The Sewing Room

I keep trying to keep the sewing room from getting extra things dumped in there.  I move something out.  Vince sees a fairly empty room and he puts boxes in there.


Here’s the beginning of my design wall.  I was going to start trimming the insulation board to fit but decided to wait for Vince to do it.  We bought two sheets and he will figure out how best to make them fit this wall.  I will cover them in a fluffy batting and then flannel and I will have a design wall . . for the first time since May 1, when I took mine down for the house to be on the market. 


This photo is looking across at the opposite wall.  That’s where my cutting area will be set up.  I’ll have one or two sewing machines down here and the ironing table.  There’s a spot upstairs where I’m going to set up a second sewing area because there are too many times I want to see while cooking or watching dinner cook; or I just want to be upstairs with Vince.  The doors open onto a large concrete patio and the view is of the lake.  Not a bad sewing room at all!


This is the closet off the full downstairs bath and I’m going to store batting and fabric in there.  The plan is to leave the boxes of fabric packed for now and work on UFOs but we’ll see . . and it all depends on how long we end up staying in this house.


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    What a lovely sewing room space. Love the french doors! Are you still actively looking for a home? or have you decided to settle into this house. I assume the owner is content to lease this house long term? and not sell it as long as you pay rent. Or is 6 months the limit. Six months goes by very quickly it seems.

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      We only have a 6 month lease. I could stay here if we had a longer lease but since it takes 6 – 8 weeks so close on a house and we may need to add a sewing room since there are few basements here, we’re still actively looking for a house.

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    Linda in NE says

    The more I see of that house the better I like it. Are some of the walls in your future sewing room painted kind of a terracotta/adobe-ish color?? Looks like the same color as my kitchen. LOVE that color!

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    I like your game plan for working on UFOs. What a nice space to sew in. You’ll be spending lots of time there once it’s all set up.

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    love your big room – one day I hope I can have a big sewing room too – until then I will make due with my little space!

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    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    Someday, you and Vince will be retired and living in your permanent home! For now, it looks like you have an amazing sewing area. Love the doors!

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    The best of news after a long time of not-so-good happenings. The sewing room looks wonderful–and big. And a second place to set up a machine, what could be better. You don’t need pictures on the wall, you have all of Texas to look at, lake or no lake.

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    I see a plan beginning to unfold! We quilters aren’t happy until we have a place to sew!!! Even if the rest of the house is torn apart…if we can just sew for a little while!!

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    SarahB says

    I love the french doors! I can already picture those doors thrown wide open in the fall to allow fresh air and a breeze in while binding a quilt in a lounge chair… or knitting socks… or even working out a new design on EQ while gazing over the lake (once it rains a little and the temperatures cool off!) SIGH…. for once I wish summer was over here so it would cool off a little! School starts for the kids in a couple weeks and so I have fall on the brain. Bring it on, I say! However, we are still praying for the “real” house to come soon since I know how much it starts bugging me, living in limbo, not really settled and knowing there is yet another move coming up….

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    I know this is a bit premature, but, when do you have to give the landlord a renewal date?

    I vaguely remember that there was a time frame that you have to buy something for certain relocation benefits. Or, was I dreaming that potential problem? If so, would you consider buying this place while still looking for that just right piece of land. I’m sure you’ll crunch all of the numbers, or someone will be doing the number crunching!

    I sure would hate for you not to find that right place but then have the landlord sell the place from under you… do you have a right of first refusal?? Heck, do you have to keep it neat in order for him to show the place? That would be a real pain in the rear if you had to do that!!!!

    Take care – have you found your crock pot?

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      Have not found the crockpot. We looked at and re-arranged all the boxes today so it must have ended up in the rental storage building.

      We do have to close by April 1 I think but if we don’t, we just lose some perks. This house is off the market for 6 months and we might can renew the lease for 6 months or a year – a lot depends on the lake level. It’s almost impossible to sell lake property now with the lake dry but if it fills up, the owner will probably want to get this house back on the market.

      No, we will not consider buying this house but love it for a rental.

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    Linda Kay says

    I have never had a design wall so am not sure why it needs the batting. Couldn’t you just cover the insulation board with flannel? Do you cover it in white flannel? Could you just cover two sheets of insulation board separately and stand them up beside each other when needed and then it would be easier to take them down for storage… or do they stay up alll the time?I am so glad that things are started to get better for you and your hubby.

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    6 months will fly by, I suspect. It will be nice for you if the lake fills up so you have a more interesting view, but if that happens, as you say, the owner will probably want the house back on the market sooner and that will be more pressure for you to find a house to buy (or to build) sooner. I’m sure it will all work out, though. Heck…you’ve been under a lot more pressure and came through it just fine!