Thank You Internet Provider

Almost every day for the past month or so, I’ve been amazed at something that I take for granted and realize how much I miss it when I don’t have it.  As much as I complained about Nevada water, at least it tasted good.  The water we have now tastes and smells bad.  Once we get somewhere permanent, if it doesn’t already have a filter of some kind, we’ll be sure to get one.  We don’t have one now and we’re using bottled water but even the dishwater in the sink stinks!

If you enlarge this photo, which is another sunrise photo I took this week, almost in the center is a tower.  That’s the tower that gives me internet.  It’s so much better than satellite and we were so lucky to find out about it.  We had researched and researched and only found out about this internet because the folks at the house we’re trying to buy (hopefully I’ll have good news tonight or tomorrow) have it and when we saw that they had several computers, we asked about internet and . . that’s how we found out about it.

It’s so nice to have internet service at home again without  having to hang over the deck to use the iPad or . . whatever other method I’ve been using the past few days!  🙂


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    Quiltinggranna says

    I think you will find the “lovely lake aroma” will go away when the weather cools down. In Texas, we have this issue about mid August for a few weeks and then it goes away. Something about the oxygen level of water in the lakes where our water comes from–and I’m at least 200 miles from you. It’s perfectly fine, just has an aroma that is strange. I drink distilled water myself (because of no sodium) but everyone else drinks the water and we use it for everything right out of the tap.

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    Terri says

    My grandparents always talked about the “lake turning over” around this time of year. Seems like it would quit smelling around mid-September at the latest. I sure don’t miss that smell lol!

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      Judy Laquidara says

      Now that you mention it, I’ve heard of the lake turning over too but guess I never knew what it meant. Thanks!

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    one of my daughters lived in Wichita Falls TX for 3 1/2 years – she stuck to bottled water the whole time but at least at the AFB base they could bring empty plastic gallon jugs ect and fill them up there at a filtered water spot and pay a quarter for a gallon. We all hated to drink the water there – it was beyond horrible. It had to be bad for the base to have a place at the commissary where you could fill bottles up – she said she never heard of anyone stationed there that liked the water.

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    Brenda in South Texas says

    What is the name of the internet tower you will be getting your internet service from? So glad this much has worked out for you! Maybe this is the beginning of a roll, lets hope so!!

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    Cheri says

    What service are you getting from a tower? If it is not satellite, what is it?? You say it is so much better that satellite so I am very curious to know if there is something totally new that I don’t know about……

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    Linda in NE says

    I’m glad you got your Internet put in. We got wireless Internet here in Orchard back in June, from TeleBeep. Before that our only option was Frontier DSL(pricey) or satellite (even more pricey, and limited). Guess we could have tried one of those Verizon gizmos, but it’s limited too. Speed tests show the wireless is faster than the DSL from Frontier was. I can’t complain.

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    I guess I should consider myself lucky… I have a BIL who installed my A/C and heat pump and makes house calls when something stops working; a neighbor who helps replace water heaters and does other odd jobs as needed; and the same neighbor is my computer guy and lets me use their internet for free. Oh, and my water tastes like water, too. I suppose I should say a few words of thanks at home so nothing poops out on me soon.

    Good luck, Judy!!!