My Quilting Buddy Is Back

Speck is so much better today.  Whether it was the laser treatment yesterday or some of the soreness from Tuesday’s injury has dissipated, I do not know but I’m so happy he’s better.  I was able to pick him up this morning without him squealing in pain if I touched his leg/shoulder and if you didn’t already know he was limping a bit, you wouldn’t even notice.

Today is the first day he’s wanted to come downstairs with me in the whole time we’ve been here.  A couple of days he acted like he wanted to come down and I brought him down but he whined til I took him back up.  I guess he was familiar with the area up there and felt out of his comfort zone in the basement but he’s fine down here today.  Maybe it’s the drugs!  🙂

All day he will follow the sun.  As the sun moves, he moves.  When he ends up off his pillow, I’ll move his pillow for him.

In MO, we had a gate at the bottom of the stairs.  He knew not to go up or down the stairs but if we were downstairs and the door bell rang, he’d go tearing up the stairs so we put the gate at the bottom.  Here, the stairs are wood (not carpeted) and the opening for the stairs is right next to the opening for the hallway and I was afraid I’d be not paying attention and turn into the stairwell instead of the hall so we have the gate at the top of the stairs but had to get another gate to keep Speck in sewing room.  He has free run of the sewing and quilting rooms but I didn’t want to close the door to the sewing room and stop what little air flow we have so, another gate is in that doorway.

Sadly for Speck, my computer is in the family room, just outside this door but nonetheless, when I’m using the computer, he’s on one side of the gate and I’m on the other side.  The bottom of the stairs is open completely so there’s no safe way to block it off, plus we have to leave the door open to the furnace room since there are no return air ducts here and I don’t want him wondering around and snooping and eating what he might find in that room.

He doesn’t like it one bit when he gets left . . even if I’m just inches away!    But, it’s so good to have him even wanting to be down here with me.  That means he’s feeling much better.


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    Hooray for puppy company!! My pups like to be in the room with me as well, but when the sun is shining and Max knows that the screen on the door is open, he slinks away to go lay in the sun…. all the way downstairs and at the back of the house from where I am. He’s very adventurous like that!

    Hooray for Speck!

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    Mel Meister says

    I’m betting he had that gum infection for a while and that was causing a part of his issues. So glad the new vet found it!

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    Karen Stiles says

    Hey Judy,

    Sorry you are not loving TX. It always takes getting used to new places. I never thought there would be things I missed about Nevada, but there are. So far we are pretty happy here. I have finally settled down now. Our whole summer was crazy with trips back and forth between MO and NC. Matt had orientation and then I was back in August to move him into Drury Univ in Spfld. Then there was our Hawaii trip. So now I am finally back at my home for more than a week at a time. I finally got to go to guild today, and ran into someone who said she knows (or is a friend) of yours — Judy Curry. It will feel good to get back to quilting. Glad Speck is feeling better. Karen

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    bcinindy says

    Yeah! I am so happy to hear this. I know how special pets can be to anyone. It is so great to see picture of him being himself. I think your new Vet is a keeper. It can be hard to find a good one, especially when you are in a medical emergency.
    Best to him.

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    Diana in TX says

    Great news. I don;t know what it is, both of us can be home in different parts of the house. The girls are with me, one of them usually under foot. When she was a puppy she would start sewing for me whether I was ready or not. she would put her foot on the foot pedal! Did break her of that.

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    Claudia Wade says

    I’m glad Speck is feeling better. I am not a pet person, but I can only imagine that having him feel poorly was not good for you at all. claudia

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    Karla says

    Judy, I am glad Speck is feeling better, I know with my bunch if one is sick the girls will tell me. I have one who has chronic allergies so Zertec has become my best friend and his of course. Things will get better, I know I missed Missouri so much and I thought I wouldn’t but I go home frequently so that helps and I have been here “7” years already!

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    Linda in NE says

    It’s so great that Speck is feeling better. And it’s so cute that he has his own puppy pillowcase on his pillow.

    I read that about 1000 houses have been burned in the Texas wildfires so it’s good you got your renters insurance. Replacing just the essentials would be terribly expensive…and that probably wouldn’t include fabric, quilting supplies or machines.

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    Mary says

    I’m glad he’s feeling better! We have to use a gate to contain Chesty too but more to keep him out of stuff than for his safety.