No Goats, No Glory!

That’s what the sign says anyway!

Today is the 38th annual world championship BBQ goat cookoff.  There are over 200 competitors cooking for the judges.  The organizers bring in a team to cook goat for the meals that are served.  As far as I know, I’ve never had BBQ Goat but by the time you hear from me again . . I will have had a BBQ goat meal.  My dad says it’s wonderful but as Chad said “He likes possum too!”.

Wish you were here?   🙂



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    if you like deer, you’ll probably like goat! It’s a bit ‘gamey’ tasting, but not overly so! My nephew BBQ’d a whole goat for a family gathering once, and I don’t think there were any leftovers!

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    I’d take a PASS on the Goat! You’re having too much fun in TEXAS, LOL Enjoy your Labor Day Week-end. I’m trying to assure my STASH REPORT is not as far in the RED. Catching up on Swap Blocks and cutting out some more pieced borders for a UFO!

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    Katherine says

    I’ve had goat roasted over a fire pit and it was quite tasty. Of course, it was at a beer gathering, but I had a toddler so I wasn’t drinking much. And the toddler liked it too.

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    Judy, there is something about hamburgers at DQ’s in Texas. I don’t eat burgers, but when in Texas I have to have one. And the DQ in Brady is really good. But you won’t be hungry after the goat.

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      I think there was a time when some DQs were better than others but now, they all taste the same. I think they all get their supplies from a big truck and every DQ has the same stuff. I did grab a burger at the one here in Brownwood and it tasted just like the one in MO and the one in KY. It looks like a new DQ in Brady but we didn’t stop. Maybe some day . .

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    Kate says

    Love the sign !!!
    My grandpa used to barbecue everything – goat, possum…. we ate it all! Goat is ok… actually.

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    Carol Campbell says

    Husband family is from Brady and both sets of grandparents buried there. He’s been to the goat cookoff. Brady has a couple of good BBQ places there. Been to that town many times.

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    Never had goat. For me it falls into the “too cute to eat” category. Along with octopus (which I ate and enjoyed before deciding that they were just way too neat looking to be food.)

    Husband wants to get a cow. I’ve given him lots of rules about what color and type it can or can’t be if it’s going to live here before becoming burgers .

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    Goat meat is really good, much less gamey than deer or buffalo. We have a family at church who often brings and roasts goat for our pot lucks, and it’s wonderful! I had not ever tasted it before and wow, I was really missing out on some good eating.

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    Laura says

    Had goat at a Mexican restaurant a few times. Love Mexican food, but didn’t really like the taste of goat. Too gamey. Maybe I’d like it fixed another way?

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    Donna in KS says

    My husband initiated a goat roast at his Masonic Lodge the year he was Master. His high school’s FFA raised goats and had BBQ goat every year; he had fond memories. It became an annual affair at his lodge for PM Night! It got rave reviews and the years he saved some to bring home for me, I enjoyed it. And I am not an “adventurous eater”! I am so glad you are out and about, learning about and enjoying the area!

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    Frieda Z says

    I love it! I am glad to see you out finding fun things to do. My husband and I will be roaming the hill country next week enjoying all kinds of different foods.

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    Terri says

    I second the person that suggested you stop at the DQ in Brady! I haven’t been there in years and years, but isn’t Brady the “center” of Texas?

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    Melinda says

    I have actually been to the Brady Goat Cook-off…….years ago.
    I hope you have a great time. I remember it as being fun.

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    Lizzy Hentze says

    If you buy Chevron from a butcher here in Australia, you’ll be buying goat! And it’s rather yummy too, although my eldest (23) stopped eating and pushed her plate away as soon as she found out what she was eating. But then again, Australia is renowned as being the only country to eat the animals from it’s Coat of Arms!!! We’re up for pretty much anything.

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      They’re probably getting some but not getting flooding. I noticed on their news online that they’re under some kind of emergency mandate but I don’t think they’re going to have any problems. They’re in extreme southwestern Louisiana, right near Texas, and most of the flooding is going to occur around the southeastern part of the state I think. Thanks for thinking of them!

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    lw says

    I’ve had goat at Greek restaurants, I like it a lot. I imagine it would be really tasty barbequed.

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    ruth anne shorter says

    Such a fun dialogue from you and followers. I thought it was only was served in Africa.

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      It really was good! I’d definitely have it again so long as I knew it was a young goat and not an old, tough, goaty tasting goat.

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    barbara says

    goat from greece, goat from india, goat from from mexico, goat from the mediterranean – love ’em all. never had it bbq’d, but what could be bad? definitely give it a go and let us know how good it is. as they say “it tastes like chicken”. not. better.

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    Suddenly, I wish I were there so my husband and I could go to the goat BBQ. Why? Because it was 38 years ago next week that we were married! We have the same anniversary as the Goat BBQ–LOL!!

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    We get our meat from a local farm, and the goat is ou favorite. It’s not “gamey” at all, very tender and sweet, but I think they butcher the goats young. Even my extremely picky son perks up when I announce goat for supper. When we visit the friendly little guys at the farm, we just call them “Goat Chop” and “Chili”, etc. Are you getting any sewing done in all this?