The Internet Situation

We’re officially moved into the rental though we’re totally buried in boxes.

Yesterday we went to an open house and they were telling us about a brand new internet service for the lake area. It’s a provider out of Abilene so Vince called them this morning and they will get us internet! YAY! But, she said they would try to have it on sometime next week — no guarantee.

The iPad works only if I lean over the deck to one side of the house. AT&T will give us a booster when Vince has time to go get it.

So, we’re safe. We love our new place. I’ve even found my way to town and back by myself! I’ll post and answer email as I can but don’t worry about me if I miss posting a few days. I may not miss any days but I may.


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      I do have to cross the bridge but it’s a short bridge and there’s no water under it now so it doesn’t bother me at all.

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    Did you cross the bridge to get there? Glad to hear you’ll have the internet. Hard to imagine life without it, but I’d sure be more productive.

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    Diann Smith says

    So that means you crossed the bridge? And what did you do with the boxes never opened from your last move 4 1/2 yrs. ago. I wondered what was in them that you had forgotten about ? Now the fun begins…….unpacking

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      I really think all the unpacked boxes from the last move contain Vince’s stuff. Everything got moved except one old tv. The driver said “you are NOT taking that tv, are you?”. Vince said yes, I said no — we gave it to a guy helping pack.

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    Debbie W says

    So glad to hear you are in your house and can begin to get settled and feel like you are home. A design wall sounds like a great start.

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    Terri says

    yay! for internet!! and yay for Abilene, we went there alll the time as a kid because my Granny lived there. Just don’t lean to far over with that iPad, don’t want you falling off!! (said only because that is SO what I would do lol)

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    Diana in TX says

    Happy to hear that things are starting to work out for you. that bridge wasn’t so bad after all I bet!!!

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    shirley bruner says

    hurray… made it….i KNEW you would. good to hear Speck traveled well, too. now a new chapter of fun begins. be sure and share it all with us. don’t forget to rest…and take naps.

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    Deb Myers says

    ooouuhh~~ we are soooo patiently waiting for pictures!! lots and lots and lots of pictures!! would love exterior pics of front and back??! pretty please??!! so glad you’re well on your way of getting settled. have you slept in the new house yet??

  8. 11

    Michelle F. says

    YAY!! That is good news. I know how you feel about the boxes. Just focus on the one you are unpacking not the million more to go.

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    take your time with the boxes 🙂 I always used to rush to unpack and then couldn’t remember where I put half of the stuff! Glad you will be getting your internet situation better than you thought it would be – we are so addicted to our computers aren’t we.

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    Pat C in Washington says

    I’m sorry, that’s just funny about the iPad. I have visions of Vince dangling you by your ankles from the deck trying to get a good signal for the interwebz….

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    Linda B in MI says

    awe at last peace and pieces to come…I might even get my blog up and running and post something on my design wall…as always you inspire me Judy

  12. 17

    Sara in AL says

    Yea Judy! So glad that things are working out. You can just remember what that ol’ bridge looks like now whenever you have to cross it with water. Piece of cake! Have fun re-discovering your belongings! LOL Love the socks!

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    Glad the ups and downs of getting out of town have ended and you have a place to lay your head peacefully (boxes don’t make much noise, right?)

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    Becky R says

    I’m soo glad to hear things are working out just fine! You mentioned using the ipad- how do you like this? I’m considering getting one but am wondering if I would really use it!

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    We have one of those microcell boosters from at&t, and it works great. It runs through the Internet tho, but we now a have cell service at our house, which we never had before, not even one bar. Unless you are thinking of something else… I didn’t even know THAT was out there, until we mentioned it at the store, that we didnt have service at our house, and they actually gave it to us for free. THAT was sweet!
    Glad to see things are working out…they usually do, it is just hard to see in times of stress! House looks nice! Wish I had room for a long arm, at either house!