Texas Boots

Walking through taller weeds is risky in this area.  There are snakes and fast lizards and snakes and scorpions and did I say snakes?  While in Abilene, we went looking for some snake boots for me.  Technically, snake boots are up to your knees or taller but I figured as hot as it is, I’d die of a heat stroke in those boots before the snake got me.  Mostly I don’t walk in dangerously tall weeds but occasionally walk through taller weeds than I’m comfortable wearing flip flops or tennis shoes.

These are the boots we chose:

Who would ever have thought I’d need a pair of boots like this.  But, they’re not all bad!

Who could ask for anything better than pink insides unless, of course . . it would be lime green insides!


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    how cute – pink insides! If Chad’s girl enjoys outdoors and hunting with him, a pair of these could make a good Christmas gift to her this year…? 😉

    I’m glad you have snake boots for just in case, but I really hope you luck out like I did while living in Texas 6 years and never saw one snake! Oh there were many stories – even our next door neighbor found one inside his home and told us all about it… aaak! but Praise the good Lord, I never had an encounter with one!

    Love from Indiana! ~bonnie

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    Linda in NE says

    I was expecting cowboy boots too, but those look heavy duty enough for anything. After not seeing a snake around here for forty years my DH saw one in the garden this summer, there was a dead one on the street about a block down and just yesterday the village clerk told me someone told her bullsnakes were moving into town. NOT what I wanted to hear. They’re not poisonous but can give a painful bite. They tend to be big, look like rattlesnakes, act like rattlesnakes, and even shake their tails like they think they can rattle like rattlesnakes. We always had them on the farm when I was a kid and our son found one at his acreage this spring. What we have the most of though is toads. Way more than I ever remember there being before. Anyone else??

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    I learned about snake boots from watching “venom ER” I think on NG channel.

    I also learned never, ever, to pick up a snake even if it’s dead. Saw one episode where a woman snatched a dead snake away from her son and got scratched by the fangs. How stupid would I feel to tell people I was bitten by a dead snake?

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    the only GOOD snake is a dead one! Ewww. Hate them.

    BUT……I wear my hiking boots like like my tennis shoes, they are totally comfortable, relatively good looking and you can be on your feet all day and still feel good.

    SonInLaw (environmental remediation engineer) walks in snake and gator areas all the time, and says no boot will really ever protect you. But it is better than not having flip flops!

    He wears snake chaps.

    glen: who would die of a heart attack first I think……

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    Diana in TX says

    Looks like what my hubby takes along to Brady with him when they are up there working and hunting. I will telll you Judy, while they work on snakes-you will still get thorns from the pencil cactus. those things are miserable. When you are out walking a good walking stick works well too-the snakes really don’t want to see us either. If you are concerned about Speck getting in the way of the rattle snake-there is a shot you can get from the vet. It’s 2 shots- 4 weeks apart. What it does is gives you more time to get him to the vet. Or there are also snake avoidance class for dogs. We live in a sub-division, knew we of course had rattlers in the area, but never saw any close to home. This year our yard guys killed a good size one by the front door. Nice shaded area in the ground cover-cool and plenty of food. Our 2 girls now have their shots.
    With it being so hot and dry this year, everything is moving out of their natural habitat, looking for food and water.

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    Beth says

    You needed some Justin work boots…cowboy but with a good rounded toe box. Look for a cavenders store

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    We have aggressive Mojave rattlers here in Arizona where I live. These guys are so aggressive that they will chase a human being, and the only good one is a dead one. When I find a dead one, I very very carefully pack it up and bring it home…. I put it on an ant hill and in a few days the skeleton is stripped of all meat and all that is left is the skeleton. I then get the bones and I bleach them out and make jewelry out of them. 🙂
    I would shoot a rattler in a heart beat, I keep snake shot in my gun. Nasty boogers, if you see one, just go in the opposite direction, quietly and calmly and then when far enough out of reach, run like heck back to the house… you’ll be amazed at how fast you will run!!! 🙂

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    Everybody is scaring you about snakes! My goodness. You’ve got to use your head. If you go out at night be watchful. If you are reaching into tall grass or weeds (pulling weeds) be watchful. And I PRAY! God, please, remove every snake off from this land of ours. I have only encountered one snake in 18 years. It was a bull snake. Hubby has seen a few others. All harmless. And yes, a dead snake in my book is a good snake.

