Design Wall Monday – September 5, 2011

After my very brave start to sharing my design wall again last week . . I have nothing to show today.  I’m sorry — I really thought I would but I don’t.  I have excuses . . I always do, you know!

I have a block in the new Quiltmaker 100 Blocks magazine that will be out in November.  I had started a project using my block design but as with most everything else, it got stuck aside with the move.  When the editor asked if any of us had projects to share, I thought it would be impossible for me (1) find my half done project and (2) get it quilted and in on time.  I did find it and I put Bears in the Farmhouse aside to work on the project.  I got the top finished on Saturday night and fully intended to start my green monochromatic project and get it on the design wall before this morning.  But then I talked Vince into setting up the longarm.  I hadn’t planned to do it til we got a permanent house but that’s looking like it may not happen.  We got everything done but cannot find the back handles.  I packed all that in the box with the head but the packers took it all out and re-wrapped it and must’ve put those handles in a different box.  We spent hours and hours searching through boxes trying to find them.  We never did and then there’s such a huge mess in the sewing room, it will take hours to get it put back together again.

So . . nothing on my design wall to share. And my project for the magazine isn’t quilted so probably will not get included and I still don’t know where my back handles are! 🙁


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    Judy so sorry that you can’t find all the parts to your long arm – that is such a bummer after deciding to put it all together. Maybe it got put in one of the boxes in storage. I hope you can find the parts you need as you put things back in boxes. Good luck – you sure have been having a trying time the last six month it seems.

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    I’m wearing my “I don’t believe this is happening to her!” face. And it’s big and sad! 🙁
    It’s there somewhere……….it the last box you will look for it in.

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    Becky I. says

    Oh Judy! How frustrating. Is it possible that you quilt it from the front side of the machine and do an all over freehand design instead of a panto so that you can get it in the magazine? Just a thought, you know where there’s a will there’s a way.

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    I totally empathize with your search for back handles. There were three things that we have never found. I know they are here but until the next move we aren’t unpacking everything.

    I rearranged the items stored in the garage so many times looking and was not careful to make sure there were no cardboard boxes resting on the floor. Irene blew water into the garage under the door and now I have a real mess………

    Maybe one day we will both be settled and unpacked………

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    I cannot even imagine the stress and disorganization of a huge move like this (I haven’t moved in over 20 years). I hope you find all the parts to the longarm.
    Looking forward to seeing your new block in the next magazine!