The Crockpot is Found

Our instructions to the movers were:  Anything in the garage upstairs or in the garage downstairs or in the pole barn . . that stuff all goes to the rental storage building.  Everything else goes to the house!

I had several crockpot meals planned.  The first few days I didn’t see the crockpot but figured it would turn up.  It didn’t.  Yesterday morning Vince got up early before it got too hot and went to the storage building to dig for some things.  I had Speck’s small crate in my car but the big crate was one of the last things to go onto the moving van because Speck had been in it.  Vince told them we needed it at the house but obviously it was one of the first things they saw when they opened the truck and the storage building was the first stop so the crate went into the building.

We about had war with the movers because they left my deep freeze in the storage building . . way at the back of the storage building.  Vince said “you’re going back to get it” and they weren’t but after a bit of discussion and a phone call or two, they drove back to the storage building and got the freezer.

Vince did find the crockpot.

I had written on all four sides of the box “crock pot”.

And, on the top and bottom of the box, I had written “Kitchen” and “crock pot”.  How on earth did they figure that was something that would go into storage along with Vince’s tools, the weed eater, the lawn mowers, the garden tiller, the woodworking equipment??

All’s well that ends well.  I will have the crockpot loaded and sitting on the back deck next week . . trying to cook meals without heating up the house.


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    Peggy says

    I was ready to send you a crock pot. We must now have 4 or 5, but my laptop charger cord died. So today I have been trying to clean out a computer I bought from the fabric store I worked at last year. I bet they have at least 4 anti virus programs in it. What good does the program do if you have not ran a scan since early 2010. The store closed in Nov.

    I have a new cord ordered and scanned the computer. 849 things wrong with it, but some were locked and I can’t correct them until I know if I need them in the computer.

    Good idea to cook out on the patio.

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      Thanks for thinking of me and good luck with the computer. I had 4 or 5 crockpots too and gave a couple to tornado victims in Joplin, gave one to Chad and I’m guessing another one got packed. I was not about to go buy another one so I’m glad mine is found.

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    You know, I really think that moving men are taught to ignore what is written on boxes and to do what they want vs. what you want them to do! The only way to get it done the way you want it is to supervise and be right there when they load and again when they unload. Moving is a pain, and I cannot imagine you have moved and unpacked so much of your ‘stuff’ and will be moving again soon to a permanent home. Bless you, you have far more patience that I would have!

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    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    I learned the hard way about those packers. Oh, the stories I could tell! Anyway, I’m so glad that your crock pot is now in your kitchen! That is such a great idea to use it outside due to the heat!

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    Linda in NE says

    My crockpot and toaster oven plugged in in the garage and the grill are my friends when our Nebraska summers get so hot and humid. Cooking in the house just overwhelms the poor AC. I’m just so glad our weather is more fall-like now…such lovely, cool evenings and mornings. I’d love to send a little bit of cool and rain to you in Texas but it just doesn’t work that way. LOL

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    quilterbee says

    I’d be interested in what you’re cooking in the crock pot. I’m always looking for something good to put into mine.

    Did I miss the post about where you found a house to move into and that it’s a done deal?

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      Judy Laquidara says

      We haven’t found a house. We’re renting. I’ll share the recipes or links once I’ve made the recipe and know it’s worth sharing.

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    Judy, I am so sorry this whole deal has been such a nightmare. The only time I had professional movers they were great at packing, marking boxes, loading and unloading. Everything was well packed…including a box of nothing but coat hangers carefully wrapped in lots of brown paper! I wish your movers had been like mine. Moving is stressful enough without all the added stress you have had. I have made a lot of moves where I had to pack and let me give you a tip that I finally figured out. Since you probably won’t be unpacking much before you move into a house you purchase it won’t be much help to you now but maybe a little. When you pack a box…let’s say of bathroom stuff…put a piece of red duct tape on it….and not on the top, when boxes are stacked you can’t see the top so put it on a side. Kitchen box put a different color, with a color for each room. That way when boxes are unloaded you can at least get them to the right room and not have to go through 100 boxes looking for a crockpot or something. It made my last move much easier. I also kept a box with me that had basic stuff I would need immediately…toilet tissue, toothbrush & paste, soap, towel, toiletries, pj’s, shower curtain and hooks, mattress pad and sheets so the first evening I could at least take a shower and put sheets on a mattress. We are all hoping you find your dream home, or something close, real soon so you can get settled and back to quilting and knitting. Now go do something nice for yourself…moves require kindness to ourselves!

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    We’ve only ever moved ourselves and that was only across town once and then again 7/10ths of a mile to our present house–21 years ago. Boy, we sure had a lot less stuff then! I can’t imagine moving to another state and having everything end up where it is supposed to be. My DH believes cars belong in the garage so both of ours are in there and it is only a 2 car garage. It sure limits what I buy, since I must consider where I am going to put it… 🙂 When my MIL finally passes away (she is 92 and I think she will make 100), we may have to get a storage unit for her furniture, if only temporarily until we decide what to do with it. Not looking forward to paying for that!

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      Judy Laquidara says

      I’m a believer that cars stay in the garage too but, unfortunately for us, we had oversized garages and room for 4 cars and we had 3 cars so we filled the space. Now we have a carport — no storage!