A Few Updates

I’m bad about leaving you hanging on things I mention and then never get back to mentioning again.  If you’re wondering about something, go ahead and ask any time.  Here are a few items that I’ve been asked lately.

Chad and Nicole – They seem fine.  I haven’t spoken with them in a few days but get texts every now and then.  I still miss them terribly and feel so bad about how little time I spent with my grandparents and with my parents now.  Maybe they don’t miss me so much but if they do . . I’ve been a bad daughter for not getting home more often.  Funny how you don’t realize how things are til you’re in that same position.

The Dentist – Yes, I did get what I thought was all my dental work done before leaving Nevada.  There was a tooth between two crowns that apparently had a cavity underneath a large filling.  The dentist here is fantastic!  A lady and use uses happy gas!  I think I’ll go back for a while every day . . at least til we find a house.  I may end up having to have a root canal on the tooth she filled yesterday but we’re taking the conservative route for now and hoping for the best.

The House – There’s still hope. The developers are willing to work with us on the restrictions and it’s all covenants that say “approval from the committee” so I think it’s all something we can work out.  We’re not being unreasonable, they’re not being unreasonable and so far, I’m being optimistic.  There may even be some lots around us that we can buy but things definitely move way more slowly here than anywhere we’ve ever been.  When we bought in MO, we had half a dozen issues and the realtor had them resolved within a day, even though some of them involved approval from city hall and it was a weekend.  Things don’t happen like that here.  We’re close on the price and I think that’s not going to be an issue but I’ve learned we don’t have a deal til we have a deal and even then, sometimes we don’t have a deal.

A friend is coming over to sew with me this afternoon.  I’m hoping Speck behaves and doesn’t have to spend the afternoon in the crate, though he doesn’t come downstairs with me anyway.

I had roast in the crockpot yesterday and Vince and I went to look at a house after my marathon dental appointment and ended up eating in town so I have dinner covered for tonight.

Now you know everything I know!  🙂


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    Claudia Wade says

    Judy – If you have to have a root canal, don’t worry about it. I had my very first one last winter and I was terrified, given all the scary stuff you hear about them, but it was so easy! Just some novocaine and no problem. Not that I want to have another one, but if I ever do have to have one, I won’t have to take a tranquilizer like I did last time!

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    Have fun sewing with your friend! Some of the best fun times are when we can sew and chat with friends. Speck–behave yourself! I bet you miss Chad and Nicole, we always miss our kids, no matter how far or near they are. Hoping you don’t need a root canal. It sounds like you are still house hunting sort-of. Now—about that attic noise. That a puzzle for sure.

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    Well, at least you already have a friend to sew with! I’ve been here two years and don’t have a sewing buddy. Lucky you!

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      She’s actually from Nevada, MO though I didn’t know her when we lived there but she grew up there and her son knows Chad.

  4. 5


    your a lucky girl to have someone to sew with already !

    We have been in MO since ’04 and have met 2 women , one is our Dr, one is the Avon lady, neither quilt.

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    pdugeon says

    any more wildlife noises? if so, can you set up a camera in one corner of the area to take a picture of whatever it is? or maybe set a trap? i certainly wouldn’t want wildlife in my home either.

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    Brenda in South Texas says

    No matter what all and how much you tell us, we will never know everything you know !! Wish we could tho !!!!

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    Linda Beasley says

    Judy, I was at the Family Dollar store today and found thermal curtains for $10.00 a panel. Each panel is 40 x 84 inches. You might check if Brownwood has a family dollar store, if they don’t, Commanche might.

    Good luck,.

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      Thanks! We bought some at Lowe’s for downstairs. The owner of the house was out today and he’s going to try a couple of things with the a/c and if that doesn’t work, he’s going to put in the mini-split so we’re on our way to having cold air in every room!

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    Mona R says

    Thanks for the update. How’s your final project for Camp Loopy coming along? I know we are in the same time zone but you seem to get so much more done in a 24 hour period than I do 🙂 Still toiling away on the second sock. :))

  9. 12

    Belinda says

    You are just go cute!!! Finding that crockpot has certainly brightened you back up. Glad you and Vince are in the same state again.

  10. 13

    Trish says

    You Gotta Love a dentist with Happy Gas!! I hope this works and no major dental. If only we had hindsight first. Sigh. I wish I had talked to my parents more and I wish my kids talked to me more 🙁 I do encourage them to talk to their Grandmother and that is a good thing for everyone! Fingers crossed about the house!!