September UFO

The number for the UFO to work on in September is:


Check your list.  Find #11 and get it done!

If you finished #7 on your list, please share a link here.


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    UGh…I lost steam in about May when I had graduation for my son here. Then in July I was going to start back up again and I can’t find the blocks for the quilt anywhere. I am happy that I finished a few project though…a few is better than non.

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    It was very Late last night, But #7 is FINISHED!!! It is an older UFO from 2008. A collection of Signatures made into 4.5″ hatchet blocks from my WASIQ online Guild Yahoo group. I’ll have to check and see what #11 is later today. I quilted my #10 UFO hoping that would be the number drawn.

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    shirley bruner says

    i am so happy to get this #7 out of here. i was afraid i was going to throw it out. but it is now all nicely quilted and hopefully will find a good home. i have to go dig out #11. hope it’s fun. LOL thanks, Judy, for continuing the programs here….even with all the madness you are encountering with your move. hope it all settles down quickly.

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    This one was divided into parts, as it was a completely new kit and I’m so excited to finally see it together. Thank you again for the motivation. I know I wouldn’t have gotten ANY of these UFOs done without your encouragement.

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    I am unable once again to post a picture of my finished UFO. It’s hard to keep up with the dates when the collection closes.
    You can see a picture of it on