Design Wall Monday – August 15, 2011

This could be the last week that I don’t have a design wall!  I’ve already asked Vince to go by Home Depot and get two sheets of insulation board that I can use for a design wall.  I think he’ll get that done for me some time this week.

So, what’s on your design wall?


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    I smiled when I heard your reminder at Home Depo – my husband and I can’t go into there or Lowe’s without me stop and and ohhh and ahhh over the insulation board (grin). I’m sure more than one person in the store must have thought I’ve lost it! I’m holding out though till I move my sewing hole – might be a while but can’t wait!!! So glad things are getting back to normal!

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    So, did you get the key and do you like the rental place? Any luck on finding something permanent?

    Looking forward to seeing your new design wall…

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      We did get the keys! The mover will be unloaded in less than an hour and we will spend the night here tonight. I LOVE the rental. It seems to have more storage than did our house in MO and a fantastic sewing area. We have a six month lease and we may just decide to add another six months and then see what’s happening. This house is for sale and the owner really wants to sell it so we’re not sure how long he will let us rent it. It’s not something we would buy but I sure could stay here for a few years and then see how the future looks.

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    you must be in your rental then unless you are set up to work in your motel room. Have fun with all that unpacking when the truck arrives.

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    It’s funny that we all are so anxious to see your new place (temp and/or perm) and how you set up your sewing/quilting space. You have kept us up on your “adventure” so well that we feel we are a part of it.

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    Cindy Kuipers says

    Hope your move is going smoothly.
    I wanted to let you know also how much I enjoy Design Wall Mondays. I love looking at what everyone is doing. Thanks for doing that for all of us!

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    Margie says

    Unpackers sounds like a needed profession. We would never know where our stuff was, but would we care.