Insurance rates right up there with root canals as far as I’m concerned.  I know we have to have it, and it serves a purpose but I think the whole system needs revamping.  I’ve never understood why, if you have 3 cars and 2 drivers, you have to pay liability insurance on the cars.  The driver is who’s liable . . not the car.  Ever see a lawsuit where a defendant was a 2001 Honda CRV?  Nope, it’s always the driver who’s involved.  I can see paying more for each car for comprehensive coverage and collision or whatever else you pay but I cannot understand why we pay liability per vehicle and not per driver.  Maybe I should ask a lobbyist for the insurance industry!  I’m sure there’s a very good explanation according to them.

Don’t give me a speech about affording or not affording insurance.  If you need it . . buy it.  If you don’t want to buy it, don’t expect others to bail you out when you need it.  Just like flood insurance and the storms.  I don’t think it’s fair that some pay for flood insurance, others don’t and then there are government programs for paying those who didn’t have flood insurance.  The government really . . in theory anyway . . has no assets and any time the “government” is paying something, it’s really the taxpayers who are paying it so I have a real problem with paying for insurance and then tax $$ going to pay those who didn’t bother, for whatever reason, not to have insurance.

OK . . so that rant is over.  Before we ever moved here, I asked Vince if he would contact our insurance company about getting renter’s insurance.  He  gets a discount from a national insurer for being a Georgia Tech grad so he called our agent in MO who put him through to an agent in TX.  The agent in TX called him and said “I’m real busy now but I wanted to touch base with you but I’ll call you back next week.”  Didn’t.  I asked Vince if he wanted me call them or another company but he had the guy’s number at work so he called him back, left a message and the guy never called him back again.  Strike 2!

By now, we’ve been there 3-1/2 weeks with no insurance.  Every time I’d mention it, Vince gave me this look that made me think he really wasn’t worried about it.  Yesterday as we were coming home from the vet, up on the ridge not far from our house — lots of smoke and we met fire vehicles headed that way.  We got home and as soon as I re-checked my evacuation supplies, I called a local agent.  A friend’s mom has an agency so I called her and I called the national company we’ve had for years.  The local agency gave me a quote nearly half what the national company had given me . . including Vince’s discount.  The local agency is a reputable company and the deductibles were the same so I said “no, thanks” to the big national company and we now have renter’s insurance.  I’m not happy that it took us 3-1/2 weeks here to get insurance and I think like so many other things, we’ve been busy and it just wasn’t given the priority status it should have been given.  I’m glad it’s done!

The fire was put out before it got out of control . . thankfully!

The insurance was less than $300/year with a good bit of coverage and a higher deductible so anyone whining about not being able to afford insurance . . if they have a cell phone or cable tv or smoke cigarettes . . they’re spending way more per year than renter’s insurance would cost.  It’s a choice . . we all make choices every day.  For me, it’s what I call personal responsibility!  You can bet if we had suffered a loss and didn’t have insurance, I would not have expected help from anyone with replacing my items — well, half or less of my items!  I surely wouldn’t replace everything.

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