Less Lake

The lake just keeps drying up.  Almost every day we can notice that there’s less water than the day before.

This photo was taken yesterday evening.  Saturday and Sunday, even though much cooler, the wind was pretty strong and I’m guessing those dry winds helped with the drying up process.  Monday was gorgeous!  Cool and not terribly windy.  I was out early with Speck and it was uncomfortable being out in shorts.  We have a couple of 100º+ days in the 15 day forecast but the worst of the heat seems to be behind us.  Now, if we could just get some rain.

All of our water in this area comes from the lake.  Sometimes when we flush the toilet, the water that comes in looks worse than what went out.  (Bet you really wanted to know that!).  The ice from our ice maker looks like what went down the toilet!  Maybe that’s some new recycling effort.  🙂

In the fridge downstairs, I’m using bottled water in the ice trays for our drinks and what comes out of the ice maker, we’re using in the cooler or just to cool down water.  When I brine a chicken, I use hot water to dissolve the salt, then put ice in there to cool the water down before putting the chicken in.  Otherwise, the ice maker, even with a whole house filter and a filter on the fridge and a filter under the sink, it’s just making gross ice and I might as well turn it off for a while.

Anyway, the cool weather is definitely helping me like Texas a whole lot better!


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    Toni in TN says

    All my prayers for TX rain went unanswered. I think Mother Nature’s GPS read TN instead of TX. We have had over 4″ already and more to come. I’ll keep those prayers going though. We have friends in the Bastrop area. Hope they are all safe.

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    No wonder you want your own well! Yuck and double yuck re: the ice maker ice. I’m glad it is cooling off down there. Up here in the panhandle it is cooler too….just wish Mother Nature could spread the rain around a lot better than she does and let Texas have some.

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    Praying for rain for Texas and Missouri. We have a friend in the wild fire area (Bastrop) and two firemen in our Texas family. Will be praying for No Fires in your area, Judy.

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    Diana in TX says

    Same here. No water but plenty of smoke in the air. Can hardly see any of the Austin skyline. Smoke from all the firesd around us. Not a good day to be out and they are saying everyone should stay in if possible, especially those with allergies. Just closed the house back up and turned on the air again. those 2 days with the windows open were heavenly!

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    carol c says

    the weatherman here said just now that the great forecasters says they will be no rain in 2012, it will be like 2011. we will all have to move out

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      Bite your tongue! Do not repeat those vicious tales. That cannot be true! 🙂 I hope and pray it isn’t true. Honestly, I don’t put a whole lot of stock in what the weather folks say that far in advance. If there’s no rain here in a few months, I’m afraid this place isn’t going to be fit for human habitation.