September Monochromatic Challenge

The remaining color to be drawn is . .


So many shades of green to choose from.  This will be a fun one for me.  One box of fabric got shoved under a table during the move and they couldn’t get it out without opening it and taking the contents out and the contents were . . green fabric!

If you made a pink piece for August, we would love to see it!  There’s probably no need to mention that I didn’t get a pink piece made but I will get a green something made!


  1. 1

    shirley bruner says

    i had fun with my pink challenge. it was a lot of work but i like it a lot. wait till you see the green. LOL

  2. 3

    Sue in Scottsdale, AZ says

    I had planned on making a different quilt but didn’t have enough of anyone pink to do what I wanted. Then I received an invitation to my niece’s baby shower and decided a pretty pink quilt for a new baby girl (her first child) was perfect. I finished it just in time to get it to Nashville, TN for the shower last weekend!

  3. 5

    cheryl says

    I have already started on my green (started in my head not in real life)
    last weekend I sketched out ideas for the next few months. I am excited to see this whole year come together. cw