Stash Report – Week 33, 2011

My stash is totally in the possession of United Van Lines.  Even though it seems like forever since I’ve been able to use my fabric, I miss being able to see it . . just to know it’s there.  I doubt I’ll unpack it all for a good while but at least I can get back to sewing soon . . I hope.  This move has surely disrupted my stashbusting numbers.  I have a whole lot of making up to do!  🙂

Used this Week: 0 yards
Used year to Date: 208.50 yards
Added this Week: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 10 yards
Net Used for 2011: 198.50 yards


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    Karla says

    Welcome to Texas Judy, I have never counted up my material and really wouldn’t know where to start as I have plastic bins full of fat quarters and misc material. I don’t remember how much is in each piece, plus I inherited material from my mother when she passed away in November. She had parts of quilts finished and squares cut for what I am not sure of. I look at all the boxes stacked up in my room and am just paralyzed about where to start. Any suggestions?

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      Since Judy is probably out and about trying to locate her new home, I’ll try to answer your question…

      For these stashbusting reports, we just count what comes in for the week and what goes out. Many of us don’t even count the amount of yardage we have in stash. I think we would be afraid to know how much we have!

      For organization of the stash, I would recommend looking at blogs for sewing rooms or organization categories. There are also some books which talk about setting up a sewing room and they have great ideas on how to store fabric.

      There are so many ideas out there, it’s good to look at how others organize and then you can adapt to your space.

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    If you gave away lots of fabric before you moved can you not count that as used? Well you “used” it to give it away, or maybe you should start another heading.. it still reduces your stash!

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      No, because it was mostly stuff I’d never use and it hadn’t been added in . . just old stuff that was mostly in boxes from the last move.

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    Judy, I was surprised to see your Stash Busting post this morning. I assume you are at the hotel using their WiFi. So, good to hear from you! How is everything else besides lack of fabric going. I’m glad you are in Brownwood safe and sound. How’s Vince? and Speck. Looking forward to news of your settling in your rental. Hope it’s not too hot there. Take care.

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      Yes, in a hotel though we’ve been out all morning riding around trying to get my bearings. Vince is sick — terrible cold. He’s so darned grumpy . . I understand he feels bad but dang it! Speck is doing good .. he’s right under my feet . . so afraid we’re going to leave him in the room alone . . which we’re fixing to do so we can go eat and go out to the house we rented. Not too hot but it’s been overcast today.

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    Glad you made it! Your numbers are great. I would be worried about buying more since you cannot see what you already have. Good Luck!

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    Hope your stash arrives safely this week and ready to give you a workout! If it were me, I’d probably unpack my sewing room before anything else!

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      It’s here! We still don’t have the keys to the house but our load is here. I’m not unpacking anything except what I have to have now because we’ll move again within six months.

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    That’s nice of you to let us have some time to catch back up to be like your Numbers. I know I strive to use more than I buy this year and am not out of the negative quite yet. Thanks for your example and letting us LinkUp! Hope you’re get to at least look at your machine this week…it will be fun to see what’s on your Hotel Design Wall tomorrow.

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    Darlene S says

    It’s so good to see that you are safe in Texas and you still have your great sense of humor. Speck looked so cute on the front seat pillow for his ride to Tx. In regard to the stash report, it will take me more than 6 months to catch up to your numbers of used fabric. I only used 1 yard this week to make another QOV pillowcase. Just can’t seem to get anything finished these days. Maybe next week! 🙂 Dar