When in Texas

Do as Texans do!  So many of the houses we look at have critters . . critters on the wall, over the doors, on the fence posts.  Deer heads, deer horns, buffalo heads, all kinds of ugly, brown stuff.  I figured if I’m going to live in Texas, and is looks like there’s a good chance I am, then I’ll put some kind of critter over my fireplace.

Last week while out running errands . . actually I was lost and turned around in a parking lot and found this:

I loved it and I wanted it so Saturday Vince and I stopped by to look at it.  He didn’t like it at all!  I knew I should’ve just bought it and brought it home.  Notice the dachshund standing behind the longhorns?

And just so I can say “Told you so” . .

This is an actual real life size, to scale, Texas grasshopper!  About three feet wide and two feet tall!  Well, maybe that’s how big they seem when they scare me half to death in the yard and maybe they’re not really this big but they seem this big.


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    Gwen says

    The grasshoppers are pretty scary here too. I love the Doxie, but that is a freaky Longhorn! Of course we have real live ones to look at.

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    LOL – we used to see these kind of things in Idaho all the time too in fact we found an antelope skeleton head in the desert and put it in our yard – wonder whatever happened to it – we didn’t bring it to Arkansas when we moved 🙂

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    Penny Holliday says

    Judy ~ Isn’t everything bigger in TX? The longhorn & doxie are so colorful they really look like such fun! Wonder what Speck would think of the doxie?

  4. 6


    That one’s a praying mantis and they are huge here too! Can be kind of scary, but very beneficial. You might see Walking Sticks too…last one we found on our deck was a whopping 6″ long!!!

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    Marilyn Smith says

    We have an ant made from rocks and rusted wire. He is cute. He is out in the garden.

    The longhorn would not work here. Needs to be a Bighorn Sheep or a sidewinder rattlesnake!

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    We have people near us who do lots of great junk metal sculptures and they’ve been shown on HGTV. The pieces you showed remind me of their work. So what kind of critter would Vince LIKE for you to have hanging someplace at your Texas home?

  7. 12

    Glen in louisiana says

    Love the longhorn!! I have a skull hanging in my living room. It is southwest decor so it goes well.

    We have lots and lots of rain! Need some?


  8. 15


    I love the Dachund. If I had a garden, I would put him in it. Perhaps in other colors? The Texas grasshopper seems like a Mantis, and I love them. They are so stylish!

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      Robin says

      OK- so the brain and fingers are not connecting yet this AM- must need more coffee LOL! – meant to type metal not meatal!!!

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    I love the praying mantis. My husband would not complain if I put that in the yard. I also wouldn’t mind having the doxie. Last night I found a walking stick (in the house) I was looking at this stick of hay stuck on the speakers and noticed it had legs. Jim saw me looking at something and said, that’s a walking stick! I haven’t seen one in a long time. He carefully placed it outside. I don’t know how it got (or how long it has been) in the house. Guess it came in on our pant legs.

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    barbara says

    i can totally see who’s the artist and the humorist in your family.
    my husband is an architect and i have a theory that architects and engineers see things more literally than artists. my children agree. how about chad? is it in the genes?