You Can Thank Me!

I think the whole state of Texas must smell good, thanks to me!  🙂

I love things that smell good and Vince is almost always complaining about the “smell” but I love walking into a house that smells good.  It’s not terribly strong in our house but we have no allergies and well . . I just like for it to smell good.

When Vince was the storage building yesterday morning looking for the back handles to my longarm, he said when he opened the door, his first thoughts were . . well, I can’t say it on here but it was something like “Darned Judy!  Even the rental storage building smells like a girl!”  Then he found a bag from Bath & Body Works with two candles, laying on their sides, in a storage building where the temps had probably been well over 120º.  They were somewhat melted, a bit of the wax had leaked out onto other items in the bag.  He brought the whole bag home and set it on a table outside.  Now, when we walk outside, anywhere near our house, we smell Island Colada . . and it smells so good.  I’m betting everyone in my neighborhood smells it too.  The men are probably complaining and the ladies are probably wanting to know what smells so good!

I just brought them in and clean them up so I can use them in the house.  Vince will be so happy!  🙂


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    I love those candles..and I have a friend who orders that particular scent all the time! I can just imagine Vince’s face when he smelled the aroma!! My husband is the same way 🙂
    I love Bath and Body candles too 🙂

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    Linda Beasley says

    I wish that is what I was smelling this morning. We have and are surrounded by grass fires and the smoke is heavy in the air. I feel so sorry for the people who have lost their homes and for the firemen who probably haven’t had any rest for the last 2 days.

    I have to say tho, I’m enjoying the cooler temps. It is 55 this morning. yay.

    Just saw where there is a plea for firemen for the Bastrop area. Fire is 16 miles long and 6 miles wide. that is disastrous.

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      We’re keeping a close eye on the fire map and our local fire department is keeping us updated via facebook. I’ve put the quilts I like best in a closet right by the door and am thankful half my stuff is here and half is in a storage unit closer to town. My prayers go out to the firemen and their families, as well as those in harm’s way, as I continue to pray for rain.

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    I agree Judy…….. I keep scented candles going here too…. Thanks for the tip on a good smelling one………
    Insurance adjustor called this morning and asked that we contact the city and have the house on Perry Park Drive condemned………. I will be glad to have this settled so that we can move on……………

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    I love scented candles but my sinuses do not — and I want to go try “Island Colada” because that sounds fabulous. Maybe when we go south, after the condo has been closed up for a while, then I burn candles for a couple of days to freshen it up. And don’t husbands get testy over things like melted candles in hot storage??? Like you planned it…

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      Really! I should have reminded him that it wasn’t MY idea to move and if we were still in MO, my candles would not have been in storage but keeping my mouth shut was probably a much better idea! 🙂

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    Doris - The Quilting Queen says

    I noticed how nice your house smelled when I came out to sew last week. I loved it! Keep up the good work and tell Vince to learn to like it. Actually he probably really does like it and just won’t admit it.

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    Carol Victory says

    Judy, don’t store anything that will melt or that you value in the garage or attic. Voice of experience – the roaches ate the faces off the kids’ Christmas stockings and the leather off of my MIL’s Featherweight case!!