Like Old Times

Yesterday I got the Bosch mixer and the wheat grinder all set up.  I only use the Bosch for making wheat bread so I set both those items up downstairs.  I have my old Kitchen Aid set up upstairs but haven’t  used it yet.  I had planned to send treats to work with Vince Friday but since we ended up with no a/c on Thursday, that kinda screwed up that plan.

Anyway . . wheat was ground and I made whole wheat bread.  It’s been way too long since we had homemade bread.  With Chad not here and Vince not coming home for lunch, we’re using way less bread than we did in MO.  I made three small loaves and froze two in the bread pan before letting it rise and will see how that works.

Earlier in the week I sprouted some mung beans so we have bean sprouts for our salads.  I think these about got away from me and were fixing to produce beans!  That’s what a HOT kitchen will do for you . . just don’t try keeping bananas fresh in a kitchen this hot.  🙁

I love the lighting in this kitchen.  There’s a regular overhead light that works off one switch.  Then there are four smaller canister ceiling lights that work off another switch.  There’s a light over the sink that works off another switch and there are under cabinet lights that work off another switch.  And there’s a huge window that lets in lots of light and heat!  This is my first experience with black appliances.  While I wouldn’t turn down a house I love because of black appliances, I surely wouldn’t put them in if I were choosing.

Almost every day Vince or I say “too bad this house won’t work for us” but it won’t.  There are several “must haves” that it doesn’t have and several “cannot haves” that it has — like close neighbors for one.  Ughh . . why do people have dogs that bark non-stop?



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    Barking dogs is the single reason that I hope to never live in a close neighborhood again. I’ve been plagued by them before moving here.

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    Judy Laquidara says

    I don’t understand why people do that. I always told Chad that it’s ok for neighbors to see him but they shouldn’t have to hear him beyond what’s reasonable. No loud music, no loud vehicles . . no one wants to hear anyone else’s kids or dogs — especially when it’s non-stop.

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    Karen says

    Sounds like your getting settled in. When you get a chance, would love your bread recipe. I’m canning grape jelly today and will make a loaf of bread to send over to our neighbor, along with a jar of jelly, to thank him for giving us a truck load of dirt.

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    Robin says

    I agree about the barking dogs and neighbors! When we bought (settled) on this house last year (after looking at close to 100), we did realize that yes there were neighbors as we live right next door to a house and we have a very small back yard that backs up to the side of ou neighbors house ( plus side is there is a long front yard). But we didn’t know that the side neighbors have a dog that stays outside alot and barks constantly just about every evening making it hard to stay upstairs in our living room. Good thing there is the family room downstairs to hang in. 🙂

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    Ellie says

    When you hear the dog bark just think about moving and getting away from it. My neighbor of 30 years has2 small dogs she leaves out often and do they bark. And she has no plans to move!

    Let us know how freezing the bread dough works out . I have been wanting to try that. I love homemade wheat bread.

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    Sue in Scottsdale, AZ says

    I agree about the black appliances. I have a black gas stove. It looks great and cooks great, but the black never looks clean. I can see dust all the time. No matter how hard I try to keep it clean looking, it always looks dirty.

    In defense of the dogs … I have 4 little dogs and, yes, sometimes they do bark but usually it is because they are defending their space. Someone in the neighborhood has a cat that roams freely – we have leash laws for dogs but not for cats – and this really bothers me. We also have rabbits and other animals that get in the yard. When one of the dogs sees these animals, they all go crazy. They will also bark when they see someone working on the roof of a neighbors home. I am home most of the time as I work out of the house and I do try to get the dogs inside when they start up, but sometimes it is impossible. Sometimes I think I am making more noise yelling at the dogs to be quiet and get in the house than they do barking!

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      Judy Laquidara says

      As a dog lover, I know what you’re talking about. Sometimes I go out with Speck and he’s always on a leash but he’ll see someone walking or a cat and he starts barking. What I’m grumbling about is a neigbor who ties a big dog on thir front porch and he barks non-stop for 2 hours while they’re gone. Or a neigbor who lets a dog out at 1 am and he barks or 15 minutes before they let him back inside.

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    lw says

    Dogs that bark non-stop have been left outside their den. They really ought to have access to at least part of the house. Even when my dogs are “out” they still have access to the laundry room and their beds.

    We did have a barking problem until I put up a “cat preventer” on my west fence, which was a major cat thoroughfare. We inverted a v shaped metal rain gutter and fastened it to the top, and the cats can’t grip it. Now we only get barking if there’s a squirrel on the wires or if someone is trying to come into our yard.

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    myrna sossner says

    Haha – sprouting mung beans! While sprouting some azuki beans recently, they started sprouting. I took them to the back yard, scratched up a hole, dumped them in and threw dirt over the hole. Within a short while, I had a little forest of green sprouts. With the raim we have had, They are growing nicely. It will remain to be seen if our hot-hot-hot weather will get the best of them but I have hopes of a crop soon!
    Oh, I am in south east Florida.