Fame & Fortune for the Fisherman

Chad made it on the Springfield news tonight!

I was chatting with Nicole on Facebook and she told me Chad was going to be on TV.  I knew they had gone fishing today . .  you just never know about that boy!  At least I got to see him for a second, even if it was on a video!


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      No, I didn’t stock his fridge but I did give him a few things out of our freezer before we left. He loves to cook and Nicole loves to bake so they’re not going hungry. I saw on his facebook page that when it got cooler over the weekend, he was making duck gumbo and then I saw that Nicole was making double chocolate cupcakes.

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    Penny says

    Hi Judy

    I’ve just been reading on the BBC web pages about huge fires in Texas. I’ve no idea if this is anywhere near the area you live and I know that Texas is HUGE but I hope you are safe and well.

    Penny in UK

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      Judy Laquidara says

      The worst of the fires are about 2 hours from us but there are so many and it is so dry here, we’re all keeping a watchful eye on the fire situation. I’ve been thinking of what I would grab if we had a moment’s notice that we had to leave.

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    Audrey says

    that was great to not only see Chad but to hear him. I know you are proud of him and rightly so. I’m proud of him and don’t even know him in person.

    the internet makes us all family.

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    Yeah Chad! 🙂 Great article as well! Maybe he can get a job in the fishing industry somehow..he is so knowlegable..he seems to love the sportings good fields! he looks fantastic!!!