i can just hear him now..
    “Are we there yet, Mom?”
    “I heard a noise, are you ok?”
    “Sheesh! this is taking forever.”
    “I’m going back to sleep!”

  7. 8

    Linda in NE says

    As long as you are close by all is right with Speck’s world….even when he’s headed down the highway to Texas. I’m glad the trip didn’t upset him.

  8. 9

    Gwen TX says

    So glad the trip went well for him. I hope his tummy stays settled and you can get him into the new house with no problems. My three have gone to our farm all their lives and the grasshoppers still make them jump at first. They finally begin to try to catch them! No luck though. Ours do ride on the back seat now. They were riding in the front with DH and me when we had an accident. No one was hurt, but it really shook me up. They stay on the back seat with their pillows and blankets and do fine.

  9. 11


    He looks like a wonderful little traveler – did he get a hamberger also? LoL Sure glad you are finally in Texas and hope everything else falls in place soon. Judy C in NC

  10. 14


    How could he be stressed? He looks pretty comfortable to me. Dogs usually love car rides. I know mine does. A long drive like that though, that is another story. I’m glad he traveled well for you. I’m also glad you have landed in Texas. Now to just get in the house and have your stuff get there too……..

  11. 15

    Joanna says

    I’m just chuckling…you were only away from blogging for 36 hours our so, right?? You are amazing…

    Glad you’ve all three arrived safely. Speck appears to be appropriately spoiled!


  12. 16


    Oliver always rides in the front seat…. When I read that you propped up the laptop I thought maybe Speck was going to keep your facebook page updated!!

  13. 17

    Alma says

    I won’t lecture you about dog up front. How could I? My daughter just made a 2 day trip with 2 Chihuahuas with her up front. So glad everyone arrived safe and sound. I know Speck was more relaxed than her 2 wild ones!

  14. 18


    Chloe the Smelly Basset and Dutch the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog love to ride in the car, going anywhere including the vet. DiNozzo the Over Effusive Basset does not seem to like riding. I think he gets a tad car sick. Although he has never tossed his biscuits, he sure does look the part!

  15. 19

    LadyBaltimore says

    So glad Speck did well on the trip to Texas.
    We worried to death about how our pups would do on our cross-country move and they handled it great much to our surprise. You sure did fix Speck a comfy place for the drive.
    So glad you all are there safely.

  16. 20


    I was sitting with my doxie, Abby, this morning and was wondering how Spec did. We took our two dogs to MD for Christmas and were in an accident on the way home (ice on road). Our dogs were perfect throught the tow off the road, wait in a diner, ride in the tow truck, and night in the mote. I think they sense when behaving is important and/or when their folks are already stressed. I love our dogs!!

  17. 21

    Terri says

    ack that is so funny! Sadly I can totally relate, we have 4 dogs that are more spoiled than my kids EVER were. Glad he made it ok 🙂

  18. 24


    Ozzie sits up front, but I run the seatbelt through the back of his harness. I didn’t at first, and he was really nervous about being in the car. With the seatbelt holding him, he seems to be much more relaxed about riding. Glad Speck handled the move okay!

  19. 25

    Karencg says

    Cute doggie. My cat gets ever so upset when we prep for a trip. By the time we leave she is over it.

    NOTE to taveling pets & owners. CA has a restraint or crate law. The dog is required to be seat belted with the special dog harness or crated. Not sure what the ticket will cost. Not sure what other states require.

  20. 26

    Barb in KS says

    Glad you made it safe and sound. We will miss you in SE KS.
    I am happy Speck was a good passenger.

  21. 27


    If you plan on doing a lot more travelling with Speck you can get a restraint that connects to the seat belt and to his harness. We travel with our dog quite a bit and found one at PetsMart. It gives us some added comfort — especially with the crazy drivers that we have around NJ.

  22. 29


    Am so glad you are on your way. Wish my guy would ride like that. within 5 miles he starts to pace, then comes the drool and then starts the vomiting. So count your blessings.