September Green Quilt

I have as much trouble saying “September” as I do giving my address as “Texas”.  How can it be September already?  And how on earth did I end up in Texas?  If anyone has answers to either question, I’d be so happy to hear them!  🙂

Seems like most often when I doodle in Electric Quilt, I use the green fabrics so I had several green options already done but I keep thinking of a green Ocean Waves quilt — just scrappy, scrappy but all those half square triangles scare me.  I guess the good thing about that is I get as many made as I can and when I run out of month, I put them together and that’s the size of my quilt.

Here are some of my green doodles:

The last one is kinda wild but I kinda like it.  Maybe I like it because of the pieced border.  When I first look at it, I think it’s just too busy and the border interferes with the blocks but then when I think I don’t like it, I realize I really do like it.  No . . I’m not talking about Texas . . I’m still talking about this quilt!

Anyone else have a design in mind for the green monochromatic top for September?


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    I really like that last one! It looks like four leaf clovers in there. Do that one! The business can be toned down a bit with your choice of fabrics if necessary.

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    The third one is definitely one my husband would love. It looks like the border is moving. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you decide.

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    SarahB says

    I like the middle one but those half-square triangles are enough to make me panic… I remember several years ago in a magazine I saw a green and white double irish whatever-it’s-called and I fell in love with it. If I had the time that’s what I would make. Unfortunately, I committed to finishing some UFOs before Christmas and I promised not to start anything new till I get some of those done! Right now I am quilting a wall hanging that’s giving me fits…

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    Sandy says

    They are all magnificent and I love the first design. The shades of green really appeal to me. Very pretty!

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    Sue in Scottsdale, AZ says

    I prefer tops #1 and #2 over #3 but they are all nice. I designed my green top in EQ7 using only one block and setting it on point. It is very interesting because of how the colors are placed. It is all cut out, blocks made (all by the last 3) and I should start sewing it together either today or tomorrow. I hope it comes out as interesting in fabric as it did on paper! It is going to be about 50.5 inches by 63.5 inches – a nice lap-size quilt.

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    I love the last quilt design. Maybe at a less crazy time, you could do a quilt along or hour a day… Just sayin’!

    I am making another table runner in the same pattern. One more Christmas present almost done.

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    I agree with Eden Hunt – my first glance at this quilt, I thought of clover. Lots of clover in Texas or should be! The movement of the border could signify the wind. Anyway, #3 is my pick.

    Right now I’m off to find out the status of the wildfires this morning. I see smoke in the northwestern sky this morning. Maybe from the Possum Kingdom fire. Last night we had smoke from Bastrop.

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    I’ll be making the LAST Challenge for the McCall’s Contest in September hopefully so I’ll have to pass on this month’s Monochromatic Challenge. I like #3, it’s more different than your other designs!

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    I like the first two, but I love the third one. I especially like how the border plays with the background of the squares. Very nice design “doodle”. ~ksp

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    Melanie says

    I love your third quilt, it almost looks dimensional to me and I see circles in the secondery pattern. Would really like to see you do a pattern or quilt along for this one when you have time!

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    Debbie W says

    Judy, I totally understand your statement about having trouble giving your address as Texas. When we moved to our current location it took me quite a while to get settled and not to be sad about leaving our previous home (which was actually only a 20 mile move!) Right after we moved, I took one of our daughters to a medical appointment. When they asked for our address, I burst into tears!

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      I’m reading this comment to Vince! This morning he called and I was crying. I knew we were going to the vet this afternoon. He said “why are you crying?” I said “so I won’t be crying when we go to the vet!” He said “do you cry every day?” Yep, pretty much!