I think we make better renters than homeowners.  Our landlord might not agree!  Vince leaves before daylight and since we don’t have a garage, he’s kinda stumbling around in the dark.  There are good lights under the carport but the lights from the front door to the carport weren’t real bright and besides, when I go out with Speck all by myself at night and Vince isn’t watching me (sometimes I have to be brave and go out alone), it’s real dark out there so yesterday Vince bought a motion light. There’s a front type door leading to our house and there’s a door that goes into the laundry room.  Vince was going to put the motion light at the laundry room entrance.  I said “there’s already a motion light there!”  He said “there is?”  Yep, there was but he liked the one he bought better.

If this had been at our house in MO, Vince would have said “I bought a light.  Will you call the electrician to install it?” or for the next 11-1/2 months, I would be saying “Are you ever going to put that light up?”  Here at the rental .. he comes right home the same day he bought it and installed it!

And it worked . . the first time!

And, then, as happy as I am to have a new light, I said “Hey Mister . . you in that ugly green shirt!  Where’s my husband?  You look like him.  You act like him but my husband would never have come home and put up a light the same day he bought it.  I like you!  Will you stay?”

And then the man in the green shirt said “Why do you have so much fabric?” and I knew it was really my husband.  Even with all the grumbling about my “stuff”, I will keep him and I’m very happy with my new light.


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    Mary says

    It was funny as I noticed his green shirt before you even mentioned it! Poor Vince sure gets alot of flack for those green shirts! Think positive-it is not “holy”!!! Glad to hear your days are going better–even with the AC not up to par.


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    Maybe Vince has turned over a new leaf (a green one of course!) He is probably trying to make up for all of the agony that you have endured during this move….LOL. He might just be SOOOOOO HAPPY to have a place to live in Brownwood that he is happy to PLAY HOUSE!!!!! Whatever the reason, I think he is a keeper!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    Lizzy Hentze says

    Maybe you could find a way to include Vince’s green Tshirts in the monochromatic challenge for the month???? 🙂

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    Lynne says

    Welcome back, last few days have been great, I can get my daily updates. If you move again to somewhere without Internet, I and all your other followers will come and harass the local companies till they connect you

  5. 5

    SarahB says

    I think that’s a new shade of green, isn’t it?!? :o) I love the green shirts, you can pick him out of a crowd every time. My husband has about 2 dozen tee-shirts and yet wears the same 5 over and over again. I think they might just be creatures of habit….

  6. 6


    Did you know that you can turn any outside light into a motion light? The hardware store sells a little disc that you put between the bulb and the socket and then has directions on how to use your light switch to operate it. Works great!

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    Laurel from Iowa says

    What a great husband you have. And I like his green shirts – they work for him!
    Our kids are getting out of school early because the heat index is supposed to pass the century mark. Their school is not air-conditioned, so they’ll get out two hours early. Of course, there will still be football practice!!
    Stay cool if you can 😀

    • 7.1

      Linda in NE says

      Yep, football is way more important than education….all of us here in the middle of the country know that. LOL Honestly, I once had a mother tell me that if it wasn’t for sports she wouldn’t even be able to get her son to go to school. I should have kept my mouth shut I guess but I couldn’t resist telling her that we need ditch diggers too. Didn’t go over the best, I can tell you. ha!!

  8. 8

    Sandy says

    Vince’s green shirt was the first thing I noticed. I think that is his official “work shirt” since he was installing the new light and that is work, right? Why is it DH can mention one word (fabric) and that gets us to quit teasing them about getting something done. Mine does that too. Funny thing about retiring, I think I have more work than him. If only retirement came with a maid who would clean and cook, lol.

  9. 10

    Deb Myers says

    OOOooooooooooooouuhhhhh~~(said with the utmost of sweet affection….) he’s baacccckkkkk, too!! They guy in the green shirt has returned!!! Another sure sign of normalacy!!! I LOVE it!!!

      • Deb Myers says

        we’ve (your readers) grown quite fond of vince’s green shirts~ grown to love those shirts~ ok, love might be too strong of a word here~ but still, we wouldn’t want him any other way!!!

  10. 11

    Teresa in Music City says

    Oh my! I love reading your blog – it is like following a soap opera!!!! Glad you are settling in and beginning to enjoy your new (temporary) home!

  11. 13

    Perry says

    ROFLOL….this is so funny, I am still giggling as I write this. The only thing missing are the purple crocs (maybe they are faded from the heat?) and a hole in the green shirt! LOLOLOLL