Speck Update

Thanks to everyone who asks about Speck from time to time.  He’s getting old and he’s probably completely lost his eyesight in one eye.  He doesn’t hear so well any more, though sad, keeps him from barking quite so much!  He moves slowly.  Kinda reminds me of Vince sometimes!  🙂

The move wasn’t bad for him.  He’s pretty used to traveling with us so he doesn’t get upset about even long trips.  We were only in the hotel three nights before our furniture arrived and then we had his normal sofa, bed, food bowls, etc.  Our routine, with Vince being gone all day and me being home all day, didn’t change so honestly, I’m not real sure he’s noticed that we made such a huge change.  I noticed enough for both of us though!  🙁

Last week, on Thursday, I noticed he was staying in his crate mostly.  He would come out when it was time to eat or when he had to go outside but otherwise, he wanted to stay in the crate and be left alone.  This house has all laminate flooring upstairs and he was slipping and falling a few times so I bought a bunch of rugs and made paths for him so he could take the route from food bowl to the sofa to the crate to the kitchen, without having to walk on the slippery floor.  I also gave him his pain/anti-inflammatory pill just in case it was his back bothering him.  On Friday he was no better or no worse but by Saturday afternoon, he was limping pretty badly and hardly would walk at all.

He’s had a history of his front right paw not staying in the joint.  When it pops out, usually he holds it straight out and won’t bend it and Vince can put it back in place.  We wondered if maybe it was just a little bit out of place and Vince tried to fix it but couldn’t so we called the vet who met us at the office.  We had never been to the vet here and really liked the guy (he had been recommended by my dentist).  He was kinda intrigued by Speck’s eye and wants to do some research on that.  He wants me to get all his medical records (I had brought his shot records but nothing else) and he wants us to bring him back next week and he will do some x-rays and clean his teeth which he desperately needs. Our dentist in MO was kinda afraid to put him to sleep with all the issues he’s had but the dentist here said he’ll do bloodwork and an EKG before he gives him any anesthesia and we’ll be pretty sure he’ll be ok before he does it.

The vet wasn’t real sure what was causing his lethargy and limping because Speck wasn’t limping there . . when the vet put him down to watch him walk, he ran like a bat out of hell trying to get to the door and get out of there!  When we got home, he was still limping and sleeping a lot but was a bit better yesterday.

Today he’s doing much better.  Last night he was running around and would have jumped up on the sofa if we had let him.  The past few days, he just stood at the edge and waited for us to pick him up.

He’s getting old and it’s so hard seeing him getting more and more feeble but he’s been my baby for so long . . I know all pet owners understand.  It’s hard!


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    Becky says

    I am glad that Speck is doing better. I am sure that with a little time to get used to things, it will all be ok. Our last dog got very deaf and we had to yell to be heard. We always tried to smile when we yelled!

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    Getting a “second”opinion can benefit our furry friends and sounds like the move has given you that. I’m glad you have found a vet you like. I know you can’t help but worry about Speck. It’s so hard to see them struggle but not be able to read their minds!

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    Hope Speck is feeling every so much better once he gets his toofers all spiffed up and cleaned! It’s so hard to watch our furry children get older. Give him a BIG gentle hug from me and my two furry babies, and tell him he’s got friends all over the world. 🙂

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    Eve in Ga says

    I’m so sorry to hear that Speck is having a tough time of it. It really is hard to watch our furry babies growing older, and all that that entails. Boomer will be 12 in November, and we’ve noticed that the old guy is getting cataracts in both eyes, and he’s definitely a little slower and having arthritis issues. But, gosh, he’s a loving baby, and getting more so the older he gets.
    Of course, he’s also getting ‘separation anxiety’ big time since he’s getting older.

    I’m glad you found a vet you like, and hope he can get some good answers and help Speck out. {{{{HUGS}}}} Eve

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    It is very hard to see our pets age and their health fail. We lost our guy a year ago in July. He was about 12 and it was a very difficult decision, but he had pain and could only walk for about 5 or 10 seconds without fallling over. They suspected a brain tumor but the specialist we’d have needed was going to cost $1,000 just to walk in the door and then the specialized tests and equipment were going to cost a few thousand more. They told us at his age, there wouldn’t be much they could risk doing in the way of treatment anyway, so….we were really left with no choice but to let him go. It was one of the hardest days of our lives. I’m glad Speck is rallying for you and that you found a vet you really like. I did have to laugh, though, when you said Speck ran so fast trying to get out of there!!!

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    Ozzie’s sending you some face licks today for taking such good care of your boy! It is hard to watch them age. Oz is only 2, but his kitties are getting mighty long in the tooth, so I’m not sure how long they will be here. Just keep on loving him. He’s s cutie.

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    Sibyl says

    I totally understand, we have a 15 year old doxie, and he has seen better days. We just cuddle him, and take care of him the best we know. Then our 18 year old chihuahua well he is to honery he has always been that way—but he sure walks around like an old man—well he is. Just give Speck some loving, and take care of him the best you know. It is really hard at times.


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    Ellie says

    Glad to hear Speck is feeling better. It is so hard when our furry babies can’t tell us what’s wrong. Hugs from all his fans.

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    Linda in NE says

    I’m glad Speck took the move so well and sorry he’s been under the weather. I can identify with the aches and pains though. Happens to all of us as we age, animal or human. One of my cats is twelve and while I don’t see any signs of aging yet, I know it’s coming.

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    I am so glad that your Speck is a little more like himself today and understand so totally about them getting older – we feel like we are running a doggie assisted living facility here – we lost our sweet boy after 14 years last month and now our sweet little girl who is 13 is having problems. It is so hard to see them grow old and it seems to happen much faster in them. Keep us posted. Judy C in NC

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    Mary says

    Chesty is 10 now so I know just what you’re talking about. I hope Speck is feeling better soon.

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    peggy says

    Our guy died at only 8 about 7 years ago, in an accident. I still miss him every single day. They enrich our lives in so many ways. I guess the only good thing about the way we lost our Jet is that I didn’t have to watch him grow old. He’s still the athletic whippet of his youth in my mind. I hope Speck does well for years to come.

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    I am so glad you found a great vet in TX! Speck has become special to us because of how special he is to you 🙂 Please keep us updated next week when his teeth are cleaned…he will have those pearly whites 🙂

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    bcinindy says

    So happy to hear the Speck update. I can relate to having a dog that shows “no symptoms” at the doctor’s office. They are wiser than we give them credit for being.