The Sewing Room – Almost There!

Slowly, it’s coming together.  It wasn’t easy but I have found everything needed to complete the sewing room – rotary cutter, mats, some rulers, the inserts for my sewing machines to fit into the cabinet.  Every box from my sewing room that the movers packed says “Sewing Supplies”.  I’m not complaining – they got it all here with little to not damage and I’m sure things like rotary cutters, rulers, etc. just looked like “sewing supplies” to them.  From one move to the next, I forget about the little things I should do differently but at least I have found most things I have to have in order to start sewing.


The design wall was going to be on this wall but the light switch was in the way.  Vince was going to cut it out from the foam board but that was going to mess up the design wall so we changed it to the opposite wall.  This wall now has the cutting table.


This wall now has the design wall.  It’s covered in batting but I went to Wal-Mart to get flannel and they didn’t have enough white or ecru.  Late last night, I finished unpacking some boxes and there sat a king size flannel sheet, still in the package.  Of course, I don’t remember ordering it and it’s probably been around for years but it’s perfect.  Today I will get it onto the design wall, set up up the sewing machines, clean the windows and I’ll be all set to sew.

In a comment I was asked  why I add the batting to the design wall.  It could be made with only the foam insulation and the flannel but the batting makes it a little more cushiony and when I put the blocks on there, I can mash them onto the flannel since there’s the cushion, and it seems to stick better.

Every day we make a little progress!


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      Judy Laquidara says

      I have no idea. We uses 2 shets of the foam insulation but had to trim them to fit the wall. I’ll measure it next time I go down.

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      Joyce Mitchell says

      How did you attach the foam to the wall? And did you attach the batting and the sheet first or ???

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    This is very exciting! You will be sewing away any minute now.
    I am not jealous of your move but I am jealous of your new sewing room. This makes me want to build a “real” design wall now. I think I see a major project in my future….thanks for that, I think. 😉

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    I love the color of those walls! I don’t have design wall space down here…weel I could if I took down quilts, and moved the electric piano out, but there is no where else to put it. I’m still a design floor kind of girl. Happy to see you unpacking and happy too!

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    Ronda says

    I love the colors on your walls! When I moved my sewing room from the basement to the main floor spare room, I added a new design wall. I went in search of white flannel to cover it with, but ran across white fleece, which was softer and more cushiony, so I bought that instead and I just love it. When I used flannel, I had to use pins in the upper corners to hold the rows on the wall when the quilt started to get bigger, but with the fleece, the whole quilt just sticks there with no pins! It works great!

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    Kim Webb says

    Wow, I can’t wait to see what you put up on the design wall.
    I have no walls in my house that would work for a design wall.
    I have to lay everything out on the bed and then move everything at the end of the day.

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      Look for those plastic picnic table cloths with the flannel backing. They might be going on sale now that summer is fading away. They are great as a temporary design cloth. If you leave a space at the top/bottom, it is easy to fold over a bit and then roll up the blocks in the tablecloth. Next time, just unroll and your blocks should be all set to go!

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    Diana in TX says

    Movers marking boxes reminded me of a funny story. We had friends who were moving back to England from Taiwan. All the gals were at her apartment one of the days the packers were there. This company was very familar with us westerners and spoke pretty good English. The old guy was packing up all the nick nacks and asked what he should put on the box. Marge said “shelf sh..” He gave her a funny look and she said that is what my husband calls it-that is what he wrote on the box.

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    Linda in NE says

    Even if you don’t have time to sew you’re READY to sew. That alone would be a good feeling for me. I’m also a design floor type of girl….no room for a design wall anywhere in this little house.

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    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    Wow, Judy! You’re fast! Have fun sewing. I have two design walls and both are the insulation board covered with thick, cheap, polyester batting, (the kind that beards in quilts.) I don’t have flannel over it. That kind of batting acts almost like velcro. Nothing falls off when I put it up on the design wall. It looks like you will be able to forget about the low lake level and the outside heat as you sew away in your great new sewing room.

  8. 11

    Pat C in Washington says

    I wish I had room for a design wall – I have a Design Bed in the spare bedroom instead. And a Design Floor in the basement. But both places are accessible to my cat Tigger, who takes it as an invitation to pounce on anything placed there.

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    Yay for almost there! I’m sure we’ll hear your satisfied sigh of happiness once the machine is threaded and humming 🙂

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    lw says

    Sheets, when you get them on sale, can be a really inexpensive source of fabric. So lucky to find that king flat sheet right when you need it!

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    And I was wondering why you put the flannel on top of the batting. I only use batting with 1″ styrofoam adhered to the wall and it works great. I enjoy hearing what other people’s tricks are–LOL! SO glad you’re sewing room’s almost ready for you–I’ve missed seeing your projects.

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    Cindy in NC says

    My husband made me a design wall last month as a birthday gift, and I love it. No more crawling around on the floor or having dogs rearrange my hard work. Glad your sewing room is coming together. Has the crock pot turned up yet?