The Cook-Off

Brady, Texas is very near the geographical center of Texas.  There’s an historical monument alongside the road that talks about it but it was just too hot to stop today.  We saw a catfish restaurant in town that said it’s been voted one of the best by the Denver Post and we saw a yarn/quilt shop that was not open today so we’ll definitely be making another trip to Brady once the weather gets a little cooler.  It was pretty darned hot today.

There were so many people at the cook-off.  There were arts and crafts, pony rides and activities for the kids, fantastic country bands and  . . outdoor toilets that must have been 200º inside.  Not that I know that for a fact because we went when we first got there, way before it got so hot, and they felt like an oven then.  It is so blasted hot and dry in this area.  We were talking to some guy from over in east Texas and he said he used to come hunting along the Colorado River so he wanted to take his wife by there and it was bone dry . . not a drop of water.  We talked about it when we crossed over the river.  One of the guys who works with Vince grew up in Brady and we ran into him there and he said he had never seen the creek there completely dry.  It’s all so sad . . and kinda scary!

What you really want to know is . . how was the goat?  It was delicious!  Probably one of the best tasting meats I’ve ever had – no wild or weird flavor or smell.  Much more flavorful than roast beef and milder than pork butt.  One of Vince’s co-workers raises goat and he said the trick is to not let them get over 30 pounds if you want to eat them.  Goat meat is called cabrito and while I’m not sure it can even be purchased at meat markets, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it and smoke it.

As good as it was, I’m not real sure I’d go back to the cook-off again simply because it was so darned hot!  It’s always held Labor Day Weekend and it’s something about timing — the goats are born in the spring and this is about the perfect time to get the right size for BBQ.  It was a fun day and I’m glad we went!


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    glad to hear you had a nice day and found a quilt shop. Have you learned if there are any quilting groups you can join – maybe now that you found a quilt shop you can start to meet other quilters in your area.

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      We got here on Saturday, the movers got here with our stuff on Monday and I went to quilt guild (and joined) on Tuesday! A quilter friend came over and sewed with me all afternoon Wednesday so, yes, I’m meeting some quilters.

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    Quiltinggranna says

    did not know Brady had a quilt/yarn shop. will have to check it out next time we are there.

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    Judy – there’s hope. It’s raining in OKC at 11:30 pm and the line might make it down to y’all. And, the latest forecast 5 day forecast had 76-82 as the HIGHS!!! The word “wind chill” is actually on the forecast instead of heat index! YEA!!

    Sure hope it cools down for you.

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    Ardelia says

    When I lived in San Antonio I found cabrito (goat) in HEB Marketplace grocery store. I wish I was back in Texas. My husband and I both loved living there during his military tours.

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    Michelle Rodriguez says

    Summer in Texas is always hot, but not as hot as this summer has been. This summer has really been unusually hot, so hang in there, it gets better. The Dallas 5 day forecast has us in the 80’s and low 90’s this week after almost making the record number of 100 degree or hotter days this year!

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    Fitzy says

    I think you’ll be surprised at what you’ll find in your local markets…things I have never heard of! My favorite thing now is to gather recipes for all these delicacies that I’m quickly becoming quite fond of.

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      We only have a Kroger and a Wal-Mart and neither of those have goat meat. There is a meat market that I’ve heard good things about so I may check them out . . as soon as I can find them! 🙂

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    Diana in TX says

    Didn’t know there was a quilt shop in Brady. Will have to check it out the next time we’re there. I’m lucky if I get further than the McDonalds-we stop there as it is usually a good place to let our dogs out for a walk before heading back to RR. They usually pick up to many sand burrs at the ranch or along the road. I know the guys said they had never seen it so dry at the ranch.

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    Mel Meister says

    We went to a Bravo grocery store yesterday for the first time (Central Florida). They had goat meat in the frozen foods for $3.99 a pound. We didn’t get any yesterday, but we will be getting some in the future.

    The Bravo was a beautiful store for produce (great prices, too!) and terrific meat sales prices. It is a Latin store and has all the different and interesting fruits and veggies from Mexico and Puerto Rico. We got chicken leg quarters for .39 a pound! Just took them off the smoker and they are awesome! Apple wood is terrific with chicken.

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    barbara says

    you can find goat meat in jamaican or arabic meat markets if they’re near you. i’ve always found it in latino and southeast asian (indian) markets. it makes a delicious stew.

    i wonder how it would smoke?

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    Doris - The Quilting Queen says

    Be sure to go back to the yarn/wool shop. The lady that owns it is very nice and helpful and friendly. She gave a program at our evening quilt group about a year ago. I meant to tell you about it and forgot every time I saw you. Sorry:(