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      Diana in TX says

      I wasn;t trying to scare her of the snakes, just to be wary of them and like you said use your head. Snakes here are nothing compared to where we lived before moving to TX. We had very deadly snakes there. When we went walking we just carried a walking stick with us and “beat” the trail in front of us. We were sure that if we saw one it was poinsonous as 28 of the 29 varieties were! We just need to respect them and let them get out of our way.

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    I have lots of respect for snakes. I am glad you have the boots, but remember to wear them. My neighbor was helping us earlier this summer. He was mowing the lawn between the house and green house. We live in an A frame, so the gutters are close to the ground. He saw a copper head snake watching him from the gutter. I have not been up in that area since…..and I really need to clean the dryer vent that comes out of the roof in that area. Think I will wait until winter!

    I heard about the tropical storm in the Gulf….hoping you would get some rain, but it doesn’t look like it. I hope your parents will be OK.

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    Gwen says

    Our lot backs up to a utility easement that the power company does not mow. We mow behind our fence as do most others. We have had rattlers in our back yard. One bit both our girls on the nose a few years ago. It was a very young one early in the spring and since the bite was on the nose they were fine with doses of Benadryl. We are very cautious about any barking that sounds odd! They are hard headed Doxies that were still barking when I pulled them back from the snake!!!

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      Laurel from Iowa says

      OK, I was wondering how your DAUGHTERS (‘girls’) both got bitten on the nose. Glad I kept reading your post. Glad, too, that they were easily treated 😀

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    Karen says

    Nice boots, especially with the pink lining!

    I’ll tell you something though…..I am a chicken, really I am when it comes to creepy crawly things. I would be nowhere near the weeds!

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    ewe..I would be hightailing it out of texsas and back home to LA fast if I was you! no way would I deal with snakes LOL of course there are probably snakes in LA too…I am such a chicken and snakes are my worse fear….oh I would need valium or a good stiff drink just to go for a walk!

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    I wear knee high heavy leather boots when I’m out walking around in the woods and weeds. I like that those pesky burrs, fox tails, seed burrs, and sticky little weed pods can’t stick to the smooth leather. Plus they are just slip into, and I can pull them off pretty easy too. I wear cotton socks and slim leg jean or even my crop leg jeans.
    I have some boots very similar to yours, and I don’t use them anymore in the fall and summer because anything and everything (weedy) sticks to them and I have top pick all the burrs off the laces, and those exposed camouflage fabric areas like yours have.
    You might reconsider buying high (up to just under your knee) smooth leather—like cowboy or english riding boots. Or remember your go to the chicken pen boots—like those, only leather.

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    shirley bruner says

    they are only good if you put them on….so don’t forget to wear them. and, yes, i think you need taller boots. i lived in texas 20 years and never saw a snake. but out here in missouri….we have been here 6 years and i have seen 4 snakes….killed 2 of them. one black snake lives under our barn and we leave him be….he’s like a pet. i saw him get a frog one day….awesome. but not for the frog.

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    Whoa! Now those are some Stylin’ boots! Better safe than sorry. Here in town we mostly have garter snakes, but just to the south, on Spencer’s Butte, a popular hiking trail, there are actually rattle snakes. My optometrist’s son was bitten by one there when he was a little boy. Thankfully, they got the anti-venom and he pulled through just fine.

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    Please don’t let me hear about you walking in any weeds in snake territory, okay???? You gotta promise me this….cuz I really REALLY hate snakes!

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    nice but I would prefer an orange inside. I am not much of a pink person but I guess your husband would not try to wear them with a pink inside.

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    They look jut like the boots my DH and son bought last winter when they were in Texas wild boar hunting….no pink linings for them though. Good luck with the boots!!!