Dinner Report

This morning, while all of Texas was still sleeping (well . . all of Texas that lives at my house!), I was up sticking a brisket in the smoker so it would be tender and juicy by dinner time tonight . . and it was!

Still haven’t found my fruit wood so yesterday I picked a dead twig off a mesquite tree in the yard.  Vince said I wasn’t using enough but dang it . . I don’t like to use mesquite for my wood . . but you already know that.

Along with the brisket, we had pinto beans and potatoes with onions.  The pinto beans were leftovers.  The potatoes were last minute because I had planned to bake two potatoes but couldn’t find the aluminum foil . . which I found as soon as I chopped up some potatoes.

Anyway, dinner was great!  Vince and I just came in from taking a walk along the lake.  We didn’t go out on it but just walked down the street.  We had never been all the way to the end of the street but now we have!


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    Virginia in Ohio says

    Yummy, that brisket looks delicious, so does the rest of dinner. Too bad that I live so far away, or I’d visit for some of that brisket. My SIL fixes a very good brisket, so I do ocassionally get some.

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    Yummy, I’m hungry and I think I’m just going to toss up a quick salad, no match for your wonderful dinner! It’s pretty hot here, humid since we had some rain today, but it was 110 on my deck before the rain, too darn hot and humid to cook!

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      Yes, it’s so miserable when it’s that hot and humid. It was fairly cool when I went out and stuck the brisket in the smoker. Then I didn’t go back outside to mess with it til time for dinner when I brought it in. At least it didn’t heat up the inside of the house.

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    my old smoker has rusted out from me not taking care of it over the years – I need to get a new one one of these days.

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      Ours is stainless so I’m thinking it won’t rust but I’m not sure if there are metal parts. In MO, we do have a cover over it and kept it in the garage after it cooled down. In KY and here, it just sits on a covered deck but we have a cover for it. It’s at least 6 years old now and so far . . no rust. I hope it lasts forever . . we love it.

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    Sandy says

    That looks wonderful! I can just taste that brisket…..Do you any special rub when you cook it? It looks like a picture in a magazine. Yummmmm.

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    Darlene S says

    Ok Judy, now you have my interest AGAIN! What type of smoker do you have? How do you control the temperature if you put it in so early and not touch it until ready to eat? That looks wonderful and I love brisket. The only way I’ve made it is in the oven.

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    Since my husband retired, he’s been ‘perfecting’ his brisket and I love it! He smokes it for several hours then puts it in a very slow oven for several more. The whole thing takes 12 hours or so and we have yummy meat for several days. “Leftovers” is my favorite meal!!

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    Bett says

    Judy, if you can’t find your foil for pototes, try baking them “naked”. My mother starting baking this way in the mid 60’s and they (I think) are so much better. All you have to do is wash them, poke several holes, pre-heat the oven to 450 degrees, and place them on the oven rack. I start “squeezing them after about 40 minutes (medium size). When they are soft…done. I love the crispy shells. I also, rub the outside with olive oil and sprinkle with Kosher salt…..totally different flavor.

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    JoAnn says

    Yes, please share your recipe! My husband just got a smoker, after wanting one for years. We need a brisket recipe, yours looks yummy!

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    Ohhh, that looks delicious! Hubby would love that. I might have to look into getting a smoker for him for Christmas.