The Disappearing Lake

Every day the lake dries up a little more.

It’s really sad to see.  Businesses that counted on activity around the lake – cabin rentals, marinas, little restaurants – have all closed up.  There’s hope!  Our 15 day forecast says that on September 5, there’s a chance of rain.  Please be right!


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    Karen B says

    My nephew lives in Austin and just posted on Facebook yesterday that they have had 69 days of 100+ degrees!

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      It’s surely been over 100 every day I’ve been here. Everyone says this is an unusually hot and dry summer and I surely hope it’s the last one like this for a very long time.

      • Diana in TX says

        We broke that record today in Austin-70 and counting. they say we will probably end up with 80+days of triple digits. We did have lightening tonight-what a tease!

        Judy, hope our 41st wedding anniversary does bring you rain!

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    pdudgeon says

    the good side of this is that it gives you a chance to get used to driving over that bridge. practice makes perfect!
    by the time the lake fills back up you won’t think twice about crossing it.

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    Michelle R says

    I live in the Dallas area and we are really trying to break the 1980 record for number of days over 100! Not a record we really wanted to break, though! I hope that the rain in your forecast is in our forecast as well!

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    It’s been a terrible summer. A long year of hardly any rain! And, San Antonio had it pretty rough along with most of TX. I’m praying that this is the last awful summer we have for a long time!

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    Cindy C says

    Yahooooo!!!! Rain for two days now. I am in East Texas. It only last for about 5-10 minutes. But both days have been a down pour, and very limited in the area it covers. You never know Judy, it could rain unexpectedly. You are in an area that from what I recall it rains there a lot. So if it ever starts, the lake may fill out quite fast. It is weird, 5 minutes before the issuance of a severe weather warning, they issued a heat advisory of record highs. Now we are in the 80’s. Have hope!

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      Diana in TX says

      That is so true. Several years ago lake Travis was way down-then it rained and rained hard-they had to open all the flood gates. that was quite a sight.

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    It was horribly hot and dry last summer after we moved here. I told my husband I didn’t think I could handle another summer like that. Fortunately, this year has been much cooler and more rain. Hope that you have a similar experience!

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    Oh my!! I live in Nebraska next to the Missouri river…and we’ve had WAY more water this year than I hope I ever see again! Flooding is awful around here…on top of the river flooding, we had a major storm on Monday and got about 4 inches of rain. I wish there was someway we could transport it to your lake!