Let Me Introduce You . .

I have a brand new team member I would like for you to meet!

60 Pieced Quilt Borders!  Guess what’s in there!  60 Pieced Quilt Borders . . to mix and match!  Included are my tips for making any border fit any quilt and for adding those neat and accommodating strips that make those wonderful pieced borders fit.

It should be out in early January, 2012 and I will begin taking pre-orders in early November.  I’m so excited about this book because borders work for every quilter.  Whether you like pieced, applique, traditional or non-traditional, almost all quilts benefit from borders.  I haven’t even seen the first draft yet so I’m going to say no more but will keep you posted on the progress.

When I signed the contract for this book, I had no idea that on May 1, the due date for the manuscript and all the quilts, that my life would be so crazy.  Once again, AQS Publishing has been fantastic throughout this process.  Linda Baxter Lasco is my editor and has been for all three books.  Andi Reynolds is the executive editor.  They are both so wonderful to work with and they’ve both been patient and understanding.  AQS never misses a deadline, they always figure out what I’m trying to say, even when I’ve confused myself.  Thank you AQS Publishing and all those who work there along with Linda and Andi.  Coming up with ideas for a book is the easy part; what those folks at AQS Publishing do to make it happen is the hard part. Thank you all!

When I’m ready to start taking pre-orders, I’ll post a note on the blog and I’ll add a button/link to the sidebar.  Be watching!  🙂


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      Just right now Nancy. You’ve had your crazy days too! You know what I’m going through but soon life will be “normal” around here too, I hope.

      I also hope you write a book some day. You’re very talented.

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    This will be a must have in every quilter’s collection! I can’t wait until I get my hands on a copy. Congrats on another great achievement.

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    YIPPEE! Good for you Judy. I’ve got your other books and can’t wait to get this one. Border books are fabulous! You’ve got so many wonderful ideas, it will be great to have them all at my fingertips! Ready to order today! Sandi

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    Pam says

    Great news. I’m so glad that you wrote a book on borders. After all you are the queen of borders. Congratulations on number 3.
    Good news in that Texas heat.

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    looks like a great book! I will be sure to pre-order this – I love borders. I don’t use them on every quilt but I do on a lot of them.

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    lw says

    This would be a great book to have for making medallion quilts, so I’ll keep an eye out for when it goes on sale.

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    Very exciting news, Judy! Wow, so much on your plate all at once, it is a wonder indeed that you didn’t collapse in psychological breakdown completely!

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    Ya know I’ll be needing one signed as a giveaway at the store…too bad there are a ton of bridges between you and me or we’d be planning a booksigning…:)KA

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    Yvonne N says

    Well done (especially given the circumstances) Judy! Looks like a “must have” for every quilters library .

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    Robin says

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this one!! i have to be honest though- I don’t own your other 2 🙁 but will definitely get this one!!!!!

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    Anytime someone asks me about Borders I refer them to your Week-end Quilts book. Soon I’ll have a second reference book to use and show them. I tell them you are the Border Queen! Congrats on a Publishing Date.!

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    So I have until January to get some quilts to the stage where they need borders? I can do that! It looks great just from the cover, so I’m looking forward to owning it so I can see what else is in there. Congratulations!

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    I will be ordering from my distributor! These will go like hotcakes! Note to self–gotta remember to look for it to come out.

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    Wow Judy, it’s really coming out and oh, how you have worked despite numerous problems. Congrats all around and can’t wait till you start taking orders. You really must take it on the road.

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    Diann Smith says

    Congratulations and I’m snoopy dancing for you. This is book 3 I believe? I know you are happy that the “Birth process” is now over and the book is here.

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    Yahoo, yippee, and yay!!! The main reason I got your Weekend Quilts book is because of your borders. I am so so so excited for this one. Perfect idea, thanks!

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    pdudgeon says

    this definitely looks like a yummy book! i hope the printers are planning on a very big first edition, because this book will sell like hotcakes!

  17. 38


    Congratulations! I agree with everyone, that is a great book 🙂 will sell for sure! I will definitely benefit from it too! woo hoo! 🙂

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    Perfect! Unfortunately, I’m ready to slap on plain borders and this is just what I need to help figure out something a little better. Looking forward to seeing this book!

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    Maxi says

    How exciting! Looks like a “gotta have.” Borders are my least favorite thing to do because I seem to get stuck there. Congratulations, Judy.

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    Darlene S says

    Love the cover of your book Judy and am looking forward to getting it. Congratulations on another great quilters’ helper.

  21. 46

    quilterbee says

    I’m looking forward to adding it to your other two books I have . I can’t wait to see what book 4 will be. Congratulations.

  22. 47

    Mary says

    Now why didn’t I guess that this book would be on borders?

    I’ll be waiting with the rest of them to pre-order when you start taking them in November.

  23. 48


    I knew your knew book would be awesome!!! You create some of the most interesting borders for quilts!!! I love it! Way to go Judy! I can’t wait to preorder and then create/make a quilt/quilts using one of your border ideas!! fantastic!!

  24. 49

    Denise says

    Congratulations Judy – that’s very exciting and the cover is stunning! Can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with this time.

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    Cari J. in YC, Cal says

    Borders! Good Job Judy. Personally, I am downsizing my book library and keeping the essentials and my special interest books. In the thirty plus years of sewing my interests have changed. I have just the right space next to your two other books for the new one.

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    Diane Hines says

    Wonderful!!! I have gone through all your quilts on the website just looking at the borders for a quilt I was making. This will be great.

  27. 53

    Carolyn Thomas says

    Want!!! x2 LOL (Yes, I am the person who pre ordered your last book, forgot that I had and ordered another one when you started shipping them. My sister loved it ) LOL