Strange Sights

Having spent most of my  life in southwest Louisiana, and then 9 years in rural Kentucky, then 4 years in a fairly remote area of Missouri, you’d think nothing would surprise me.  But . . this did!

We stopped at this little convenience store to get a soft drink and as we were walking out, this guy was walking in.  There are four dogs in that cage on top of the vehicle.  I think  my mouth just dropped open and the guy said “What do you think of that?”  I was just shaking my head and Vince said “How would you like to ride in that seat?”  The guy said “My friend slept up there last night.  I told him he’d better not roll off!”  I assume the car was stopped somewhere when his friend was sleeping up there but I didn’t dare ask.

I asked the guy if I could take a picture and he said “Sure!”  I might have seen it all . . but there’s always tomorrow!  🙂


  1. 1

    Dixie says

    Oh that is too funny. Next thing you know that guy will be on America’s funniest home videos or World’s Dumbest Hillbilly. That’s a real show. Comes on in the wee hours of the night.

  2. 6

    Weed says

    You should have gotten Vince to sit up there for the picture! I would have bought that picture!!!

  3. 8

    Penny Holliday says

    Agree, with this pic I think I’ve seen it all now! I am curious, tho – how do the dogs get up there to get into the cage and for that matter if his friend slept up there how did he get up there?? Thanks for the funny!! Still LOL in CA,

  4. 10

    Linda Beasley says

    LOL, welcome to Brownwood, Texas, Judy. I am glad you finally arrived.
    My daughter sold an old wheelbarrow at her yard sale a couple of weeks ago and the guy (driving a SUV) tied it on top of the car. We laughed the rest of the day. Couldn’t figure out why he didn’t put in the back of the car. Maybe it was full of his yard sale purchases. lol

  5. 11

    Linda in NE says

    Did the seat have seatbelts attached?? LOL My first thought on seeing the picture was “Beverly Hillbillies” but Shirley already mentioned that. Great minds and all. LOL I suppose the seat up there in front of the cage kind of shelters the dogs from the wind but you just gotta wonder about some people. I can see already, you’re gonna have a great time in Texas!!

  6. 12


    That cracked me up. There’s nothing like American ingenuity, though I don’t think this idea will sweep the car shows next year.

  7. 14

    Terri says

    Welcome to the Texas Redneck!!! lol and I’m sure you will see lots more redneck decor 🙂

  8. 15

    Trina says

    That must be an East Texas thing. I don’t remember seeing anything like that in El Paso . How did he keep everything from sliding off?


  9. 16

    pdudgeon says

    LOL i’ve only got one question–Where’s the gun rack?
    I’ve seen hunting trucks but never a hunting car.

  10. 18


    Sounds like some kind of hunters. They mount those seats to either be up high away from any varmints that could get to them or high up so they can get a better shot. I’m guessing they use the dogs for hunting wild hogs.

  11. 19

    Anita R says

    I’m with the other person who was wondering how the dogs and guy got up there…too funny!! It needs to be included with all those pictures they send around showing “inventive” contraptions 🙂

  12. 20

    Gwen says

    I’m guessing here that that fellow and his friend are ‘coon hunters! Don’t even ask why I might think that. Just let me say I’ve lived in Texas all my life!

  13. 21

    quilterbee says


    I gotta say I love your blog. I just never know what picture you are going to post next. Texas should be interesting and just think you’ve only been their a couple of days. If Vince says he needs a new car or van you had better go with him to pick it out.

  14. 24

    Perry says

    this kind of reminds me a little of the area around the Louisiana swamps, lol, as far as the characters one finds in places. Got to be a hunter of probably anything that moves, lol.

  15. 25

    bev/mo says

    That is disgusting….those poor animals….wonder how he’d like traveling down the road in that cage…

  16. 26

    Cathi Harry says

    Welcome to Texas! I personally don’t have a seat on the roof of my vehicle, nor do I carry a dog cage. I moved to Texas 10 years ago from Nevada & talk about a cultural shock! Nothing surprises me now.

  17. 27

    Karla says

    you never know just what you’ll see here in Texas. After 64 days of 100+ temps im looking forward to mildeer temps in Springfield MO for a week. I say goodbye to texas and Helllo Missouri tonight.

  18. 28


    that photo reminds me of a time when I put a sofa out for a yard sale. A young family came along and it was pretty obvious they wanted the sofa but didn’t have the asking price. So I told them to just take it. They insisted on paying $10. I so appreciated their effort to pay. Anyway, they loaded it on the top of their car and drove off.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Didn’t even tie it down. I think I just stood there open mouthed and shaking my head. LOL

  19. 29

    carol c says

    well, dang. ole country boys taking their hunting dogs with them somewhere. Hope in that heat it was a short trip. Here
    nothing ever really surprises me. Anything seems to go i guess
    but I would never do that to any animal in this heat. yeppers
    KY would have that too. I am from there, but been in TX since 1967-guess i am going to stay. However KY calls to me a lot.

  20. 32

    Fitzy says

    My first thought? “Think of all the bugs that will be imploding on the fabric as he’s driving!” After all, TX being the “State of all things Big” grows the biggest, juiciest, NASTIEST bugs I’ve ever seen, lol.

  21. 33

    knitminnie says

    I loved the pic. We are rather resourceful down here in Texas. I just wish it would rain. We really need a gullywasher. I hope you enjoy your new home wherever it is in our grand state.