Treat Day

My plan is to send treats to work with Vince on Friday.  Last Friday got messed up because we were back at the hotel because of no air conditioning.  Oh . . speaking of air conditioning . . since the repairman fixed it last week, and the homeowner came out Wednesday and found some leaks in the unit and around the duct work and sealed all those, we’re getting a lot more cold air.  We may just make it like it is.   The temps here were not cool by any means but today is the last day in the 15 day forecast with highs over 100 and that means fall is coming.  And, if you’re from here or lived here all your life and I’m dreaming . . please don’t burst my bubble.  Let me live in bliss and think cool air is coming.  I know it will never be fall like we had in MO but if temps would just drop below 100 for one whole week, I would be so happy!

Anyway . . I made S’mores Bars to send to work with Vince today.  I had made these already for Chad and Nicole and they loved them.

Those folks that work with Vince are going to love me . . unless they’re trying to lose weight!


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    bcinindy says

    Those look wonderful. On another subject, how is Speck? I think about him having to deal with the changes and the heat. I know my dogs would struggle with that much going on.

  2. 3


    I am sitting here waiting for that tropical system to start the rain. Predictions are for 15 to 20 inches. They keep upping it.

    I thought about sending some of it your way. Interested?

    glen: sorry, LOL. had to dig that Louisiana weather in there!

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      Sibyl says

      You can send it just a little bit west—Houston sure could use some—we are really DRY. Don’t get too wet over there. We are getting rain envy really bad.


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    Gwen says

    Yummy recipe! I make a S’mores Cup that has been a hit this spring and summer at outdoor meals since we can’t have fires to roast marshmallows. That would be a favorite too!

  4. 5

    shirley bruner says

    i wish i worked with Vince so i could get some. oh….i forgot i can’t eat that stuff any more. damn!! but they sure look good.

  5. 6


    Yes, we are forecast for below 100 next week. Judy, we are all so ready. After two solid months of this we are READY. Your bars look great. Recipe?