Monday Again

Does today seem like Monday to you?  Yesterday at some point, Vince said “I’m going to take off tomorrow!” and I said NOOOO!!!!

We had such a busy weekend — looking for those blasted back handles to the longarm, he felt like he missed having a holiday.  Thank goodness he decided to go to work today.

I tell you . . I don’t mind looking for things I’ve lost, which I do on frequent occasions, but knowing I packed all those longarm parts in the original packing box the machine came in, the box that was designed to protect the machine while being shipped UPS, and those packers opened my sealed box, repacked all the parts, losing two screws and putting the back handles, the laser light and the thread guide in a separate box, which obviously  isn’t labeled as anything sewing related .. that just aggravates the heck out of me.

I usually plan out my menu and make my grocery list over the weekend, and then go grocery shopping on Monday morning.  With yesterday being a holiday and the search for the handles and the house trip, I never did a menu and of course, didn’t get to the grocery store.  I figured I’d do all that today but Speck has to go back to the vet this afternoon (nail trim) and it’s still too hot to leave him in the car while I grab a few items and I’m not making two 40 mile round trips to town so . . thank goodness for baby back ribs I had taken out of the freezer yesterday.  And, I’m so happy Vince found our cherry wood and I don’t have to use mesquite any more!

We haven’t stocked our freezer yet and all we have in there are steaks, ribs, brisket and sausage.  I’m too scared to grill steaks with the fire danger outside.  Vince said we could move the cars out of the carport, put the grill there and keep the water hose handy but I’m too scared to do that.  One spark is all it would take to add another massive wildfire.  Besides, the grill is in the storage building and I’m happy to keep it there so Vince isn’t tempted to grill before we get rain in these parts.

I’ll plan red beans, sausage and rice for tomorrow and then get to the grocery store during the day tomorrow.  I do not do well when my routine gets out of whack!


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    Speaking of beans . . . have you ever tried the Casserole brand of pinto beans. They are absolutely the best pinto beans to be had. Most stores sell them around here – here meaning Waco area for us. I don’t live in Waco but it is the closest big city to us, ’bout 14 miles down the road. Even our only grocery store, Brookshire Bros. carry them.
    Take care . . .

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      I have not but I will look for them. Are they canned? I normally only buy dried pinto beans but will definitely give them a try. We have a Brookshire Bros. but I haven’t even been there yet.

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    Linda Beasley says

    Patsy is right, casserole dried pintos are the absolute best.
    They are light colored and must be very fresh as they cook up so well. Always tender, not hard.
    Tyler is the home of Brookshires and Brookshires Bros. It’s a family thing but there was split somewhere down the line. lol

    Judy, whatever possessed the movers to unpack and repack your longarm? Think I’d be calling the company and getting replacements for what “they” lost.

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      We lived in Jasper, TX many years ago and that was the first time I’d ever sopped at Brookshire’s and liked it then. The store here is very small and about the only things I have to buy are meat and fresh veggies since I have so much canned and dried foods already. I will try to get by Brookshire Bros. this week.

      I have no idea why they unpacked all that stuff. But it’s so aggravating that I took the time and effort to pack all that stuff and keep it together so they wouldn’t be responsible for the most expensive item in our whole move. I even pointed the box out to them, explained that it was packed with styrofoam just as it was when it was shipped to me UPS, explained to them the cost of the machine and why it was so important to me and had no idea they would mess with it at all. Vince will be contacting them today.

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    making note to self: when packing quilting machine, load the important stuff in MY van along with my favorite sewing machine and don’t let the movers touch them…I have my original packaging as well and will plan to use it when next dh gets transferred (or he retires)

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      That’s what I did when we moved from KY to MO but it took up so much room, I figured . . how could they mess anything up if I put everything in the box myself? Next time I’ll definitely put it all in my car. But you . . we should NOT have to do that for what those moving companies get paid to move us!

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    Henrietta says

    Judy having lit charcoal anywhere inside is really really dangerous. Charcoal puts out immense amounts of carbon monoxide, even if the fire inside the grill has been extinguished, the hot coals continue to give off a dangerous level of carbon monoxide gas.
    Burning charcoal produces such large amounts of carbon monoxide that opening a window or using a fan will not assure that carbon monoxide will be reduced to safe levels. It is odorless, tasteless and invisible and concentration of just 500 parts per million can kill or result in permanent brain damage.

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      I’m not talking about a garage but a carport that’s completely open on all four sides and has a top. I don’t think that’s dangerous at all!

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    I agree with the other ladies—Casserole brand pinto beans are the best. They are dried beans, clean, I have never found a bit of rock or anything in them and they just taste really good. No! Tell your hubby not to grill in an area even partially inclosed….very dangerous. Ditto about having a hose handly. We have lots of wildfires up here and I can tell you a water hose won’t do a thing. Between the extra dry conditions and the wind we usually have (and I assume you do too) it is just scary how fast one spark can turn into a fire that is out of control. I am spittin’ mad at those movers!!! After you pointed out that you had your longarm packed….and I don’t really even know what that is (I’m not a quilter just admire people who are) … but it is obviously expensive, important to you and a business tool. I would be billing that company for new parts and filing a complaint after they unpacked what you had told them was packed as it needed to be. Bless your heart! What a move this has been for you.

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    Do you have an electric grill? I got one for my parents so they could grill out on their condo balcony. It works pretty good and I use it now since the charcoal is a mess and takes too long for just one person.