Walking on Water

Almost!  We walked where water once was.  Though sad, it is amazing to see the lake almost completely dried up at this end.

Deep Water?  Really?  This sign is at the boat launch for our subdivision.

This is the boat launch.  There is water way off in the distance but there surely aren’t any boats on the water.

This what the bottom of the lake looks like now.  Some of the neighbors were out Friday night on four wheelers and those are the tracks you see.  When we were out there walking, I felt like a kid — maybe walking from the top of one little tower to the top of another little tower.  The little “towers” would sometimes crumble when we stepped on them and sometimes they would wobble.  It almost made me dizzy looking down and trying to determine which ones were the most secure so I could step on those.

Isn’t it weird?  If you just looked at that picture, without knowing it’s the ground that’s all cracked and dried, what would you think it is?

Those cracks go down very, very deep.  Have you ever seen anything like that?

This old stump and root system reminded me of an octopus, looking up and begging for help.  The only help I can offer is to pray for rain for our area . . desperately needed rain!


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    Peggy says

    It is so sad to see any lake look like that especially when so much flooding is going on in other parts of the country. I hope the fish have enough oxygen to survive until it rains.

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    I was just watching the weather on the Today Show. There was talk that Texas might soon get a break in the heat and some rain. Hope so…so needed there.

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    my husband is originally from Nebraska, his grandparents once had a cabin by alake. Nebraska went through a drought for some years on the western side of the state and once when we visited – oh about 8 years ago? we drove out to see the lake and the old cabin – the lake was dried up like your lake. Last year the drought was no more and we drove out once again when we visited – low and behold the lake was the highest I had ever seen it – right back up to the boat ramps – it was a lovely site – one day your lake will be back too.

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    This looks like our part of the country! It’s sad. We have FIVE ponds dried up. It’ll take awhile before things get back to normal, but they will eventually. I know our fish are gone, so we’ll have to re-stock.

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    Cathi Harry says

    I live about 15 miles east of McKinney, Tx near Lake Lavon. It’s nearly dried up too; the second time in the 10 years we have lived here. Our pastures are cracked too, but not quite that bad.

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    Diana in TX says

    With almost 80% of Texas being in the extreme drought category the lakes look like that just about every where. it will change but is doing a lot of damage in the meantime to wildlife etc.

  7. 10


    I wish I could send you some of our excess water with all the flooding we had because of the hurricane. We were lucky, but all around us, there were floods.

    You certainly need rain! Lots of soft gentle rain for the ground to absorb.

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    Dborah Allene says

    Hmm! Bottom of the lake reminds me of Chocolate Crinkles. Just love those cookies! Just put a loaf of Banana-Pecan Bread in the oven, so no cookies today!

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    lw says

    These photos are really beautiful in a grotesque sort of way. I wonder if I could figure out a way to use that random pattern as a FMQ pattern…

  10. 14

    Linda Bishop says

    I think it looks like an overcooked milk chocolate brownie!
    I guess over cooked is what it is!